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Deep Space Survival: An Interview with Wolf 359’s Zach Valenti ’12 and Gabriel Urbina ’13

“[W]e just don’t talk about what Doug would do for a slice of pineapple and ham anymore. Not since Apple told us it violated the iTunes Store’s terms of service…”

How do you create a sci-fi world without high-budget planet explosions, lens flares for days, or whitewashing cybernetic humans? Simple – record podcasts in the form of a space crew’s audio logs. In its third season, the award-winning, all-Wes alum-produced Wolf 359 chronicles the merits of floating around in the middle of nowhere. In space, no one may hear you scream, but communications officer Doug Eiffel and the rest of the USS Hephaestus beg to differ.

Here, Gabriel Urbina ‘13 (Head Writer and Executive Producer) and Zach Valenti ‘12 (Lead Actor and Executive Producer) talk about sunless basements, WesRave, plant monsters, and who they’d rather be stuck with aboard the USS Hephaestus. Read the full interview after the jump.

Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Materialize in Olin

“I like skin” – Overheard Prefrosh

undiesroth1The weather is warm, the prefrosh are touring, and everyone in Olin is half-naked. Or was half-naked, around noon on the final day of WesFest, because Undies in Olin is a beloved tradition. And we all like scaring prefrosh and their parents.

Just before the events began, people began seating themselves on the first floor and tried to contain their giggles. At 12:00pm on the dot, the stripping began, and soon the library was packed with people in bras and underwear. It was incredible. Wes, you are a gorgeous school.

The Man Behind the CFA (Emails): An Interview with Andy Chatfield

“I just turned 39 over the weekend and I’m already planning my 40th birthday party. Next year I’m going to cover all of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack with my friends.”

andy 1

special thanks to Isaac Butler-Brown ’17 for this special foto of us

A couple years ago, we started noticing swaths of event submissions from someone named Andy Chatfield. After we’d open our staff inbox and see 20 or 30 unread emails all from this one guy, he became sort of a running joke at staff meetings, known to us only as that dude who submits arts stuff several months in advance, often in large batches, and frequently not including event pictures.

Turns out, he’s the Press and Marketing Director for the CFA, and since we talked about him so much at staff meetings, we thought we should meet him. kitab and I sat down with him last week at Red and Black to talk about his jazz and 80s cover bands, his kid who likes dinosaurs, and the inner workings of the Center for the Arts.

Would Andy rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Does he think Wesleyan is really that weird? Read the full interview after the jump:

THESISPARTY 2016: Time to Get Drvnk!!

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It’s all over, and I’m soaked with Andre. All theses are now turned in as of 4PM, and we’re fucking stoked. The sun came out right as thesis writers and friends gathered on the steps of Olin. Thesis writers are probs making any excuse to drink, and after doing 9 sets of THESISCRAZY interviews we’re tryna as well tbh.

Adhering to tradition, seniors on the steps counted down until the 4PM deadline, supported by 100 or so other folks watching below. Bottles were popped, the fight song was sung, you wish you were there, Wes is lit.

Congrats to all the thesis writers! See some pics from the day’s festivities:

THESISCRAZY 2016 (Part 9): Welcome to the Afterlife

“So I imagine that day on the steps to be white-washed with the sun, and everybody that you ever cared about or loved, gathered, so it’d be like heaven, reuniting with your dead grandma kind of feeling. … Kind of, it’s like entry into the afterlife, the afterlife of Wesleyan.”

sheep and horseWelcome to the final installment of THESISCRAZY 2016, the series where we interview seniors who have spent a wild amount of time working on extremely specific topics. All of these interviews were conducted between March 31st and April 2nd, but aren’t getting posted until now, after theses are due, because I, hopefully unlike most thesis writers, left things to the very last minute. Let’s hope this is not an indication of how the thesis I may or may not write will play out. Check out read parts one through eight of this year’s installment here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. And THESISCRAZY archives are here. And be on the look out for pictures from the Olin steps soon!

THESISCRAZY 2016 (Part 8): The End Is Near (Like, Today)

“April 12th! Oh my God! I’m just going to crawl into a hole and sleep.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.55.11 AM

Welcome to part 8 of THESISCRAZY 2016, the series where we interview seniors who are losing their shit because their theses are due TODAY at 4PM (GASP). You already know the drill, but read parts one through seven of this year’s installment here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. And THESISCRAZY archives are here.


THESISCRAZY 2016 (Part 7): I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

 ”This morning I woke up and put toothpaste on the wrong side of my toothbrush, and continued brushing with that wrong side of the toothbrush.”


My my, this is our 7th THESISCRAZY 2016 feature (#RECORD). Here’s the gist y’all: Every year we interview humans who sometimes populate the (ethereal?) space of 4th floor Olin, writing theses and such. We ask thesis writers about poops and other things. Catch this part, this part, this part, this part, this part, and this part, and all the old ones from previous years.

Part 7, here we come. Prepare yeselves for top-spinning masters, incorrect toothbrushing, and the Lonely Island’s fave champagne:

What’s Going on With the Fight for a $15/Hour Minimum Wage at Wesleyan?

wage increase

Full disclosure: I’m a member of USLAC and one of the proponents of the resolution discussed in this feature.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the resolution that passed at Sunday night’s WSA meeting but probably not because the only WSA-related things we hear about are Argus controversies with its ~concise, catchy~ title, “Resolution to Raise the Minimum Wage for Wesleyan Students.” All jokes aside, that’s exactly what it aims to do. The resolution, proposed by a group of WSA members working with members of student groups United Student/Labor Action Coalition (USLAC) and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), seeks to address the issue of overworked students and their low wages.

THESISCRAZY 2016 (Part 6): Decapitated Remains

  Plans for April 12th: “I’m supposed to actually run a TA session that night, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”


Welcome back haha. This is Part 6 of THESISCRAZY 2016, our annual charade of entering small cubby-like rooms with lots of books and asking thesis writers cool questions about their cool theses. See parts 1 through 5 here, here, here, here, and here wooo! See our THESISCRAZY archives too.

Now, read about grave robberies, climate change, and syphilis: