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From Medicine to the Digital Marketplace: Narrating “Narrative in the Age of Distraction”

In a world of pithy tweets and ephemeral snapchats, where six-second attention spans face a proliferation of media so vast it seems only to stimulate their hunger for information rather than satisfy it, what real chance does a story have at being heard? Last Thursday and Friday, a motley assortment of professors, health practitioners, and industry professionals descended upon the CFA for a conference entitled “Narrative in the Age of Distraction” to examine the value of narrative and explore its technologically imposed limits. Their input, by turns reassuring and unsettling, rearticulated that all-too-frustratingly-apparent paradox of our time: the story is dead, long live the story.

The conference, co-sponsored by The Connection Institute for Innovative Practice and Wesleyan’s College of Letters, Writing Programs, and Science in Society Program, was divided into two “tracks,” each focusing on the role of narrative in a different field. The first, “Healing Letters,” addressed the uses of narrative in medicine, followed by “Narrative in the Age of Twitter,” a series of discussions about the future of long-form storytelling in the cyber-free-for-all it must both complement and transcend. The premise of the conference was that narrative, whether functioning as art or healing, is a crucial determinant of how we perceive the world, and yet it is threatened by the very media that support it.

Espwesso is Hiring

Question: If I’m posting something about Espwesso, and I’m sitting in Espwesso right now, how meta am I? Sam Sikder ’14 knows the answer:

No way. Could it be true? Nope. Well, yes.


Many of those friendly faces that you see in Espwesso will soon be moving up and on into what is rumored to be called the “real world.” We’re not willing to believe it yet, but just in case, Espwesso will be hiring this semester.

Espwesso is Wesleyan’s only student-run late night cafe located in the basement of Albritton. The cafe serves premium tea and espresso drinks as well as FREE drip coffee (if you bring your own cup!) from 9pm-1am, Sunday night through Thursday, every week.

If you are passionate about espresso or have always wanted to know how we make those pretty designs in your delicious drinks or are ready to be a part of a very cool space and community on campus, check out the attached application and email jmasand[at]wesleyan[dot]edu your beautiful resumes.

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE NOVEMBER 1ST. App is included after the jump:

WesBAM! Promotional Week

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 10.39.21 AM

Renee Dunn ’14 is trying to get me to exercise again…

Fitness Classes for Free?! That’s right. September 14th-20th WesBAM! is hosting Promotional Week! Come try out all of our group exercise and yoga classes for FREE as we kick-off the Fall 2013 Semester. 

About WesBAM:
WesBAM! is a student-run organization that makes mind-body awareness and fitness accessible at Wesleyan through offering classes in a wide variety of practices – yoga, kickboxing, spin, Zumba, and more. We believe these practices should be accessible to everyBODY and are committed to helping students incorporate them into the college lifestyle. While strengthening our bodies as we nurture our minds, we aim to create a community of fun and respect for both our bodies and each other.For more information -including class descriptions, rates, and instructor bios – visit our website or email us at wesleyanbodyandmind(at)gmail(dot)com

Like us on Facebook
Join us on OrgSync

We look forward to seeing you there! All levels of fitness ability are welcome.

NOTE: the Promotional Week schedule is slightly different from our regular class schedule this semester.

Audition for Avenue Q

Lucy obviously copied my VMA outfit…

Avenue who? Avenue Q! From Hannah “DJ Hannah Rimm” Rimm ’15:
From the folks who brought you Spring Awakening and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, in cooperation with Second Stage, comes a raunchy puppet musical! Audition to be part of a cast that includes Lucy the Slut, Christmas Eve, and Gary Coleman. Try out this Saturday and Sunday in the Memorial Chapel Rehearsal Room. For the audition please prepare a short song and monologue (preferably comedic). Sign up for an audition time on Facebook or at this link. Questions can be directed to slmartin(at)wes.
Date/Time: Saturday 9/7 from 2-5 and Sunday 9/8 from 6:30-9:30
Place: Memorial Chapel Meeting/Rehearsal Room

Slender James Desperately Seeking Men

Hope that shit’s purified.

Need an outlet for that sultry baritone? Look no further! Simon Riker ’14 is desperately seeking you:

Title says it all. Come try out for our a cappella ramble-tamble this week.

Ten minutes…
Eight judges…
One solo…
No Pressure!
We love it all!

We need you to come! We’re just that moist!

Being in Slender James?!? It’s fun, we make our music to please, and we’re the only living heirs to the Slender James Fortune.

Seriously! If you’re a dude who likes to sing, this will impact your Wesleyan experience forever! I’m talking life-changing! Try out!

Date/Time: Wednesday from 4-6 PM and Thursday from 7-9 PM
Place: Psi U
Contact: sriker(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Nobody Reads the WSA E-Mails: Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates on Working Together, Trying New Things, and Experimenting More

It’s Thursday afternoon, and WSA elections are drawing to a close. You’re headed home from class, perhaps cooling off from a refreshing jaunt in the Freeman Athletic Center’s spacious main gym. Something about the air today urges you to make a difference in your community, and you resolve to exercise your right to vote immediately upon returning to your dorm. One particular candidate’s catchy slogans, likeable demeanor, and prioritization of social justice really resonate with you, and after receiving extensive campaign coverage via liveblog, you feel prepared to cast your ballot.

But wait! Don’t click that button just yet! Read this excruciatingly long, questionably serious group interview with the candidates first! MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION.

As “someone who has no connection to the WSA and can regard it with some amount of irreverent distance” according to an anonymous peer—let’s call him ZachI was apparently well equipped to conduct this interview, although I have reason to believe vice presidential candidate Andrew Trexler ’14 knows my cousin. (Trexler and aspiring president Nicole Updegrove ’14 are running against an adorable President-VP ticket consisting of Mari Jarris ’14 and Chloe Murtagh ’15, as well as loose cannon wildcard Keith Conway ’16). Those of you brave souls who do chose to venture on past the jump may consider this interview redundant, long-winded, repetitive, and redundant, but I choose to think of it as EPIC and implore you to do the same.


  • Mari and Chloe like trying new things.
  • Trexler has already tried lots of things.
  • Keith has a lot more friends than I do.
  • Nicole has allergies.

If you cowards are discouraged by the impressive length of this interview, just think about how long it would take to conduct and transcribe it. I’m just saying. Seriously think about it. Blogging is a lot of work, but I do it because I love you. Or maybe I just thought you were cute, I don’t know. 

Could this be the longest Wesleying post ever? Do I hate myself for writing it? Will you fall asleep while reading? Did I make any typos? Did one of the candidates have sexual relations with that woman? Isn’t the election, like, over already? WHERE ARE THEY?? Find out after the jump!

How to Lose Pre-Reg Priority and Alienate Professors: Maggie Feldman-Piltch ’14 on Being a University Major

After recently declaring a lucrative double major in Impractical Humanities Discipline and Apparently Useless Social Science According to Those Debates on the ACB, this intellectually curious blogger began to wonder what motivates students to pursue a field of study that requires actual work. Unlike my lazy ass, Theories of Ethics in Capitalism major Maggie Feldman-Piltch ’14 is one of ten current students who designed their own academic departments under Wesleyan’s University Major program.

Like many of its peer institutions, Wesleyan attracts prospective students with the opportunity to “work independently at integrating the core skills and background knowledge necessary to realize a coherent intellectual objective.” In other words, University majors do whateva they want.

If transcending the restrictive disciplinary boundaries imposed by academia’s arbitrary departmental segmentation appeals to you, you should probably read this interview. If you responded to the question “Are you Wesleyan?” with a resounding “I don’t know, maybe, this recruiting strategy is kind of cheesy,” you’re probably right. If you’re wondering why, I can assure you that #thisiswhy.

TL;DR: One out of 25 faculty members agree that inventing your own major is a good idea.

Wes Reference Dropped in 30 Rock Finale, James Marsden Remains Physically Attractive

Liz Lemon is still tryna hate on the Tech. This isn’t the first time the writer/compulsive overeater/occasional exotic dancer has unleashed her vitriol on Old Wesleyan. Fortunately, we here at the “Tufts of central Connecticut” have adopted what you might call a “my haters are my motivators” attitude and thus consider all press to be good press.

Said reference is made in regard to Lemon’s incredibly charming and really really really ridiculously good-looking new husband Criss, whose degree in ethnomusicology has landed him a job as a dental office receptionist. I, for one, respect Lemon’s main squeeze for recognizing the value of a liberal arts education, and for just generally being fine as hell.

Budding ethnomusicologists and/or dental receptionists can watch the episode here and are welcome to join me at a screening later this evening as an alternative to that sports battle everyone is so up in arms about. Night cheese will be provided. Watch the clip after the jump, and check out previous 30 Rock shout-outs here and here.

Wes Seniors Release Video, Prove that Stuffed Animals Are Still Cool in College

The latest touching dog movie to hit the YouTubes is quickly gaining popularity for its originality and authentic homegrown Wesleyan flair, though this one unfortunately doesn’t star Dave Matthews. In what may or may not be an effort to prove the haterz wrong, resident canine enthusiasts Matt Lichtash ’13 and Evan Weber ’13 have produced a swagtastic video chronicling Weber’s journey to the Wesleyan package window with his mayne Shadow, a gloriously plush stuffed dog whose preferred mode of transportation is a fine set of wheels. Intentionally or otherwise, this at times hilarious, at times heart-wrenching short piece definitively answers the question that’s been plaguing our generation: Is it considered derpy to keep stuffed animals in my dorm?? :/

Expert cinematography on Lichtash’s part frames what just might be the next Great American YouTube Clip About Someone’s Stuffed Dog. At the risk of entering spoiler territory, I will reveal to you only this: the package finds its rightful owner well. But the adventure has only just begun.

An insider source exclusively revealed that this groundbreaking development in cinema has already caught the attention of Evan’s mom, who “liked it so much as to post its link on her Facebook page.” The film is additionally rumored to have received a rating of 5 stars from DJ Darkslope’s mother.

Noro is Back

PSA: Stop reading Wesleying and wash your hands. Again.

This is not a drill. Anyone who caught the plague last semester may have been lulled into a false sense of security, but be warned: the unwelcome invader that had you leaning over a toilet last spring (on a weeknight) is back for a sequel, and it wants revenge. This morning, the Health Center Staff sent out a Public Health Advisory informing the student body of a recent increase of stomach flu in the surrounding area. In case you still haven’t figured out why you’re vomiting, a helpful description of the norovirus’ symptoms was provided:

The onset of gastroenteritis may be gradual (over 12-24 hours) or more sudden, sometimes waking students from sleep with a bout of nausea and vomiting, accompanied in some cases by headache, dizziness, sense of temperature disequilibrium and fatigue.  In some cases the diarrhea starts immediately, but in most it starts about 12 hours after the vomiting, which has usually resolved by that time.

The no-no virus is usually transmitted via a fecal-oral route. In other words, WASH YO HANDS. And for the last time, please stop eating poop, guys.

The Health Center additionally warns that, should you fall prey to this most vicious ailment, “the intervening hours are miserable.” Prepare yourselves. E-mail your Global Change and Infectious Disease professor. It’s only a matter of time before the enemy infiltrates Old Meth. E-mail provided after the jump.