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Student Forum Info Session: Building Resilient Landscape Systems

Manon Lefevre ’14 and Will Wiebe ’14, current title-holders for Longest Student Forum Name, write in to explain what “Building Resilient Landscape Systems: The Intersection of Deep Ecology and Sustainable Landscape Design” is all about:

By this point, you’ve probably realized that Foss Hill wasn’t always a giant lawn.

Our student forum will explore how traditional landscape design mediates our relationship with the natural environment, expressing and reinforcing our anthropocentric worldview. We will consider alternative techniques to monocultivated ecosystems through the study of plant architecture and soil ecology, philosophies of permaculture, and practical maintenance and design work on Wesleyan’s own two permaculture sites, in the WestCo Courtyard and in the Butts.

This forum will encourage a holistic approach to sustainable landscape design, and, hopefully, help you develop a hands-on appreciation for the environment you inhabit.

Date: Wednesday, January 29th
 UOC, 190 High St.

Pathways in Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Carlton Barnswell

Rilwan Babajide ’16 writes in to perpetuate the Western medical-industrial complex:

In this talk with renowned urologist Dr. Carlton Barnswell, students will learn about the wealth of opportunities available to them in the medical field. We will talk about where these opportunities are as well as how to approach them step-by-step. The objective is to provide interested students with a goal and a framework on how to achieve it.The reason for this talk is because in past years there has been a downward trend in the number of pre-med students from Wesleyan who have matriculated to the ranks of M.D.. Our goal is to change this and we believe that one of the ways to do that is by educating students about opportunities out there for them, instill goals in them, and teach them about the framework and strategies necessary to obtain those goals and achieve ultimate success in the medical field.

Date: May 1st (see, I needed a radical post opener)
Time: 7 pm
Location: PAC 004

Italian Movie Screening: Le Fate Ignoranti

Andrea Ballanti GRAD wins for most unconventionally conversational post:

Last italian movie of the semester, last of the year… this time not in Fisk but in ESC058.

Some comments from IMDb:
“Unconventional and deeply touching movie”
“Such a warm and sentimental film”
“You leave the theater with feelings of purity, warmth and love”

AIDS doctor Antonia’s husband is killed by a car. She gets depressed until she learns he had been cheating on her, she goes to see her husband’s lover… then?

Date: April 29, 2013
Time: 8 pm
Cost: Free

Global Brigades at Wesleyan

Oh, how I considered putting the logo for the BR...

Your favorite globe-trotting, crisis-theorizing Beta bro Scott “Habermas” Elias ’14 wants to pull the unsustainable neoliberal wool from your eyes:

Bobby Cunningham ’15 and Scott Elias ’14 have created a Global Brigades chapter at Wesleyan, and are looking for a group of 15-20 Wes students to join and travel to Panama next January for a 7-9 day brigade. GB is a student-led health and sustainable development NGO that seeks to ignite social change in very low socioeconomic communities in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ghana. GB’s mission: “To resolve global health and economic disparities by empowering student volunteers, local professionals, and community members in a collaborative holistic approach to sustainable development,” stresses the connection between all programs areas–microfinance, business, environmental, water, and dental among others.

Public Safety Officer Fired, Subsequently Arrested for Theft

Yesterday, John Meerts, Wesleyan’s VP for Finance and Administration, sent an all-campus email with some sobering news, informing the community that an officer with Wesleyan’s Public Safety Department had been arrested for theft.

I spoke with Dave Meyer, Director of Public Safety, yesterday afternoon to clarify the situation, though our conversation was limited by the ongoing criminal investigation.

Meyer reported that he received information before Christmas regarding the thefts. Coordinating with the Middletown Police Department, Wesleyan began an investigation within two days that resulted in the recovery of a number of stolen items, at which point Wesleyan again contacted the police to have the individual arrested. The stolen items themselves—reported to be electronics and cameras—have so far consisted solely of administrative equipment, though there is the possibility that student property may be among the as-yet-unidentified possessions.

Declining to discuss the particulars of the tip or the discovery of the stolen material, Meyer stated that though the investigation was conducted internally, the school worked closely with the police department throughout. 

Widowspeak at Eclectic

If you missed out on tickets to see dead prez (or prefer a more alternative vibe), Brooklyn group Widowspeak will be playing Eclectic tonight, alongside Wesleyan’s own Treasure Island. Chelsie Green ’14 (hey, that rhymes) coming at you with the details:

Widowspeak is coming down up from Brooklyn this Saturday to play some
tunes. They played NYC’s Mercury Lounge on 1/22, and the reviewer
found their set “rounder, fuller, [and] more expressive” than ever
before. The material from their brand new release (from this week) is
more hard-hitting and varied than their first attempt (I’d even say
it’s better).

Eurydice Auditions


Auditions continue with a journey to the underworld (or is that DKE’s basement?) via Sivan Battat ’15:

Come audition for a lyrical retelling of one of the most transcendent and powerful love stories of all time by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Sarah Ruhl.

“In Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl reimagines the classic myth of Orpheus through the eyes of its heroine. Dying too young on her wedding day, Eurydice must journey to the underworld, where she reunites with her father and struggles to remember her lost love. With contemporary characters, ingenious plot twists, and breathtaking visual effects, the play is a fresh look at a timeless love story.” – Samuel French Inc.

O Presidente Album Release Concert

Credit: Aaron Eidman '12

For all my yay-arean readers out there (a not-insignificant number of you), O Presidente—the Noo-Wop brainchild of Bay Weskid Andrew Zingg ’13 in collaboration with Tobias Butler ’13Nathaniel Draper ’12 and their friend Thomas Yopes (UC Berkeley ’13)—will be having a release party/concert this coming Wednesday, January 9, at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. The concert is being produced by Ground Series, an Oakland-based interdisciplinary arts program founded by Wes Alums Sarah Ashkin ’11 and Brittany Delany ’09, and it will also feature appearances by Pancho-San and The Aerosols.

Zingg spits the following about the upcoming release:

O Presidente’s debut full length, entitled “Clube de Futebol,” was recorded in the summer of 2012, after I took a year off and wrote a bunch of songs.  When my Bay Area-based Wesleyan buddies Tobias Butler ’13 and Nathaniel Draper ’12 and a high school friend Thomas Yopes (UC Berkeley ’13) finished their Spring semesters, we decided to have a go at performing these songs at clubs/bars/dorms/wherever and ended up playing several shows at great venues in and around San Francisco.