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Scream your lungs out on the Olin steps at MIDNIGHT because finals start tomorrow!!!!

Indulge in this great Wes tradition by coming out of your bunkers in Olin and Sci-li to gather on the Olin steps and scream together about all our impending due dates and tests this week. You can also scream out your window, but there’s no communal energy in that.

Date: TONIGHT, MIDNIGHT (when Sunday turns into Monday)
Place: Olin steps

Barhopping Through Bar Night

“If you could shower at Esca, why would you ever leave?”Jacob Masters ’15


Ever since the Nest, the go-to Wednesday Bar Night spot of past years, closed, we’ve been curious about the Middletown bar scene. While Corner Pocket emerged as the popular new bar night spot, there are many different bar and happy hour options, all with different vibes and not confined to a Wednesday night. So a few of the 21+’ers on the Wesleying Staff (kg, Samira, Astag_rocky) decided to do some investigative research on the Mtown bar options, especially since there have been a surge of complaints about an apparent dip in the Wesleyan Night Life. Don’t say we’ve never done anything for you.

Each bar or restaurant is rated on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the best), on experience, price, and “familiarity with Wes students” (meaning how prepared the place would be for the onslaught of college kids). We tried to find Celtic Cavern but were unfortunately too drunk to do so. We were also hoping to go to Gatekeeper’s solely because of this Yelp review: “5 of Americas most wanted criminals are usually seated at the bar and there’s a bevy of lovely $10 hookers outside the front door…what more could you want?,” but it’s closed. And… RIP Shadow Room. We hardly knew ye.

Disclaimer: Most of this adventure happened over a two-day period and we’ve certainly missed some places with cool bar scenes. If you have suggestions, please comment with them so that others can check them out!

Headspace, Volume 2


From Shyam Desai ’15:

Submit your work to Headspace, a student run publication! Headspace examines all topics related to the mind, the brain, and behavior. This year we are looking for submissions related to the topic, “What is the mind to you?” We seek submissions of a variety of formats including prose, poetry, science writing, visual art, or anything in two dimensions. Some ideas to get you started: How does your field interpret the mind?, How does the mind work?, How does the mind communicate (e.g. through emotion, behavior, etc)?, What is the purpose of the mind? Students and faculty are welcome to submit work from any academic discipline.

Email your submissions with your name and class year (if applicable) to wes.headspace[at]gmail[dot]com by Sunday, January 4th at 11:59 PM. Anonymous submissions are welcome.

Our only guideline for submission is that it be under 1200 words.

Thanks very much for your consideration and, of course, do not hesitate to contact us at wes.headspace[at]gmail[dot]com for questions or comments.

Deer Head Spotted in Exley Parking Lot

“I saw some deer on Indian Hill recently. They were cute…and had their heads on.” –Laura Werle ’15

cute deer

Here’s some weird news for you late night workers: This time yesterday, a deer head (no body) was spotted in the parking lot behind Exley. This isn’t the first time a deer head was spotted around Exley. In fact, on December 5, 2012, EXACTLY TWO YEARS AGO (!!!!??) a deer head was found at the bottom of the stop sign outside of Exley.

The 2012 deer head, however, was taxidermic (the origins weren’t found), whereas this one was apparently fresh. We don’t have any pictures (thank goodness…I’d forgotten how cute deer are until I googled the image above), but it really did happen!

Jed Siebert ’16, who witnessed the deer head, explains the scene:

Terp Fall ’14: Sunflowers, Suspenders, and Sex Goddesses

“A sunflower is born and dies while Bjork sings lullabies.”—Eriq Robinson ’15


Terpsichore is a student-run and student-choreographed dance show that happens once every semester. There’s a variety of dance genres, from breakdance to weird art concept dance, and a range of dancers from the non-experienced to trained. This semester’s dance features both Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and a Bjork-soundtracked dance about sunflowers. There are over 100 students participating (probably the reason why Terp sold out a week ago), so you definitely will recognize some of the dancers.

There are two Terp shows tonight, one at 7PM and one at 10PM (the drunk show), and a show at 1PM on Saturday in the World Music Hall. You will probably still get in if you show up early and put your name on the waitlist.

In order to find out a bit more about the choreographers and the choreographing process, I asked this semester’s Terp choreographers about their experience with the show. There are 12 dances in the show, and not all of their choreographers are represented here. Check out the show to see them for yourself!

Critical University Studies Art Exhibit

From Sophie Massey ’15:

Have you ever stolen a fork from Usdan? An American flag, a bathroom sign, or some other item from campus? The students from the Critical University Studies student forum are hosting an art exhibit featuring your stolen items! Email to sgmassy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu a picture of the item or donate it (all anonymously) to the exhibition with an explanation of how/why you stole the item.

Writing Certificate Info Session (and Lunch)

chapteroneFrom Taylor Steele ’14:

Considering Wesleyan’s exciting Writing Certificate? Come and learn about the Certificate at an information session and lunch this Friday, November 14th, from noon to 1 p.m. in Allbritton 311. Professor Anne Greene and Ford Fellow Taylor Steele will talk about the goals, opportunities, and logistics of the program, and how it can help you pursue your love of writing here at Wes! (If you’re not convinced yet, we’ll be serving pizza).

The Writing Certificate offers students from all majors a chance to practice writing in a range of forms. Courses approved for the Certificate include fiction-writing, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, translation, and nonfiction, including biography, science writing, journalism, and writing about academic subjects for non-specialists.

Questions? Contact Professor Anne Greene at agreene@wes or 860-685-3604.

Date: Friday, November 14
Time: 12 PM
Place: Allbritton 311

Asexuality Potluck

681px-Ace-logo4.svgFrom Sophie Massey ’15:

Come eat and discuss how asexuality relates to your life. This discussion is inspired as a follow-up to David Jay’s visit to campus, and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about asexuality.

Date: Friday, Nov 14
Time: 6 PM
Place: 59A Home Ave

Criticism Now! A Conversation on the State of the Art

AO-ScottFrom Sarah Chrystler ’13:

Come hear A. O. Scott, Distinguished Professor of Film Criticism at Wesleyan and a chief film critic at The New York Times moderate a discussion about the state of criticism today with panel guests Laura Miller, journalist and book critic, co-founder of, and author of The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia; Wesley Morris, film critic for Grantland, former critic for The Boston Globe, and 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner in criticism; and Emily Nussbaum, television critic for The New Yorker, and 2014 ASME winner for Best Columns and Commentary.

Date: Tuesday, November 11
Time: 8 PM
Place: Center for Film Studies, Goldsmith Family Cinema