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Procrastination Destination: TLC’s My Strange Addiction Series

bellenewsOkay so first of all, I would like to apologize in advance because I am about to freak you out a little. This isn’t even “the weird part of YouTube”, but still pretty weird. Unfortunately I am also familiar with the really weird part of YouTube but I will not traumatize you with child birth videos (do not watch them, or you will cry) or tutorials on how to use a blow up doll (also might make you cry).

So last week I came across TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” videos on YouTube. I really do not remember how, “the recommended videos” part on the right side is like a black hole; it just sucks me right in and I find myself having spent an hour watching completely random videos on YouTube.

So, My Strange Addiction is a documentary series focusing on abnormal compulsive behaviors, obviously all you need to watch while you should be writing a paper on Hegel. I honestly don’t know if  some of them are even real….Like, how do you think TLC finds these people? Do they contact TLC and say something like “Hello yes I am addicted to drinking pig blood, hmu” ? I mean, I guess…

So here we go. This is one of my favorites because I actually relate to this woman:

EON looking for new coordinator

From Isabel Stern ‘ 14:

The time has come to start thinking about next semester, and sadly          Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 7.59.38 PM
enough this means Katy will be leaving the lovely Middletown area for
South America, and won’t be able to continue her EON coordinator
leadership. Which means, we need you!

If you are interested in becoming an EON coordinator please e-mail me,
Isabel Stern (istern[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) answering the following questions.

1. What leadership roles have you had on campus or beyond?

2. Why do you want to be EON coordinator?

3. Where is the most awesome place you’ve ever been?

Do It in the Dark Leaders

From Ari Lewenstein ’16:


Hey everyone!

We know you’ve all been working hard saving energy this semester. Hereare the energy saving leaders for Woodframes and Program houses through September. The contest didn’t start until October 1st, buthere’s a sneak peek at how you’ve been doing!

Program Houses

1       Asian/Asian-American House
2       Buddhist House
3       Open House
4       Out House
5       Bayit
6       La Casa
7       Writing/Full House
8       Music House
9       Earth House
10      Farm House