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Ashpet Audition!

Ashpet is an Appalachian Cinderella Story in Two Musical Acts, written and directed by Ruby Ross ’08 and Marika Tabilio (’09)!

“Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard tell of a girl named Cinderella who lost a glass slipper at a ball and wound up with a prince. Well folks, that ain’t no fairytale. Of course, they gussied it up quite a little bit over the years. That glass slipper, for example? Why, it was just a regular ol’ shoe. And that fancy ball – well, we didn’t have nothin’ that extravagant down south in Fort Defiance, Virginia. Not in those days. It was round about the time of the War of Northern Aggression, you see – or as you folks nowadays call it, the Civil War – so times was tough, and the big event of the season wasn’t no ball, but a regular ol’ church meetin’. And that hero of a prince? Well, he was just handsome and charming enough I could see folks getting confused. But he was just a regular ol’ soldier. As for Cinderella herself? Well, the fairytale got her right for the most part – orphan, slave to a mean ol’ woman and her two mean ol’ daughters – that part’s all true. Only in the real story, Cinderella’s name was Ashpet… “

Be prepared to learn a song from the show and do some cold readings and accent play. If you feel more comfortable bringing a prepared monologue, you’re welcome to do so in addition, but in no way feel obligated to–we’re really interested in your interpretation of THIS script. Also, bring your good attitude and flexibility! The show will be the weekend of April 24th, location TBA. (although there is a very slight possibility that it will have to be April 17th if a space does not become available)

Audition times:

Times: Tomorrow, Saturday (2/2) 2-5pm, or Sunday (2/3) 6-8pm
Location: Theater Rehearsal Space, in the basement of Fayerweather (the building with the turrets next to Usdan)

Precision Ensemble Auditions

Precision Ensemble is having auditions this week!

Precision Ensemble is a student dance company that puts on a show every spring semester. The show is a dynamic fusion of modern, jazz, tap, flamenco, funk, Latin, ballet, West African, you name it! ALL DANCERS WELCOME! Come to Fayerweather today at 7pm, or tomorrow at 8pm, and show us your stuff!

Date: Today, Wednesday 30th, or Tomorrow Thursday 31st (only one needs to be attended)
Time: Wednesday: 7pm. Thursday: 8 pm
Location: Fayerweather

Terpsichore Fall Dance!

Terpsichore is having their Fall Dance Show! Come and everything from lyrical dance to jazzercise to precarious balancing acts, all choreographed and performed by Wesleyan students! Tickets are on sale now at the box office ($4 with Wes student id, $5 without). Hurry, because this show has sold out every semester for at least the past three years, and getting tickets the day of is pretty darn close to impossible.

Event: Terpsichore Fall Dance
Location: World Music Hall
Time/Date: Friday 16th at 7 and 10 pm; Saturday 17th at 7 pm only.
Price: $4 w/ Wes id, $5 w/o. On sale now at the box office.

Prometheus Halloween Performance!

Alright, so after a bunch of practice and light up practices, Prometheus is finally going to have a real performance! Come watch brave souls risk lives and arm-hair for your entertainment.

(If you don’t know Prometheus, well… we’re the group of people who light stuff on fire and then spin it (we fire spin). ) And yes, it is real fire.

As with all the other halloween performances, it’s happening in the front lawn of Alpha Delt at 9pm on halloween.

Time: 9pm
Location: In front of Alpha Delt
Date: Wednesday, October 31st
Event: Prometheus Performance

PowerShift 2007!

This seems totally sweet. Too bad I have to sound board Fall Senior Thesis dance…
Thanks Anne Rosenthal ’10 !

EON is organizing a group of students to attend Powershift 2007, the first national youth conference focused on climate change. The conference will take place at the University of MD, College Park, from Friday, November 2, to Monday, November 5 (Parent’s Weekend).

This conference is HUGE! It is a historical effort to draw attention to climate change, US policy, and youth leadership. Weekend highlights will include workshops, speakers (even Al Gore is among potential speakers!), and opportunities to connect with other students and activists. For more information, check out the event’s website at

EON is taking care of registration fees and transportation costs. We will drive there and back and use some of our funding to offset carbon emissions from transportation.

Please note that if you attend, you should be able to make it to your Friday morning classes, but you will likely not be back in time for Monday classes.

Email ASAP if you are interested or have any

Event: Powershift 2007
Date: Friday November 2 to Monday November 5

Talk and Discussion with Judy Dworin

Come to a talk and discussion with Judy Dworin, dance/theater artist, leader of the Judy Dworin performance ensemble and one of the creators of Time-In.

From the email being sent around:

“Judy Dworin and her ensemble led movement workshops at York women’s prison and worked with inmates to create a multimedia performance piece utilizing movement, text and song. On Saturday Judy will talk about her year and a half long residency at York, the making of Time-In and a more recent residency.”

Judy Dworin would also be performing tonight and tomorrow night at the ’92, and Susan Lourie (awesome dance professor) says that it’s going to be fantastic, so you guys should check that out too!

Event: Talk and Discussion with Judy Dworin
Time: 5 pm
Date: Saturday, October 20th
Location: Zilkha gallery

Sex Signs Review!

Did you miss the Sex Signs Workshop last week? Did you go, and just
can't remember how to sign horny anymore? Come to this week's Sign
Conversation Hour - we'll be reviewing the Sex Signs we taught last
Friday! As usual, it is on Wednesday, 12-1, at Sign House (64 Lawn Ave).

Time: 12-1
Location: Sign House
Date: Every Wednesday

Sign Language Conversation Hour!

Want improve your Sign Language? Want to learn how to sign in general? Hellz, want to communicate with your friends without saying a word?

Come to Sign House’s Sign Language Hour! It happens from noon to 1pm every Wednesday at Sign House. This week, we’re going over sport signs. Every week is a different category.

All levels are welcome!

Venue: Sign House (64 Lawn)
Time: noon-1pm
Date: every Wednesday