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Classes (and Other Stuff) Will Resume on Wednesday, January 28th

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The announcement(at)wesleyan(dot)edu email address is here to ruin all of your snowy fun:

To the Wesleyan Community:

The University will be open tomorrow, and scheduled classes and events are expected to resume. It will be cold and windy, and we ask everyone to exercise extreme caution when outside on campus. Although the grounds crew is working to clear parking lots, snowy walkways may be difficult, so please wear appropriate shoes. A Middletown street parking ban may still be in effect; extra parking (and shuttle service) will be available at Long Lane.

Classes Officially Cancelled on January 27th Due to Shit Storm Juno

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.30.52 PM

UPDATE (1/27/15, 10:18AM): Welp, this storm was a total fucking letdown. In other news, here are some updates:

  • WesWings is slaying the game and opening its doors at 12pm today. We’ll keep you posted if they’re delayed (or you could just check their Twitter account periodically).
  • There’s a snowball fight happening today outside Olin at 2pm. Go frolic.
  • The ‘Dan is still planning on serving brunch from 10am-2pm and dinner from 5-8pm.

Dean Mike Whaley just sent out an all-campus email announcing that the university is closing starting tonight at 6pm through Wednesday morning. All classes are canceled for tomorrow. Other important info:

  • Usdan, Summies, Red & Black, and WesWings are open for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, only Usdan and WesWings are open – WesWings will be open regular hours, and Usdan will open for brunch 10am – 2pm and dinner 5 – 8pm. All the dining places will open for normal hours on Wednesday (so far, but who knows!?).
  • Libraries will open at noon tomorrow.
  • Freeman Athletic Center will be closed tomorrow.
  • There’s a winter parking ban, so don’t park on the street…park in your assigned lot or the Vine Street lot.
  • The Ride won’t be running tonight or tomorrow, so good luck getting to your Fountain parties from BuHo.

Dean Mike’s full email:

There’s a Blizzard Happening and We Don’t Know How to Deal


The first big snow of the school season happened on Saturday, and today we found out the snow thing is going to be a bigger deal than we thought. As we prepare for a “crippling and potentially historic” New England blizzard this week, students just kind of want to know 1) if classes are going to get cancelled and 2) if airwes can brave the storm. (Probably not/probably not?)

Who to Follow: @Summiesisreal


The newest Wesleyan-related Twitter joined the game on Friday, January 23: @summiesisreal. Who even knows who is behind this masterpiece, but it’s definitely at the top of the list of Twitter accounts I recommend you should follow this week. Even though this account was only conceived two days ago, it’s already shown itself to be pretty promising. Following @summiesisreal today will be the highlight of your Sunday evening. Just do it. Of the nearly 100 tweets from this account, I piled together a handful of the best tweets in case you need some extra convincing to give them a follow.

This is the first section of @summiesisreal tweets I want to present to you. I’ll call it the Fuck @Weswings section.

Spotted: Another Deer Head


Welcome back to Wesleyan: The place of the severed deer heads. Thanks to two anonymous tipsters and Ariane Turley ’15, it was verified that there was yet another deer head in the Exley area yesterday night. Where do they keep coming from!? What does it mean?

This deer head was in the crosswalk outside Exley on Church St in the same place the deer head from two years ago was in. And it was possibly a taxidermic head as well (the most recent deer head was not taxidermic). Though it’s not uncommon for deer hunters to dispose of carcasses inappropriately (in Wesleyan parking lots), the recurring taxidermic deer head on a stop sign just seems like a weird prank.

Ariane Turley ’15 answered some questions about the deer head:

What did you see?

I was walking home from Olin around 10 PM and in the crosswalk [between Exley and Olin] I saw a girl standing in the middle of the street taking photos of the stop sign, and I was like, ‘what is this girl doing, why is she just standing in the middle of the crosswalk?’ And then I crossed the street and I realized that she was taking photos of a deer head on the stop sign. And that was that. 

In Memory: Rex Bernstein ’15

Rex Bernstein ’15 passed away on Saturday, January 10.Rex Bernstein '15 A memorial service will be held this Sunday in Nyack, NY. Dean Mike Whaley sent out details on Tuesday in this email:

Rex’s family is planning a memorial service at the Nyack Center in Nyack, NY, for Sunday January 25th.  The service begins at Noon.

If you are interested in helping to plan a campus memorial for Rex,  please be in touch with The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life by contacting Rabbi David Teva and/or Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska. They can also be a source of support to you.

We will update this post as information about a campus memorial service becomes available.

From this obituary:

Rex was a big guy with a big heart, a big smile, a big laugh and a twinkle in his eye. Rex had a quick wit and a lot of opinions. He had the courage of his convictions. He loved and was loved by many: his parents, his sister Olive, his cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, his friends in Nyack, in the world of swimming, at Wesleyan, and the community of musicians around the world that watched him grow from a boy to a man. And his dog Gato.

To honor Rex’s deep love of animals, contributions can be made in his name to: Dapper Dog // Hopeful Tails Rescue, 37A Route 59, Nyack, NY 10960.

Lift Every Voice and Sing: MLK Jr. Day in Middletown


Prof. Lois Brown, Chair of Wesleyan’s AfAm Department, delivers the keynote speech

Today—January 19, 2015—I went to Saving Our Sons and Daughters Through Education, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Committee of Greater Middletown’s Annual Celebration. A fundraiser for their scholarship fund, the celebration was a medley of meditations on education, Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy of education, and what it means to be Black both in Middletown, CT and in the United States of America. Hosted in the First Church of Christ on Court Street, the ceremony featured many community members: dancers from the Cross Street AME Zion Church (the one behind Long Lane Farm); the youth choir from AME Zion; committee members of the MLK Scholarship; local politicians; and Wesleyan’s very own Professor Lois Brown, who gave the keynote address. There were two moving poems—one in particular by I’Keem McDaniel called “Mirrors,” encouraging self-reflection and betterment. I found the ceremony to be a wonderful mix of young and old voices—which I think drew the entire audience’s attention to questions of inter-generational interaction and education. What do we stand to learn? And why is it so important to think of education when we think of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy?

Winter Break at Wes and Food/Study/Exercise Hours

2015-01-07 16.30.02

2015-01-07 16.39.13

Nearly empty Winter Olin

What is winter break like at Wesleyan? Pretty quiet and peaceful (so far…I’ve only been here for three days). If you’re here for winter session, senior thesis work, winter sports, or just hanging, it’s pretty cool to have the main parts of campus mostly to yourself. There were probably only 10 students in Olin today, which means you have access to basically any chair or outlet you want. It’s also really fucking cold, though there’s not as much snow as in New York or Philly.

If you’re here, Usdan is your best on-campus dining option (Neon Deli is also open, as is Nardelli’s, and basically every other Middletown dining joint. Special shout out to Tschudin Chocolates, whose Chef just won the Food Network show Rewrapped). Usdan’s open with limited service for lunch and dinner until January 19th. If you purchased a meal plan for winter session, you can use your meals. Otherwise, you can use cash, Middletown cash, or credit card. Usdan resumes full dinner service on January 20th, which is also when Weshop opens. Red&Black and Weswings also re-open on January 20th. Full dining hours here

2014: A Very Wesleying Year In Review


Guys, here’s the deal. We’re all feeling really old again because 2014 is over now, and that’s what happens each time you celebrate another year having come and gone. But before we can settle into 2015, which a previous year tried to warn us about (????), it’s time for your annual Wesleying Year in Review. Frosh writers astag_rockyCaro, and Jackson put together the ten biggest moments on campus (#tbt style), links to relevant Wesleying posts that help you brush up on each of those topics, and lots of fun honorable mentions.

Some really weird, interesting, amazing, magical stuff happens at Wes, and this post serves to remind us to take those memories with us as we go forward. (Looking at you, “New Year, New Me” people.)

Now, a disclaimer: Not everything that happened this year is covered because even with help, frosh only get some of the things right some of the times. Feel free to leave your personal favorite/weirdest/coolest Wesleyan moments in the comment section. Also, note that the events that do get covered are not placed in any particular order of importance or severity.

Read after the jump to see who wore it best.

An Open Letter to Mayor Drew

To Dan Drew, the Mayor of Middletown:

photo by Jacob Seltzer '17

photo by Jacob Seltzer ’17

It has now been a week since forty of my classmates organized the Wesleyan Black Lives Matter March. This weekend, we found out that you are asking Wesleyan to pay $7,492.81 to the City of Middletown. According to the Hartford Courant, this money is needed to pay forty-six additional officers, who were asked to work that day to protect the demonstrators.

I’m a little concerned, Mayor Drew. I’m afraid that no one ever told you exactly what these protests were about. Perhaps it’s because while you were at the protests, you stood alone, away from the crowd, among several Middletown Police Officers. Was it hard to hear 300 or more voices chanting “Black Life Matters?” from your spot? Were you having trouble making out the phrase “What do we want? Justice? When do we want it? Now!”