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Volunteer Opportunities with Center for Prison Education

Wesleyan to offer Wesleyan courses and credits to 19 prisoners

From Zach Fischman ’13:

Interested in volunteering with Wesleyan’s college in prison program as a Writing Tutor or Research Intern? Want to work with this guy? The Center for Prison Education is currently accepting applications for Writing Tutor and Research Intern positions during the 2014-2015 academic year!

Writing Tutor Application!

Research Intern Application!

Also! Check out this awesome short documentary about the program, directed by Cara Tratner ’12 and Becky Gillig ’12

Both applications are due on Friday, April 25th, at 8:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact the current Fellow, Zach Fischman, zach [dot] fischman [at] gmail [dot] com.

Food Fight! Canned Food Drive

canned-food-contains-bpa-590From Fred Ayres ’17:

As part of homelessness awareness month, ResLife is collecting canned goods in all residential buildings. Look out for the collection boxes!

The ResLife area that donates the most food will win a party with a special prize to be revealed later. There will be regular email updates with which area is winning.

NOTE: There will be no collection boxes for program houses and woodframes. Place all canned goods outside of your house on Saturday and they will be picked up on Sunday morning.

Date: All of April
Place: Collection boxes in all residential buildings

Contribute to Chana (Get a Free Ticket!)

1WyZ7tDFrom Wyatt Hodgson ’14:

The entire campus is invited to contribute to an art exhibition, which will also double as the atmospheric setup for Chana, a dance party themed on new urban Asia. The rave,which blends Asian culture, visual conception, dance music, and interactive art installations will be held at Eclectic on Saturday, April 19th. Tickets will cost $5. The student body is encouraged to come to 200 High Street anytime before Saturday to paint, draw, or sketch anything that they desire on space that has been provided by the organizers of the event. The artistic contributions of the wider Wesleyan community will collectively decorate the interior design of the event.

In addition, the Eclectic Society welcomes artists to submit artwork to be displayed. These pieces of art will contribute to the aesthetic of the space, and we welcome contributions in any form: photography, sculptures, drawings, paintings, performance art, etc. We do, however, strongly encourage the work to relate to Asian culture.

Five artists who submit 2 or more pieces will be chosen to receive a free ticket to the event!

Send submissions to whodgson[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

FB. Paypal.


“Concerts on Foss: now more than ever!”

Word gets out pretty easily, so I’m basically just confirming what many of you already know. Here’s the Spring Fling 2014 Line-up, courtesy of Spring Fling Committee:


This year’s lineup still follows the loosely defined Spring Fling template of “rap act, indie-ish buzz band, raucous opening act” of the past few years, allowing us to reuse this sentence again and again. Some quick overviews and music from the artists are after the jump.

Kennedy Odede Running for Board of Trustees Position

odede at grad

Kennedy Odede ’12, everyone’s favorite rapper and alum, is running for a Board of Trustees position. Current seniors can vote, and he’d like to get the word out! The election is from April 7-May 25. From Odede:

I am missing Wes! In fact, I miss it so much I am running for alumni elected trustee.

I believe so much in Wes, and want to give back somehow. I’d appreciate everyone knowing to vote!

JouleBug Contest Starts Tomorrow

joulebugThe JouleBug sustainability contest starts tomorrow! If you’re a team leader, make sure you have members participating on your team! People can join your team until April 27th (but you can get a head start by racking points up early). Here’s how:

1. Once the app is downloaded, go to Profile

2. From Profile, select Settings (the gear icon)

3. Select Communities, Wesleyan Teams*

4. Select your Team name from the list of available Teams

Points will accumulate for your Team from April 14-27. You can find some additional information here.

Every dollar saved on energy is a dollar added to financial aid! Good luck and get Buzzing!

JouleBug Sustainability Contest: Save Energy and Give Back to Financial Aid

After a successful fall contest, Wesleyan is holding another campus-wide energy saving contest using the mobile app, JouleBug! If you participate, you’ll help save energy AND money for financial aid (and maybe win some additional cool prizes).  

JouleBug is easy to use and basically lets you track the number of sustainable actions you take per day; it’s kind of like the FourSquare app, but for sustainability. Each team at Wesleyan competes against each other to see who can rack up the most sustainability points throughout the contest, from April 14-27.

The awesome thing about the contest is that Michael Roth has pledged that any residential energy savings will be directly donated to financial aid, so there are actually tangible rewards!

Here are the steps for participating in the JouleBug contest:

1) Create your team. All you have to do is click on this link, pick a team name, and put in your contact information.  Leaders have until April 11th, 4 pm to register their team.