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My Body Horizontal: Final Semester Slam Poetry Showcase

Come to the WeSlam thang:

“My Body, Horizontal; My _______, Gone.”

It’s that time of year again— the WeSlam team has returned from CUPSI, the largest intercollegiate poetry slam in the world, weary but invigorated, and are ready to share their work from the course of the semester with their Wesleyan peers. Their work addresses queer/trans issues, representation, colonization, and diaspora, among other things.

The poets:
Ahmed M. Badr ’20
Hazem Fahmy ’17
Mina Khan ’20
Ariel Edelman ’20
Lexi Slater ’19

But not only the team has been writing all semester! For this final showcase, we are opening the mic and want to invite poets at large to share their work in whatever form and on any subject, as well as highlight the work of non-team members of WeSlam.

Doors and sign-ups open @ 6:30PM. Performances will start at 7PM. The team’s feature performance will start between 7:30 and 7:45.

This event will be the first of hopefully many spaces and platforms where we can directly address, acknowledge, discuss, and hopefully, shift the processes of colonization and capitalization present in slam poetry. To find out more about this, please attend our (always) open meeting on Sunday at 5PM in Shapiro Creative Writing Center.

Date: Saturday, April 22
Time: 6:30PM
Place: The Bayit

Refugee Resettlement in CT//Stronger Shines the Light Inside

From the Wesleyan Refugee Project:

Join Wesleyan Refugee Project in welcoming Angie Smith, Maher Mahmood, and Mahmood Mahmood for a speaker panel about refugee resettlement: Friday, April 21st at 4pm in the Memorial Chapel. Typhoon will be served!

Angie Smith, is a photographer based in Los Angeles and the founder of Stronger Shines the Light Inside* — a photo series that has been featured in National Geographic, Refugees Deeply, the New York Times, and other publications. On Friday, April 21st, Smith will be speaking at Wesleyan about the inception, development and execution of Stronger Shines the Light Inside, refugee resettlement in the US, using photography to tell impactful stories and incite political change, interviewing people about sensitive topics, and applying skills from a liberal arts college in the real world to create new initiatives promoting social justice and change.

Place: Memorial Chapel
Facebook event: Link!

Read more about the event past the jump:

THESISCRAZY 2017: The $teps

It’s all over and I got a small droplet of Andre in my eye. Senior theses were due at 4PM today, and thesis writers and their kin gathered on and around the steps of Olin to pop several hundred bottle$ at 4PM. There were several dogs and many, many people. And lots of love. And so many potential Wescams.

A huge and loving congratulations to all senior thesis writers. You are all beautiful and I love you. You can reread parts 1-10 of THESISCRAZY  here, here, herehereherehereherehere, here, and here.

Here are some photos from the steps c/o medusa and Meli. Seniors, if you aren’t too drunk yet, send us some more to include! Either message us some on Facebook or email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org 

WesCam is Up Tomorrow, and There Might Be a New Feature

Theses were handed in at 4PM today and we’re all showing a little more skin than we were a month ago, which is a good thing, probably. Spring has sprung and Wescam is going live tomorrow, 4/20 at 4:20PM! Wow, I can’t believe it! The year is almost over and that means seniors only have several weeks on campus to hook up with the entirety of President Roth’s Philosophy and the Movies class make new friends.

Rising Seniors: Here’s Why Avi Stein ’17 Is the Best Human Ever

GRS numbers are now out and I’m assuming the entire Class of 2018’s friend groups have now shifted. Yeah yeah yeah, rising sophomores and juniors do GRS too but it’s not that deep for y’all, I promise. Unless this happens to you. For the ~670 seniors who will live in wood frame houses next year, you now have 167 options to choose from.

In the past, after GRS numbers were released, rising seniors would have to look through every single house and floor plan in their group size on the ResLife website to rank their preferences.

But Avi Stein ’17 and some folks at the QAC have developed a new online tool that makes it SO MUCH EASIER to sort through houses. In case you haven’t read your email and are totally clueless, here’s a summary from a ResLife email:

USLAC Statement Highlights Unfair Hiring Practices by Wesleyan’s New Bookstore, Hints of Potential Boycott

“If the Wesleyan Administration and R.J Julia refuse to meet these conditions, we will organize a boycott of the new bookstore until they do.”

Last Thursday night, we received a tip from a member of USLAC (United Student/Labor Action Coalition) about unfair hiring practices by the managing company of the new Wesleyan bookstore on Main Street, RJ Julia Booksellers. The tip read as a press release and was also shared on the USLAC Facebook page, where it received over 20 shares.

In the release, USLAC members state that current employees at Broad Street were promised jobs early on by R.J. Julia, but were left without any concrete information on on their future employment for months, only to find out that their new positions would come with a cut to their pay and benefits. The release also highlights accounts of racially-coded criticism coming from management at R.J. Julia. The statement makes 3 specific demands of R.J. Julia and the Wesleyan administration and hints of future actions and a potential boycott of the bookstore if the demands are not met. Read past the jump for USLAC’s full statement:

PHOTOS: Zonker Harris Day 2017

“Flavors, flavors, flavors.”

I donned my most floral of floral shirts and ducked out to Zonker Harris Day earlier today to get some pictures for the blog. The six hour music fest started sometime around 12 with sets from Hex Grrls and Laszlo. I arrived just after at the beginning of Tasty Desert Creatures’ set.

I was pleased to see that the Zonker Harris Day banner made a reappearance after a troubling absence. I began hearing rumors that the banner, which seems to disappear every year, was stolen in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. The thieves only left a single note that read “Nirvana? That’s the place where the powers that be and their friends hang out.” But yeah, I’m glad someone sorted all that out before showtime.

Dan Beats gave his final performance ever at around 1PM. Here’s a video of his farewell:

Scores of Michael Roths Swarm Olin During Prefrosh Tour!!

Earlier today, over 100 Michael Roth clones were spotted tiptoeing up the steps in Olin Library just before 12:30. Incoming reports suggest that these clones were birthed last night in the basement of 269 High Street in a 400 year old pagan ritual of excess. Or something like that. 

These clones entered the library just before the noon WesFest tours were to make a stroll through, at which point they stripped down to their underwear and probably read The History of Sexuality or On the Interpretation of Dreams. We’ve got visual evidence:

Zonker Harris Day is Tomorrow So Here’s a Video of This Guy in a Parachute

Zonker Harris Day (fka Ze Who Must Not Be Named Day (fka Zonker Harris Day)) is tomorrow. The holiday in honor of the notable Doonesbury character features a yearly springtime music festival in the West College Dormitory courtyard. Whey Station and Falafel will be there. This year’s theme is ‘TIP THE ICEBERG’ according to the Facebook event description:

WATCH Presents: Aporia! A Tale of Rhetoric and Philosophy

From Simone Roberts-Payn ’20:

In ancient Greece, the sly sophist Protaginus travels to Athens to con wealthy patrons out of their money, only to fall for the wrong girl and become embroiled in an epic (rap)battle of rhetoric in the process. This wry musical throwback explores competing theories of philosophy still relevant today, indulging in a kickline or two along the way!

Date: Friday, April 14 through Sunday, April 16
Time: 7-9PM (Friday), 7-9PM (Saturday), 2-4PM (Sunday)
Place: Malcolm X House