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Unofficial Orientation Series: Wes Music Scene


What really brings me to love Wes more than I would’ve any other school (not counting the bottomless money vacuum that you will come to know as the “WheySstation”)? Easy. The music scene. As a music major (sup ladies), I wanted nothing more than an environment where I knew I would be able to learn and grow in new directions and Wesleyan has the freedom to facilitate that. Whether the casual concert goer or the hardcore fan/stalker of Zack Kantor ’15, (#beams) the Wesleyan music scene will have something for all of you.

We Eat Weed Boys Drop “evenknow.jpg”


We Eat Weed Boys, the new sensational rap collective consisting of Zach Kantor ’15, Thomas Klepacz ’16, and Michael Vaughn ’16, have dropped a video for all those suffering with finals. Straight from the mouth of M. Vaughn himself:

here’s my Senior Thesis. Just finished a few years early.

Warning, many 420

Rowe & Gardner Release “Not Coming Down” Video

Campus DJ and producer Ryan Gardner ’15 is one half of the electronic music duo Rowe & Gardner who has just dropped a music video to their Not Coming Down Remix. A year ago, the banging duo came out with a Damage Control Remix (free download, why not?). Save these dudes in your iTunes and write ‘em down on people to follow! I sense the force in them. (What does that even mean?)

Awesomefest Returns


Straight from the mouth of Walker Loggins ’15:

What do MGMTFlora and Fauna, the Japanese, and Dome Chomsky have in common, besides being the admissions office’s chiefrecruitingstrategy? They all KICKED ASS at the annual AWESOMEFEST! Yeah, that’s right. The Eclectic-hosted annual music festival AWESOMEFEST! returns to Wesleyan on April 12th!

Instead of bringing Björk or Kate Bush or Cher or Michael McDonald, we want YOU to sing, rap, guitar, bass, drums, or MIDI your way into Wesleyan University Music Fame. Only artists who have never played a show before are eligible to perform. The winner of AWESOMEFEST! will receive a prize! If you win second place, you will receive a Japanese Fighting Fish!So bust out that dusty Les Paul, crack the latest version of Ableton and get jammin’!




Requirements –

This must be your first performance as a band.

Submit your band name, list of members, band set-up, and a demo (anything you have, a video, iPhone recording, professional recording) to jewald[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by Monday, April 7th at 5pm in order to be considered to play.

Date: April 12th
Place: Eclectic

BandCampWes: M.E.M.E., Places to Die Alone EP


Mikah Feldmamstein ’15 AKA M.E.M.E. just released his first EP “Places to Die Alone”. The four tracks bring in different tastes of low key chilled out electronic dance music to paint beautiful portraits of the locales they name. My personal favorite track, “The Desert”, brings the listener on a smooth journey with Dan Light ’14 on guitar and Mikah himself playing saxophone, creating weaving lines together that could induce a trance state.

Q’s Weekend Review!

IMG_0913I have a nasty voice in my head that tells me to procrastinate by any means necessary. This voice reminds me that while I’m out partying and enjoying myself to a Bacchanalian extent, there are a lot of people cramped indoors, crying little sad weepy tears over their midterm study sheet, each droplet of salty depression only seeming to say, “I wish I was having fun right now, or doing whatever Q is doing.” Fear not, for through the power of an iPhone camera and blurry memories, even as you sit in a small nook in SciLi, tirelessly working toward your second case of carpal tunnel syndrome, you can still live vicariously through my stories of this magical “weekend” that you’ve been hearing so much about. Here’s Q’s weekend in review. 

Sound Co-op Interest Meeting


Angus MacDonald ’15 wants to blurt out at the top of his lungs:

Hey, like money?????
Now you can get some! Join the Wesleyan Sound Co-op and make
by setting up sound at concerts! That means you get to watch a dope concert at the same time!!!!!

No prior experience is necessary.

Date: Saturday February 1st.

BandCampWes: Albums are Dropping like Flies; JDV+/FXWRK/LPHHH

albums wes

I’ve noticed on the good ole Facebook that a few of our very own Wes musicians have been releasing some albums. Featured here is their new music and a brief q&a with JDV+:

FXWRK (Coral Foxworth ’15) just put out her debut EP, FXWRK EPThis collection of sound is full of heavy window rattlin’ bass, chilled out atmospheric chords, and unpredictable high hats. She’s played some big shows on campus and has worked with Wes alums like Khalif Diouf ’11 (Le1f), DonChristian Jones ’11, and Evan Okun ’13 (E. Oks). One of the songs is called “Trapsody in Blue,” need I say more?

Unofficial Orientation Series: Wes Music Scene


What really brings me to love Wes more than I would’ve any other school? What is the one thing that I brag most about to my friends at other horrible poop schools? Easy. The music scene. As a music major, I wanted nothing more than an environment where I knew I would be able to learn and grow in and Wesleyan has all of that. Whether the casual concert goer or the hardcore fan/stalker of Zack Kantor ’15, the Wesleyan Music scene will have something for all of you.

Unofficial Orientation Series: Student Groups


So you find yourself at Wes, having a good time, chilling out, sitting on Foss, eating at the ‘Dan in your sweatpants (I’m looking at you Wrestling team), when all of a sudden you realize something. You have no friends. None. It’s weird, you should’ve known something was amiss when your conversations with the chairs around you seemed a little one-sided, or when, looking back on it, all those high fives you’ve been handing out like condoms at Davison Health Center never really hit their target. Is it you? Sniff yourself…Try looking in the mirror. So you look and smell average-ish so that can’t be the problem. Oh I know, maybe it’s because you do nothing outside of going to class, eating, sleeping, and staring at the ceiling in your room…Freak.

Now, Wes has a whole mess of clubs and I can assure you that there is at least one that you’ll be able to fit into. While some people like myself love to overwork themselves so at the end of the day they can come home to a nice warm XL twin bed, kick their feet up and relax, it is also important to know that most like to adhere to a rule of 7. That means that you want to have around-ish or at most, 7 activities going on. That includes classes, jobs, clubs, and sports. So let’s put together a pretend schedule, shall we?