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Prof. Mike Williams on the U.S. Surge in Afghanistan

Remember Government Professor Mike Williams? If you didn’t catch his amazing appearance on MSNBC back in September and haven’t gotten to take one of his classes, here’s a chance to experience his awesomeness tonight at the Roosevelt Institute!

What: “Obama and the Generals: Civil-Military Relations at the Afghan ‘Surge’ 2009-2012”
Date: Tuesday, April 17th (tonight!)
Time: 7-8pm
Place: Shapiro Center, on the top floor of Allbritton

Questions? Want to get on the Roosevelt listserv? Feel free to contact me by email (sstein01@wes).

Spector ’12 Blogs, Shares “Sexy Awkward Times”

“We are all awkward. We are all sexy. It is time to accept that the two go together.”

Abby Spector ’12 is interested in studying sex—not “sex” as we discovered it when we hit puberty and watched our first porno at a slumber party, but sex as it really is. In other words, she sees sexuality through the eyes of Phoebe BuffayGeorge Michael Bluth, or the guy pictured above. Her experiences with sex education began when she became a regular blogger for the progressive sex blog Em and Lo. She then interned with sex educator and feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino ’93. This year, her experience has culminated in the beautiful blog that is Sexy Awkward Times.

What is Abby’s writing like, exactly? Combine the self-empowered sex positivity of Salt n Peppa, the unfailing pithiness of Liz Lemon, and the hilarious awkwardness of Kristen Wiig. Then mix in a whole lot of candor, chutzpah, and Wesleyan-style weirdness, and you’ve got yourself this here blog.

 Most recently, Abby has written about:

Interested? Take a look! Bookmark it! Live by it! Abby promises to keep posting, so check back whenever you’re ready for another great read. Here’s the link.

Professor Elvin Lim on “The War on Women”

Do you have opinions on what’s been called “The War on Women?” Want to learn more about the issues involved? Want to hang out with Professor Elvin Lim for an hour and instantly become smarter, cooler, and generally more awesome? These are all great reasons to come to the Roosevelt Institute tomorrow night!

  • Date: Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Time: 8-9PM
  • Place: Usdan 108
  • What: Prof. Elvin Lim on “The War on Women”

Questions? Want to receive an email with the attached articles that Professor Lim recommends reading for his talk? Feel free to contact me by email at sstein01@wes.

Roosevelt Discusses Kony 2012

Spring Break may be over, but you can still get your party on with the Roosevelt Institute! Aww yeah, I said it:

What: Discussion on Kony 2012, the LRA, and Uganda
Date: Tuesday, March 27
Time: 8 – 9 pm
Place: Shapiro Center (top floor of Allbritton)

Check the comments below for Roosevelt’s suggested links on the topic! And stay tuned for a Wesleying post next week on April 3rd’s meeting: a talk with Professor Elvin Lim on the “War Against Women.”

Fall Break Shuttles

It’s that time again: shuttles are now available for Fall Break. To reserve your seat, go to the University Box Office in Usdan by Tuesday, October 18th or buy online. You must purchase all tickets by then, including for rides back to Wesleyan campus, and seats are limited. For more information, call the Box Office at (860)685-3355.

All shuttles leaving Wes depart from the front of Usdan on Wyllys Ave.

Also, don’t forget to check the Rideboard. You can find it under the “Student Life at Wesleyan” section in your ePortfolio. On the Rideboard you can find rides offered by other students, request a ride, or offer rides yourself.

Shuttle destinations and times after the jump.

Introducing the Roosevelt Blog!

Do you need a politics fix? Well here you go! The coolest kids around (The Roosevelt Institute) have started a blog labeled as “The Place for WesPolitics”. Think of it as an aspiring political Wesleying! So far, we’ve covered:

…and much, much more! Check in daily for new posts from your devoted contributors. Maybe even BOOKMARK IT! It might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Want to blog for WesRoosevelt? Email Francesca Buzzi ’12 (fbuzzi(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) and Sylvie Stein ’12 (sstein01(at)wesleyan(dot)edu).

Today’s Roosevelt Fireside Chat

This week: Occupy Wall Street

Is this form of protest one that is effective? Can we even judge the ‘effectiveness’ of a protest that doesn’t have clear demands? Do you think this protest will spark other activism or will it just fizzle out? Will the inclusion of more traditional groups, like the unions that are set to join in on Wednesday, help to organize the movement into something more accessible or threaten the character of the original activism(or do something else entirely)?

Please come and discuss with the Roosevelt Institute! All are welcome!

Questions about today’s discussion or the Roosevelt Institute this year? Want to get on the Roosevelt listserv? Email Sylvie Stein ’12 at sstein01(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

WHEN: Today! Tuesday, October 4th at 9:15pm!
WHERE: By the cool kids at the Usdan couches