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Economics Needs More Women

PAC sunset

Have you ever noticed the gender divide in some of your classes? Kerry Nix ’16, an Economics and Italian Studies double major, noticed it clearly in her Econ classes and decided to investigate. The following post is the result of her many interviews with fellow classmates and professors and her research into gender disparities and their consequences at universities nationwide. It contains stories of particular experiences within the Econ major and out, and policy suggestions for improving equal access and participation in college-level Econ courses. Feel free to comment below on your experiences with gender disparity in your courses (Econ or otherwise). If you are interested in discussing any of the issues raised here, you can attend an open meeting of the The Female Economists of Wesleyan (FEW), a recently formed group of female-identifying Econ students. The meeting is on Sunday, 4/26, 4:30-5:30pm in PAC001.

At the end of this post is a list of policy suggestions to improve equity and inclusion in the Econ department. For greater detail and more students’ and professors’ perspectives, read the full article.

Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Take Over Olin

photo 4-1

Undies in Olin, a longstanding tradition to Keep Wes Weird, was on Wesfest Friday around noon. This is what happened, according to Dasha Dubinsky ’18:

The crowd of people that showed up had been standing around for a while, and getting a bit anxious, when the first tour group walked through at about 12:30. While most of the prefrosh and parents seemed confused and unsure of themselves as they avoided eye contact, certain members of the tour group seemed happy with the turn of events. Multiple people reminded everyone that this is in fact a library with screams of “I’m trying to work in here” and much shushing.

Not long after the first tour group walked by, two more also went through with similar reactions. Most memorable was one prefrosh and her mom running through the hall to avoid looking at all the half-naked college students.

After all three of the tour groups left, everyone cheered and erupted into the Wesleyan Fight Song. It was one of the most Wesleyan moments I’ve experienced here and the bond that I felt with everyone else in the library that day was amazing.


“Concerts on Foss: now more than ever!”

It’s definitely not Kanye….but that’d be awesome, right?? Thanks to Yik Yak, that new thing that spreads weird rumors, many of us know that the line up is actually Chingy as headliner, Hall and Oates, and Big Sean. However, today I heard from a Spring Fling Committee member that the line-up is actually as follows:

THE JULIE RUIN (Kathleen Hanna + members of Le Tigre / Bikini Kill)

So maybe that’s right, since we know from previous years that the lineup is definitely complete once we have a hip hop headliner, an indie act, and some electronic music. But Yik Yak says otherwise and some senior says “we’re still negotiating with Modest Mouse.”

Will it be outside? I HOPE SO! But really, who knows at this point? It’s up to the admin, and even though last year I proclaimed that Spring Fling Will Be Outside [Forever] Even if Meteors Hit Foss, it was ultimately hyperbole and I have no idea (nor do Spring Fling Committee members).

SPRRRINGGGG FLIIINNGGGGG May 7, 1 PM (when the opening act, which will be decided during BATTLE OF THE BANDS AT ECLECTIC ON APRIL 24, goes on). Read past the jump to find out more about the artists.

LIVEBLOG: WesFest Campus Tour


Hey y’all! Come hang out on Wesleying today at 3pm for a super cool WesFest feature: Dasha, astag_rockyand Jackson will be liveblogging a campus tour! We’re going to try our hardest to pass inconspicuously as prefrosh. It may work, it may not. Who knows. This is probably a great feature for prefrosh who aren’t able to visit Wesleyan before making their college decision. Well, actually, it’s probably not. But it should be funny. Bye.

T-pain Will Perform during Senior Week

Senior week, a time for major debauchery and self-reflection, will be enhanced this year by T-pain, the background music to many of our first handjobs.

The senior class got a survey a couple weeks ago asking for senior week performer preferences. According to Jenna Starr ’15, the senior class council president, T-pain came in first with Charlie XCX second out of 650 responses. The show is on May 21st at 7 pm at the Webster Theater in Hartford (in a private room rented out for 1250 people–probably will avoid the big Wesleyan concert debacles of the past). There’s FREE CHIPOTLE! Also buses to take people to Hartford. This isn’t quite senior cocktails (R.I.P.) but T-pain will probably play “Bartender.”

More info from Starr about who can attend the show:

Wescam Write-In

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.18.54 AM

Now that theses are over and spring has sprung, some students are beginning to think about the hallmarks of the end of the semester: final work for classes, trips to Miller’s pond, running out of points, spending time on Foss, spending time in the library, and—perhaps most importantly—Wescam. I am tired of explaining Wescam to freshmen, so I have decided not to here is a pretty accurate summary of the website. To celebrate the advent of this incredible Wesleyan Experience, I want you—the reader—to submit the most hilarious/cute/weird/silly/blasé (yeah, that’s right MOST BLASÉ) stories so that I can up my game before the season begins to amuse other Wesleying readers and keep the witty spirit of  ‘scamming alive. Link here. Submit your stories! and…

Liveblog: WSA President/VP Debate


This week’s elections for President and Vice President come at a strange and controversial time for the Wesleyan Student Assembly. After a February meeting about a resolution for low-income and first generation students (proposed by Aidan Martinez ’17, himself a candidate) ended in tears, low-income and first generation students opened the debate about whether the current institutional structure of the WSA is viable, effective, or even helpful. Martinez’s “Shut. It. Down.” campaign called for the complete dissolution of the WSA’s constitution in order to rebuild it completely.

Today’s debate features Kate Cullen ’16 and Aidan Martinez ’17 on one side and Madison Moore ’16 and Victoria Hammitt ’17 on the other.

Martinez and Cullen are running the RefreshWes campaign, designed to turn the WSA and its institutional structure inside-out. Cullen has been a member of the WSA for two years, while Martinez was on the WSA from 2013-14. Moore and Hammitt are running to “make all associated institutions responsible to students.” [EDIT: Moore is a two-year member of the WSA while Hammit has never been on the assembly.] More information about all four candidates can be found here, on the WSA website. Elections are open until Friday, April 17.

Can’t make it to the debate but have questions you wish you could ask the candidates? We can be your proxies. Email them to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org or tweet them to @wesleying.

THESISCRAZY 2015: It’s Over, Let’s Get Drunk

2015-04-10 15.59.00Theses are over, and (most) everyone is pumped. In true Wesleyan tradition, thesis writers (and many many others) gathered on the steps of Olin this afternoon to celebrate the 4 P.M. deadline with copious drinking, delirious hugging, and a rendition of the fight song. The festivities began a few minutes early with Virgil Taylor ’15 toasting his classmates with a joyous “Fuck all of you!” before popping his champagne. For many thesis writers, today was preceded by long stretched devoid of sleeping, eating and/or showering, which might explain everyone eagerness to soak both their insides and outsides with champagne.

To all thesis writers, congratulations!

Look after the jump for pictures of the celebrations!

THESISCRAZY 2015 (Part 5): Bonus Edition!

Samira "My thesis won't make me crazy" Siddique

Samira “My thesis won’t make me crazy” Siddique

There are only a few hours left until theses are due and the steps of Olin are covered in champagne and seniors in varying states of intoxication. In this (bonus) installment of THESISCRAZY 2015, we bring you words from a few more soon-to-be-relieved thesis writers, including our very own Samira and ztevenz! Check out this years’ other features and previous years’ here.

At this point, we’re probably not going to interview you, but if you want, you can email us your hopes, dreams and nudes (don’t email us nudes) at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.

THESISCRAZY 2015 (PART 4): The End is Nigh

This is definitely-probably what Amy Zhang's thesis is about...

This is definitely-probably what Amy Zhang‘s thesis is about…

In the fourth installment of THESISCRAZY 2015, we talk about everything from children’s fantasy to junk food and propaganda. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the series are here, here, and here, and THESISCRAZY features from previous years are here.

If you’re completely insane and still want us to interview you in the ~28 hours until theses are due, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org!