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Homecoming Weekend Events and Dining Hours


How ironic is it that the one day when it’s totally accepted to dust off our Wesleyan apparel and wear our school colors (props to the people who do that normally), it’s Fall Break? It’s a big athletics weekend for Wes vs Amherst. Not only is the football team playing Amherst today, but also the field hockey and men’s and women’s soccer teams (there’s also a volleyball game against Middlebury). That’s fives games during which we can wear our Wesleyan shirts (and kick other NESCAC schools’s butts)!

While it’s weird that homecoming weekend is when many students are off campus, according to Alex Sakhno ’15, who’s on the football team, it’s purely a coincidence. Wes’s homecoming game happens every fifth or seventh week of the year and it just so happens that this year it’s during the fifth week and also Fall Break. He’s still expecting a large crowd, though, since mostly alumni, parents, and Middletown residents come to games. Also, it’s Middletown Day today so lots of family friendly events will be happening concurrently (like a bounce house and face painting) and there will probably be some great dogs and little children around. If you want to watch Wes football play against Amherst, the game starts at 1:30 PM and will be live streamed here. For other Homecoming weekend shenanigans, check out the full schedule of weekend events.

For those of you still on campus, here are the relevant on-campus dining hours for Fall break. Usdan, Weshop, and Red & Black Cafe are your best bets (also Neon Deli, other Middletown spots, and cooking for yourself):

Traverse Square Tutoring Program

Flash-1_stu_cos_2000.0041-copy-2From Arjun Ramrup ’15:

The Traverse Square Afterschool Tutoring Program currently has paid positions for federal-work-study students as well as volunteer positions for non-work study students. We’re searching particularly for individuals who can work Monday and Wednesday, but are open to any and all applicants!

Traverse Square generally tutors from 4-6; Monday-Thursday, and does fun extracurricular programs with the kids on Friday. It’s a two day a week commitment, but you can do more if you’d like!

Please inquire at traversesquare[at]gmail[dot]com for any and all questions!

Do It in the Dark 2014

From the Sustainability interns, kicking off Wesleyan’s sexiest energy saving effort:

Do It In The Dark is Wesleyan’s annual energy-saving competition. For the first time ever, Do It In the Dark is going campus-wide. From October 12 to November 25, we’re encouraging students in all residences to cut back energy usage. Every dollar saved in reduced energy usage will be donated to Wesleyan Financial Aid. In order to track energy reductions throughout the competition, we will be using an app called Joulebug (which can be downloaded on the App store and the Android store on either your phone or computer). JouleBug allows you to “buzz” every time you perform a sustainable action, earning points. The points will be tracked to determine which residence is being the most sustainable (earning you a prize!).

The app is sorted into teams. Dorms, HiRise, LoRise, and Program Houses will be competing in one group, and Woodframes and Apartments will be competing in another group. When you sign up, look for your team and join!

Even if you can’t download the app, still participate. A grand prize at the end is awarded to the residence with the most actual energy reduction (which we track through the utility bill in the winter!).

Every two weeks, there will be a new challenge. For the first two weeks, we’re focusing on laptops and electricity usage! Here are some tips:

  • Turn your lights off every time you leave your room!
  • Shut down your computer rather than putting it to sleep!
  • Unplug your computer once it is fully charged, and unplug your charger if you’re not using it.

Big Data Investigative Journalism: How Public Documents and the Internet Helped Map the Islamophobia Industry

From James Hall ’15:

Eli Clifton is co-author of the Center of American Progress’ report ”Fear, Inc,” a ground breaking study that connected the dots concerning professional Islamophobes, big money sponsors, political candidates, and certain media outlets. You can find the report free to download here.

Sponsored by the Department of Religion, the Department of Government, the Quantitative Analysis Center, and The Muslim Women’s Voices Project

Time: 4:15 PM
Place: PAC 002

Terp Auditions


From Stellar ‘she dances?’ Levy ’15:

Terpsichore is looking for people of all types, sizes, and experience levels to be part of an amazing community of dancers!

Terpsichore is an extremely unique and awesome student choreography showcase that occurs each semester. Any student can choose to choreograph a dance and would present a short phrase at the auditions. Anyone at the audition can try out for any and all pieces! In the past, dances have involved Dracula’s Wedding, Space Jam, ballet, modern, 80s workouts, and some great hip-hop.

If you are interested in being in Terp Core (the dancers who run the show and assist choreographers in their process), the audition will be immediately following the normal auditions.

If you can’t come to auditions and want to participate in Terp this semester, OR you want to choreograph, please contact nrthompson[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or erein[at]wesleyan[dot]edu BY SATURDAY AT 12 NOON.


Date: Sunday, Sept 21
Time: 6:15 pm
Place: Fayerweather

Annual Dance Showcase TONIGHT

1548064_10152389881027807_7999380438067936656_oFrom Stellar Levy ’15:

The Annual Dance Showcase involves all of the active dance groups on campus and gives new students a taste of each group’s style. Along with information about auditions and group meetings, the Showcase brings hip hop, contemporary, modern, ballet, step, breakdancing, African, dancehall, and much more onto one stage on one exciting night.

Performers include:
Precision Troupe and Ensemble
WesBLAST (Ballroom Latin and Swing)

GoldLink at PsiU

10516722_10152462545999457_6583466706697754271_nFrom Ron Jacobs ’16:

DC native and 21-year-old rapper GoldLink will be performing at Psi U this Saturday! Proudly brought to you by Wesleyan DJs and Producers Club + Psi Upsilon.

The show features Wesleyan’s own:
Cornelius + and a DJ set by Indi
You must provide a Wes ID at the door. See you there!

Time: 10 p.m.
Place: Psi U
FB Event.

Planet Hip Hop Festival


A very cool event from the Center for the Arts:

Afternoon workshops and evening performances by international Muslim women in hip hop, including London’s spoken-word duo Poetic Pilgrimage, the U.S. debut of Montreal-based Algerian singer-songwriter and rapper Meryem Saci as a solo artist, and the New England debut of Washington, D.C.-based and Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter, poet, and emcee Maimouna Youssef a.k.a. Mumu Fresh as a solo artist. Using hip hop as a platform to explore issues of social importance—faith, peace, unity, social justice—educate individuals, and inspire change, the evening concert will also feature the Nomadic Wax Collective, a live backing band that will include bass, drums, keys, guitar, and a DJ. This event is part of Muslim Women’s Voices at Wesleyan.

  • Three workshops (between 11am and 5pm): World Music Hall, located at 40 Wyllys Avenue on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, Connecticut.
  • Concert(9pm): Fayerweather Beckham Hall, located at 55 Wyllys Avenue on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, Connecticut. 

Preludes in Sculpture


From Sean Winnik GRAD:

Since January of this year, Sean Winnik (’14) has been creating and recording The Preludes in Sculpture, a collection of sculptures with associated sound files chronicling their creation. They will be displayed in a gallery-style showing in Earth House on September 19th opening at noon. This is part of Sean’s goal of engaging the Wesleyan students in avant-garde performance and art outside of overly academic settings.

“I believe that there are creators of avant-garde art and people who wish to intake the avant-garde at Wesleyan, but a consistent venue where these two population can meet doesn’t really exist, or at least is hard to find. I want to change that.”

Sept 19 noon: Opening
Sept 19 7pm: Poetry
Kate Gibbel
Cherkira Lashley
Nick Martino
Jaime de Venecia

The Ankh Interest Meeting

1375989_696207380408168_1079231003_nFrom Savannah Turner ’16:

The Ankh is Wesleyan’s student of color publication. It is an attempt to challenge the institutional and societal norms that directly affect people of color on campus and America at large. The power of the Ankh comes from its contributors. It is here to celebrate a range of experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

Want to join the movement? Come to our general interest meeting! You can always contribute- even if you’ve never done anything like this before. There are many ways to contribute. We are always looking for more people with energy to give.

Time: 5 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 114