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Open Bid for Program Housing Starts Today

Still want to get into a Program House? Not too late! Open Bid for Program Housing starts TODAY!

There are still vacancies in the following houses:

  • Well-Being House, 250 Court St. – 2 spots, contact Natalie Sacks (nsacks@wes)
  • The Bayit, 157 Church St. – 8 spots, contact Gideon Levy (glevy@wes)
  • International House, 151 Church St. – 1 spot, contact Nicole Okai (nokai@wes)
  • Lighthouse, 230 Washington St. – 16 spots, 6 doubles and 4 singles, contact Kwaku Akoi (kakoi@wes)
  • Russian House, 163 High St. – 2 spots, contact Elyas Saif (esaif@wes)
  • Malcolm X House, 345 High St. – 19 spots, contact Yasmine Bennet (ybennet@wes)
  • Music House, 316 Washington St. – 1 spot, single, contact Nora Dumont (ndumont@wes)
  • Turath House, 73 Pearl St. – 3 spots, contact Carina Kurban (ckurban@wes)

Please visit the Office of Residential Life’s website to find more information about the houses if you are interested in applying during this Open Bid period.

Open Bid closes on Friday April 6!

2012 Eastern Taiko Conference Concert

.The 2012 Eastern Taiko Conference Committee invites you to the 2012 Eastern Taiko Conference Concert on Saturday, March 31 from 9:00PM at Crowell Concert Hall. This is a concert featuring internationally known professional taiko players and groups On Ensemble, TAIKOPROJECTKenny Endo and Kaoru Watanabe.
This is a great opportunity to watch many professional taiko players play at one time, right at Wesleyan!  Tickets are sold at the Box Office at $6 for Wesleyan students, and $15 for regular admission.
.Date: Saturday, March 31
Time: 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: $6
LinkageFacebook Event | Conference Website

Spring Faculty Dance Concert

Come watch the spring faculty dance concert!

“Choreographed by Artist in Residence Hari Krishnan and taught to dancers from Wesleyan Dance Department’s repertory and performance course, the world premiere of Nine depicts navarasa, the nine archetypal moods popular in South Indian classical dance. Nine will be preceded with a multiracial cast of nine male dancers from Mr. Krishnan’s dance company, inDANCE (Toronto, Canada), performing the U.S. premiere of the rambunctiously provocative work Quicksand.”

You can read more about the performance on the CFA blog.

Preview of Quicksand:

Trust me, it’s pretty damn impressive. Aaaaand for Nine you’ll just have to come to the show and be surprised. :D

When: Fri, Mar 2 & Sat Mar 3, 8 p.m.
Where: CFA Theater

Get your tickets at the box office in Usdan!

Word…Life Radio on WESU

DJs extraordinaire H Biz and B Fiz ’12 send in this strangely hypnotic video and invite you to check out their radio show!

Put on your gucci slippers, open a bottle of vino, and join DJ’s H Biz and B Fiz for the final season of Word…Life Radio every Wednesday night from 11- 12: 30 on WESU 88.1 FM or

These guys have been at the boards since their freshman year, and are, by now, full fledged radio masters. Tune for only the best in golden era hip hop and other sweet jams complemented by poignant, topical commentary from both hosts and callers alike. This Wednesday: more historic illness + two interviews with wesleyan/middletown legends AND a surprise call-in. Word…life.

Buffy Makes Tough Decision in Comics Series, Creator Whedon Weighs in

It doesn’t always get easier after high school — not for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, anyway. The adventures of the heroine from the hit television show created by alum Joss Whedon ’87 continue to be chronicled in a series of comics from Dark Horse. In the latest issue of the current season, Buffy — living in San Francisco after having destroyed the “seed of all magic on earth” — will be forced to face one of the toughest decisions she will ever have had to make when she finds out she is pregnant, reports Entertainment Weekly. [explicit spoilers]

Details and executive producer Whedon’s wise words behind the cut.

Audition for new dance group Collective Motions!

Ruby Barry ’13 wants y’all to get collectively excited about Collective Motion!

We’re starting a brand new dance group, focusing on modern/contemporary styles, and we want bodies AND ideas!

Interested persons should come to one of the following auditions:

Sunday, Jan 29 5:00 PM in the Fayerweather Theater room
Tuesday, Jan 31 6:30 PM in the Fayerweather Dance room

Date: Sunday, Jan 29; Tuesday, Jan 31
Time: 5:00 pm on Sunday; 6:30 pm on Tuesday
Place: Fayerweather Theater Room, Fayerweather Dance Room

Audition for Macbeth

Michael Steves ’13 invites you to audition this weekend for Second Stage’s production of Macbeth:

“No preparation is required – all auditionees will be provided with a scene or monologue to read.All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh!

The production is going to be set in olde Scotland with a booming Celtic soundtrack and Braveheart-style costumes and warpaint. The staging, however, will have a surrealist/expressionist flair that delves into the twisted minds of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Directed by Michael Steves, assistant directed by Amara Davila, and stage managed by Hanako Rodriguez.”

When: the hurly-burly’s done Sat, Jan. 28 from 3-6pm & Sun, Jan. 29 from 2-5pm
Where the Place?: Upon the Heath CFA Theater and Dance Studios East Room
Facebook Event

Traverse Square kids featured in online radio piece on bullying

The junior DJs and Wesleyan student-mentors at the Middletown Youth Radio Project on WESU 88.1FM send word about a recent piece produced with the support of Generation PRX, an online social network for youth radio producers:

We submitted a pitch to Generation PRX about working with our kids to create a sort of sound profile about bullying in Traverse Square, the community adjacent to Hi Rise/Lo Rise. A few of our kids…all residents of T-Square, worked together to conduct interviews and gather material in the field that we edited together for a five minute piece. Generation PRX has generously given us state of the art professional audio equipment to help us put this together, and we’re all very excited about this opportunity.

Click through to hear Middletown residents Destiny Chandler and Alexis Madera share their thoughts on living, learning and hanging out in Traverse Square. Michael Roth liked it and we hope you will too!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps About Alexander Hamilton (Again)

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, whose rap on Alexander Hamilton received a standing ovation from POTUS and FLOTUS at the White House’s evening of Poetry, Music and the Spoken Word in May 2009 (video link), has been taking his act further. He performed recently to rave reviews at the Lincoln Center’s new season of the American Songbook series dedicated to “the celebration of popular American song.”

The show, directed by fellow Wes alum and In the Heights director Thomas Kail ’99 and performed on Hamilton’s 255th birthday, included “a primer on some of the Hip-Hop songs that left an indelible imprint on [Miranda’s] sound, soul and psyche” (starting off with Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind mashed up with Billy Joel and Sondheim, whoa) and 12 songs from work-in-progress “The Alexander Hamilton Mixtape,” according to an enthusiastic report from the Uptown Collective.

Broadway star Gavin Creel played King George, in a Burger King-esque crown. Awesome.

Check out Miranda’s interview with Forbes for more on how he became interested in Alexander Hamilton and this recent interview with The New York Times for news on what he’s currently working on (a musical adaptation of Chaim Potok’s 1972 Novel My Name is Asher Lev) and his dream project, “a musical about the 24-hour news channel NY1” that would feature Next to Normal star Aaron Tveit as newspaper-reading news anchor Pat Kiernan.


Blake Nelson ’84 Releases New YA Book, “Dream School”

Wes counts Daniel “Lemony Snicket” Handler ’92 and the late Robert Ludlum ’51 among its alumni who have left their mark on the writing world, but somehow Blake Nelson ’84 seems to have slipped a little under the radar so far — at least here on Wesleying.

"I still meet people who have never seen my picture and think that “Blake Nelson” is a girl."Nelson’s new young adult novel Dream School, released last month, is a follow-up to his first novel, Girl, which gained something of a cult following from the moment it was serialized in the classic early ’90s girl-power magazine Sassy.

Dream School sees Girl’s protagonist Andrea Marr leave behind her grungy lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest to attend an elite liberal arts college on the East Coast. It’s not surprising, then, that Nelson has been asked in recent interviews whether parts of his latest novel are based on his own college experiences.

Click through for Nelson on Wes and lots of loving linkage (no awful alliteration though, promise):