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From Raechel Rosen ’15:

Blow is the story of a 15 year old girl’s first blow job, reverse-gendered.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm in Allbritton 5th Ave., Penthouse (Rm. 311). No tickets, show up early. There will be a talkback with the writer and director immediately following the show.

Come, cause maybe you’re just a horny little bitch like the rest of us…

This topical tragicomedy explores rape culture and portrays sexual assault.

Date: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Time: 8pm
Place: Allbritton 311

Talk to Senator Blumenthal about the Campus Accountability and Safety Act


The Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASAct) is the most prominent university sexual violence bill in the pipeline right now. Original cosponsor Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) calls the bill “a work in progress” and is holding a roundtable discussion at Wesleyan to discuss the legislation and how the federal government can improve the experiences of survivors of sexual violence at universities and can better hold universities accountable in their handling of sexual violence.

Senator Blumenthal and his staff are hoping to hear about Wesleyan community members’ experiences with sexual violence and all aspects of the adjudication process to inspire improvements to the bill. They are asking for our thoughts and feedback on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act and for ways Wesleyan and other universities can improve sexual violence prevention and adjudication.

Date: Tomorrow, October 6th
Time: 10:30AM
Place: Beckham Hall 

Check out the links for more information after the break.

Compost Bucket Distribution ROUND #2

From the minimal carbon footprint of Rina Kremer ’15:

Hi Folks,Y’all wanted more buckets, and — thanks to The Pickle Stand — we now have those buckets! Come visit us in Exley Lobby again on Thursday night from 6:30-8PM, or until we run out again. Happy composting!

Date: Today!
Time: 6:30-8:00
Place: Exley Lobby

Feminist Underground/Feminist Art and Thought Collective Interest Meeting

feminist underground logo

Come to the first combined interest meeting of the Feminist Art and Thought Collective, Project Not Asking For It, and the Feminist Underground. We will introduce our interconnected groups, discuss our fall meeting schedule, and open up the floor to discuss our concerns regarding discrimination, sexual assault, police brutality, trans* rights and how we can work in a conscious and coordinated to improve our community. With everyone’s help, we will develop feminist action plans for the near future, i.e. the board of trustees meeting this weekend.

Date: Monday, Sep 15
Time: 10PM
Where: Allbritton 311

Quasimodal Auditions, Ya Heard?


From my own mouth, as it were:

Wes’s oldest co-ed acapella group, is holding auditions Monday and Tuesday of this week. We’re looking for men, women, ze’s, dudes, broads, divas, etc. If you love singing, we’d love to have you! Please prepare a little something and come on up to the third floor of Allbritton on Tuesday or Wednesday from 7-10. See you there!

Where: 3rd Floor of Allbritton
When: Weds 7-10pm
When: a song

Audition for LAUGH TRACK

A-Cast-Friend-From Keelin Ryan ’14:

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV show? Come audition for LAUGH TRACK! It’s an original comedy going up May 8th-10th in the ’92 Theater!

LAUGH TRACK follows the taping of one episode of a fictional multi-camera sitcom. Watch as five television stars, a stage manager, and a cue card guy fall in and out of character, lust, love, and
alcohol-induced debauchery.

Auditions: Come with something funny, like a monologue, standup, jokes, or anything else that makes you laugh. Also, show us any other skills you might have (singing, dancing, juggling, blogging, etc. (mostly blogging))! Sides will be provided if you’d like to use them.