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Work for Scientific Computing and Informatics Center


Frank Fineis ’13 writes in with this incredible opportunity:

Do you enjoy computer programming? Do you have experience with data analysis? Perhaps you have experience with Matlab, R, Python, or other computer programming languages? If you want to finally get paid for your computer skills, the Scientific Computing and Informatics Center (i.e. Exely 105), is hiring 3-4 rising juniors and seniors for next semester! Responsibilities may include aiding students with their programming assignments from Comp 112 and 211, various physics classes, and new QAC courses.

Contact Frank at ffineis(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by May 6 with your résumé.

Spring Fling Guest Passes for Non Students Now on Sale

Spring FlingAre your non-Wes friends jealous of our Spring Fling lineup? Do they wanna come down and see Kendrick? Well, they can:

Guest passes for non-students are now on sale at the Usdan box office. Tickets cost $20, and there is a limit of one guest ticket per student. You can charge it right to your student account. Get ’em while you can, because guest passes will sell out.

For the event, you will need to leave your ID and your guest’s ID at the entrance as you enter and exit.

As always, Spring Fling is free for students. May 9! Get amped!

Available: Now
Price: $20
Place: Usdan Box Office

Starting Right About Now: Battle of the Bands @ Eclectic


Head down to Eclectic for tonight’s Battle of the Bands, which will determine the opener for the previously announced Spring Fling lineup.

Who will it be?? Contestants include:

  • Molly Rocket and the Crooks
  • O Presidente
  • The Japanese
  • Robert’s Don
  • Grand Cousin
  • Girl#$wag

Music goes from 9 -12 a.m. Come support your favorite Wes bands and hear these guys (and girls!) play their hearts out.

Date: Right now.
Time: Right now.
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Free
Facebook event: Click me

Battle of the Bands Submissions and Judging Applications


Here’s a message from your friendly neighborhood Spring Fling Committee (who will be officially announcing the lineup imminently):

Battle of the Bands will take place Thursday, April 18 at Eclectic. The annual event, which determines the student opener for Spring Fling on May 9, will be accepting submissions all week!

If your band would like a chance to play, please submit 2 demos and/or live videos to wblee(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with the subject line “I Wanna Battle and Here is My Band.” Submissions are due Saturday at midnight.

Also if you are interested in being a judge for Battle of the Bands, please submit your answers to the following questions, also to wblee(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with the subject line, “I Want To Be A Judge for Battle of the Bands.” If you are selected, you are required to stay for the entire show and judge objectively.

  • Name/Class Year
  • Why do you want to be a judge for Battle of the Bands?
  • What is your favorite concert you’ve seen at Wesleyan and why?

Deadline: Saturday at midnight
Contact: wblee(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Coyne ’13 and Schleiff ’14 Produce Two New Music Videos for Bostick ’13

This happens in one of the videos.

Fresh off the success of their Athenian-centric video for Grand Cousin, Jack Coyne ’13 and Sidney Sclheiff ’14 are back with not one, but two visuals for Dreamhost, the chillwavey side project of Dylan Bostick ’13.

The first video, for the Dreamhost song “Pools,” was shot in Costa Rica and features some pretty excellent clouds over a gorgeous valley/crater/mountainous landscape. In the words of Coyne, “The visuals were inspired by drunken nights in weird parts of Eclectic and all things Hawaiian punch.”

The second video, for the song “Me Too,” features Zach Carlson ’14 and a barren night carnival.

DJ Kilbourne ’14 Makes a Splash (get it?) with The Club Giant Squid Mixtape

Kilbourne cover

This has been floating around for a few weeks now, but we thought we should get it up here too.

Ashe Kilbourne ’14, the DJ who goes by the name “Kilbourne,” dropped The Club Giant Squid mixtape recently as an exclusive release on, a subsidiary of So far, Kilbourne, who produces mostly Philly Club music, has racked up almost five thousand hits on the site, and also comments like “COOL HAIR” and “turnt.”

The Club Giant Squid includes a sweet remix of “Fantastic Baby” and also Kilbourne’s hyper take on Diplo and Nicky Da B’s “Express Yourself.” You’ll also find some Skrillex samples if ya pay attention. The whole thing kinda bangs.  It’s a fun listen.

Kilbourne also played two showcases at SXSW (South by South WES, ha!) two weeks ago, where they played with Zebra Katz of “Ima Read” fame. So that’s also pretty cool.

After the jump, check out the video for Kilbourne’s remix of “Fantastic Baby,” as well as the teaser for the mixtape. Check out the whole thing HERE.

Grand Cousin Drops Such a Music Video

Grand Cousin video

Grand Cousin, that excellent rocky band with the crazy falsetto, are playing their second show of the weekend tonight (and will play their third tomorrow!). Maybe you caught their very strong set last night, opening for the Japanese.  But in case you’re so busy that you can’t make any of them, you can still get your fix with their brand new video by Jack Coyne ’13 and Sidney Schleiff ’14.

Shot outside what looks like the Athenian Diner, the video features frontman Henry Hall ’14 singing and clutching a lil’ shrub in an unbroken take. He does that awesome thing wherehe doesn’t lip-sync to everything, kinda like this. Bassist Robby Caplan ’14 and drummer Evan Low ’14 are chillin’ in the background. Oh, and you should watch the whole thing.

Catch Grand Cousin tonight at The Buttonwood Tree, or tomorrow at Psi U with Molly Rocket & The Crooks and The Taste.

More Grand Cousin on Bandcamp and on Facebook.

TAKE YOU OUT (2013) Grand Cousin from Jack Coyne on Vimeo.

Informational Meeting for PostWes, a New Blog

Ross loves Scalia

Ross Gormley ’13 writes in with an opportunity for students who want to help to develop a new website for the Wesleyan community. He has also, once again and apropos of nothing, included a picture of Antonin Scalia:

PostWes is seeking students wishing to get experience designing/building/maintaining a blog. The blog is simple. Alumni submit their stories and undergraduates see what life after wes is like. The goal is to have PostWes be a valuable resource to current undergraduates while having successive waves of graduating students post their own stories.  PostWes and the Wesleyan TypeClub are seeking Comp Sci majors, graphic designers, bloggers, or curious students looking to contribute in anyway! We love all of you and your ideas!

The informational meeting will take place at Espwesso this Tuesday at 9pm.

Date: Tuesday, February 12
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Espwesso (Basement of Albritton)

Read the mission statement for the new blog after the drop:

Lee ’13 aka IGBEE Drops a Hot New Trap Song

It's a ballerina.

Last we heard from Brewster Lee ’13, the DJ who’s been going by IGBEE and used to be going by Paradise Stomp, he had dropped the very chill and very good SYZYGY EP. But now IGBEE is giving us “Twirl,” a trappy song for people who like stuff like TNGHT and some samples that sound like they’re from old Mario games. It’s tagged as “WOOZY” on soundcloud, so if you dig WOOZY things, you’ll dig this too.

It’s pretty sweet. Stream it below.

For more IGBEE, read his feature on Waves (the Wes music site that doesn’t get enough attention), and definitely peep his other recent track, “V^LLEYS,” for some haunting murkiness.

Students Take on High Weshop Prices in New Video

Here’s a fun one from my dude Jacky Coyne ’13, along with Chris Lee ’13 and Kieran Coyne ’16. Annoyed by the inflated Weshop price of Jack and Chris’ beloved Frosted Flakes, the boys hop over to Price Chopper to see if they can do better with an assortment of groceries. The results may or may not surprise you.

Check out the sweet video above, featuring the instrumental from Clique and a guest text message from El Presidente Roth. Exciting stuff.