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Spooky, Scary, Stigmas

From Kimberly Berry ’15:

Branching off of last year’s discussion of Costumes and Consent. The PHAs, SART intern, SFCC (Students for Consent and Communication), and WesKink bring you a discuss on the costumes themselves.

Join in on a discussion on how the media, gender, race, and Wesleyan’s own environment effects Halloween and the costumes we wear.

Come talk with us about the costumes that you have been commenting on Facebook about. Costumes Encouraged !!


Time: 2:40-3:30 PM
Place: Usdan Room 110

Halloweekend Bingo

hx0191Want something else to do as you move between costume parties and house shows? Want to remember the obscure costumes you see on your nights out? Play Halloweekend Bingo!

There’s only one available sheet, but we figured that among any group of friends, you’re not all going to be in the same places or see the same costumes. Pick your own prize for whoever wins. (We suggest grilled cheese.)

This Halloweekend bingo sheet is a creation of sophomores Liz Farrell, Wyatt Rees, Maya Stevens, Kate Suslovic, and Lydia Tonkonow.


BREAKING: Wesleyan’s Campus Is Officially Haunted

Just in time for your halloween festivities, the University has come out with a pretty hilarious and wonderful video of reported paranormal activity at Russell House. I, for one, will definitely be looking under all of the bathroom stalls when I go see Professor Lisa Cohen read at the English Majors’ open mic tonight at 6 PM.

Although the Thames Society of Paranormal Activity has already determined that there IS some sort of ghoulish haunting, my personal opinion is that it’s time to bring in the Ghost Busters. On that note, is it too late to submit a thesis film idea?

Anyway, leave a comment with potential candidates for the Ghost of Russell House. All the slaughtered animals Professor Gruen does her research on? Perhaps it’s Moaning Myrtle’s American cousin Wailing Wesley? Or who knows. Maybe I am the ghost of Russell House…

Fall Senior Thesis Dance Concert

Another message from CFA Staffer Andrew Chatfield:

A collection of new works presented by senior choreographers as part of their culminating project for the dance major.

Date: Thursday, October 30 through Saturday, November 1, 2014
Time: 8-10 PM
Place: Patricelli ’92 Theater
Cost: $4 Wesleyan students; $5 all others

Lucy Goes to Court

From the lovely Nola Werlinich ’17:

Need something to do this weekend before it’s permissible to start drinking? Come see the court case of the millennium in which Lucifer (“Lucy”) is tried for her crimes against humanity!!

Attending in costume is highly encouraged.

Find the event on Facebook.

Date: October 30-November 1
Time: 7 PM
Place: WestCo Cafe

We Speak We Stand: Campus-Wide Bystander Intervention Training!


From Willa Beckman ’15:

Become an active bystander by registering for Wesleyan’s bystander intervention training! Empowered bystanders make the campus community safer by standing up and speaking out when they witness situations that could potentially harm the health and safety of others. Intervening with peers can be difficult for a number of reasons and training will provide you with the skills to move from inaction to action and intervene safely and effectively.

The training features two distinct and separate tracks: sexual violence prevention and alcohol use intervention.

The next training is Monday, November 3rd, 7-10PM in 41 Wyllys room 112. Dinner included!

Register here by Friday, October 31st at 12:00pm.

Deadline: Friday, October 31st, 2014
Event Date: Monday, November 3rd, 2014
Time: 7-10PM
Place: 41 Wyllys room 112

Long Lang Hoop House Extravaganza!

llLast spring Eva “Bubbe” Steinberg ’17 made me a mixed CD composed of only farm-related songs. Now she’s asking you to come help Long Lane Farm move their hoop houses this Saturday 11/1. Just remember that rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey! There will be snacks, but probably not of the whiskey variety. Here are the actual facts:

This Saturday, join your favorite local student-farmers as we take on the hoop houses!! These massive structures keep our veggies nice and cozy, but they aren’t in the right place! Help us with this task, and feel as warm and happy and good as our wee lil greens will in their new homes! Snacks will be provided!

Date: Saturday 11/1
Place: Long Lane Farm (near the rugby fields)
Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Do It In the Dark: Challenge II

From Molly “fast shower” Stienfeld ’15

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Do It In the Dark!For those of you who haven’t heard of Do It In the Dark yet, it isWesleyan’s annual energy saving competition. Every dollar saved inenergy reduction goes towards Wesleyan Financial Aid. All campusresidences compete to reduce the most energy and win prizes!We have just entered the second phase of the competition: the ShowerChallenge. For the next two weeks, we are trying to reduce showertimes. Taking showers under four minutes not only saves water but alsoelectricity. In order to gain points on Joulebug, buzz the “ShowerSprinter” pin under the “Water” tab.Don’t forget past tips for electricity savings.

Thanks for your continued participation and support!

Wesleying post!
PLUS! Do It In the Dark was featured in the Middletown Press!

Where: Your house/fauver/hi rise/lo rise/program house/dorm!
When: Started October 12th and runs through November 25th. You can still catch up!
Cost: Free plus you give financial aid scholarships.

American Studies Open House

From Amanda Distler ’15


Come meet people who do what they love and love what they do and learn about a Wesleyan department that is more than just a major, it’s a way of life! We look forward to meeting you there!


What: FREE LUNCH!!!!!!!

Where: CAMS 1 & 2 (that yellow house by 41 Wyllys)

When: THURSDAY @ noon

Who: Majors, Prospective Majors, Interested Friends



Write-In: Halloween Costumes

Halloween’s coming around this weekend (in like, three days) and everyone’s gearing up for a good time.

Whether you’ve got your superhero costume all set, or you’re just going as a disgruntled/reclusive college student, we want to hear from you.

Have you been piecing together your costume for the past couple weeks? Did you just order it on Amazon Prime yesterday? Are you going as sexy ebola this year? Let us know. Show off your spooky style! your eerie ensemble! your ghostly garb! It’s your time to shine.

C’mon, where my witches at?