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The MASH 2015 Open Call for Bands

Ben Spiegel ’15 writes in:

The MASH is looking for musicians to play for our annual campus-wide concert next fall! The MASH will be mashing on September 11, 2015 from 2pm-5pm on three outdoor stages across campus. All types of music and any size group welcome.
Performers should submit contact info to The MASH staff by May 6, the last day of classes using the form HERE. We will follow up with all bands who submit before the end of the year.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to Ben Spiegel ’15 (bspiegel[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) or Hanna Oravec, CFA (horavec[at]wesleyan[dot]edu)

Date: Sign up by May 6th (tomorrow!) for an opportunity to perform in September 2015
How to sign up: Use this form!

Vote for WSA Member Elections + Constitutional Review

From Kate Cullen ’16:

Voting is now open until 11:59pm Friday for WSA General Assembly Members and 2015 Constitutional Changes!

To learn more about the Constitutional Changes Kate Cullen ’16 and Aidan Martinez ’17 proposed with help of various student group leaders, friends and current WSA members, click here.

The above graphic would be the new structure of the WSA if you, the students, vote to pass these changes!

Deadline: Friday, May 1st @ 11:59PM

Friends of Haiti Clothing Sale

PSA from Camila Recalde ’16:

Yo! Support your GLOBAL COMMUNITY and come to the fountain backyards
this Saturday -during VIBES Music Festival- to buy some dope clothes.

All proceeds go directly to the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve /
Reserve Ecologique Wynne Farm in Kenscoff, Haiti. They desperately
need a fence in order to protect the forest from being cut down. This
place is an incredible center for wellness, music, and creativity -
and it needs your support!

Camila will be selling not only her own clothes, but many other
people’s so there will be a variety! Men’s clothes too!

Date: Saturday, May 2nd
Time: 3:00-5:00 PM
Place: Fountain Backyards

Speak Out Against Sexual and Gender Violence Part II

20385_10153279185693126_2128550882176541150_nFrom Natalie Ancona ’15:

Last semester’s speak out in Usdan was an incredible moment in which our community came together to speak openly, honestly, and compassionately about sexual assault and gender violence of all kinds. As a continuation of that conversation, we will be holding another speak out in Usdan on Thursday April 30th from 5-8pm (or as long as it needs to go).

Please feel welcome to share a short piece about your experiences, whether they are related to the administration or to your community in or outside of Wesleyan. Write about whatever you feel is important to point out as contributing to sexual/gender discrimination and violence.

If you feel comfortable speaking publicly, we would like to support you in doing so. Know that you will be physically surrounded by people both sharing their own stories and supporting their peers. If you’re not comfortable speaking publicly, you can choose to write a piece that someone else will read, anonymously or not.

Please email Natalie Ancona at or Chloe Murtaugh ( letting us know if you’d like to speak at the event, or with your piece to be read by someone else. Anyone is welcome to speak during the event without having contacted us beforehand.

Date: Today
Time: 5 pm
Place: Usdan

Film Screening: Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

MATT SHEPARDFrom Romil Sharma ’16:

REACT to Film and QueerWes present an exclusive screening of the critically-acclaimed documentary, Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine. The film, directed by Michele Josue, revisits one of the most notorious hate crimes in American history and finds meaning in it.

In 1998, Matt Shepard, a 21-year old gay college student, was found tied to a fence, viciously beaten, and abandoned. The hate-fueled atrocity sparked a national outcry that resulted in the passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Josue, who knew Matt personally, tells the story of his life and universalizes his experience in this powerful documentary.

Join us for a screening of the film, followed by a discussion. Snacks will be provided!

Date: Thursday, April 30
Time: 7-9:30 PM
Place: PAC 004

Last WestCo Open Mic of the Year

11201618_10205952424945143_3988997720419981331_nFrom Will Barr ’18:

THIS IS THE LAST WESTCO OPEN MIC OF THE YEAR! Woooh! Come perform anything your heart desires one last time. THIS open mic will be hosted in the little graveyard behind WestCo 4 (on the way to the Nics);; EXCITING. Bring your blankets, towels, etc. so we can all chill. If you’ve never been to one before, consider coming to see some awesome talent.

Signups at 8 pm. Show at 8:30. If you can’t make it at 8 to sign up but still want to perform, contact Will Barr ’18 or Sahil Singhvi ’18.

Date: Wednesday, April 29
Time: 8:30-10 PM
Place: Little Graveyard Behind WestCo 4

FB event.

Aural Wes Presents: Guerilla Toss // Shy Boyz

2390645From Chris Gortmaker ’17:

Aural Wes presents a night of otherworldly ~funkpunk+etc~ at Art House.

Guerilla Toss (Boston) wrap psych punk in their tinfoil hat then stick it in the microwave. Bzah! Highly radioactive funkgasms.

Shy Boyz (Philly) are soulful social arsonists, lovemakin’ funk disciples, & prolific videographers.

Date: Thursday, April 30
Time: 9-11 PM
Place: Art House

FB event.

Around the Table: Food Panel and Art Exhibition

1468754_10152717403246020_1031408997282120013_nFrom Molly Steinfeld ’15:

The Food Panel and Art Exhibition showcases senior theses, essays, and projects exploring food related topics. The first half of the event will be a panel discussion with Professor Amyrs Williams. Following the panel, there will be a reception showcasing student artwork related to thesis work as well as student groups providing information and volunteer sign-ups about their food-related efforts on Wesleyan’s campus.

Participating Students: Molly Steinfeld, Elijah Stevens, Miles Cornwall, Kate Weiner, Rachie Weisberg, Chloe Holden, Jaxie Friedman, Drue Mirchard, Rachel Lindy

Sponsored by: Sustainability Office, the College of the Environment, the History Department, and set-up by the Green Fund

Date: Thurs, April 30
Time: 4-6 pm
Place: CFA Hall