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Calling All Artists!

The entire campus is invited to contribute to an art exhibition, which will also double as the atmospheric setup for Chana, a dance party themed on new urban Asia. The rave,which blends Asian culture, visual conception, dance music, and interactive art instillations will be held at Eclectic on Saturday, April 16th. Tickets cost $3. The student body is encouraged to come to 200 High Street anytime before Saturday to paint, draw, or sketch anything that they desire on space that has been provided by the organizers of the event. The artistic contributions of the wider Wesleyan community will collectively decorate the interior design of the event.

Date: All day Saturday, the 16th
Time: 9pm
Place: Eclectic Haus
Cost: $3 to dance, free to design

Eclectic and Beta’s Forbidden Romance: Valentine’s 2011 featuring DJ SEGA

The Eclectic Society and Beta Theta Pi have long concealed a torrid love affair, rife with jealousy, lust, secrecy, violence, and, most significantly, passion. The grand houses of high street stood side-by-side, day and night, feigning mere acquaintance while pining desperately to make known their true intimacy.
Alas, the Society and the Fraternity can take no more of the agonizing secrecy, and just before Valentine’s day, invite you to join them in celebrating their newly visible relationship.

Headlining the party will be Mad Decent’s B-More club-via-Philly W√ľnderkind DJ SEGA, performing for two straight hours, with the very serious intention of “turning the party ALL THE WAY OUT.”

Also performing will be Wesleyan dance-party mainstays L31F, Harrison Schaaf, and SLY1Z. Also look out for a very, very special secret guest from out of town (pending).

  • Date: Saturday February 12, 2011
  • Time: 10pm
  • Cost: FREE
  • Tthhee Ppllaaccee: Eclectic Haus

Last WestCo Open Mic!

WestCo will be hosting its last open mic of the year this Wednesday, May 5th. The event will take place in the WestCo courtyard at an earlier time this week, from 7-10 p.m., so make sure to stop by for an early celebration of the final day of classes!

Date: Wednesday, May 5th
Time: 7-10 pm
Place: WestCo Cafe