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WesPress’ In the Language of My Captor among 2017 National Book Awards Finalists

The 2017 National Book Awards finalists list has come out and among the twenty finalists is Wesleyan University Press’ Shane McCrae with his book, In the Language of My Captor, which came out this past March. In The Language of My Captor is a captivating must-read new book of poetry, breaking down socialized and elitist conceptions of grammar and calling out the United States’ racial tensions through McCrae’s own childhood as a half-white, half-black boy. Borrowing sociohistorical and cultural references to blackness and mixed race relations  in U.S. history, the book forces readers into the discomfort of listening to themselves and their ancestors speak.

You can read the official press release from Wesleyan Univeristy Press after the jump:

Project No Red Zone

“The main goal of Project No Red Zone is to highlight and make-known to all students the resources available to survivors of sexual violence on campus.”

During lunch in Usdan for the past few weeks, folks from the WSA and others have been tabling about Project No Red Zone, an initiative that began last year as an effort to raise awareness about campus sexual assault and resources on campus to support survivors. The project also aims to help promote a culture of consent on campus.

In the Facebook event for Project No Red Zone, organizers of the event posted 8 action items that anyone on campus can do to help promote a culture of consent:

Things I Ate: Summies Salmon Burger

I was undoubtedly excited when I walked into Summies for the first time in my life.  It was a world of options, each one better than the next. But for me there was one that stuck out above all else: the Salmon Burger.

I personally love a good filet of salmon; the way each bite melts in your mouth, the superior flavor of this magical fish, and the feeling you get when this maritime candy leaves the fork and falls onto your tongue is coupled with little else in the world.

This might explain why the salmon burger looked so appealing. What could be better than mixing Poseidon’s wet dream with the gastronomic embodiment of the American dream?  My mouth watered as I handed my WesCard to the cashier.

“Meals please.”  My last words before I thought my world would be changed forever.

My AirDrop Was Set to “Everyone” and People in Usdan Kept Sending Me Shit

I was at lunch today enjoying some of Stephanie’s famous apple crisp and practicing some team chants with my friends (I am not, nor have I ever been on a sports team), when my phone vibrated.

Someone I didn’t know was trying to send me a photo on AirDrop. I don’t have a Mac, so I rarely use AirDrop. So apparently my phone was set to be seen by anyone else in the vicinity with an Apple device.

I ended up getting three images in total (see after the jump), and I was touched, oddly enough. Don’t get me wrong, AirDrop can turn into ripe ground for trolling, but these memes seemed ok to me, and I’m always grateful for unpredictable laughs.

Amazon Locker Appears Outside Bennet

A grey block of Amazon lockers appeared unexpectedly last night outside Bennet, and in an exciting turn of events WesStation lines got a little shorter.

The lockers don’t show up on Amazon as a shipping address yet and there isn’t much info about them. I was able to find out its name though: Helix. So that’s exciting.

If you’re curious about what Amazon lockers are they’re a place where you can pick up anything (of a reasonable size) you buy off Amazon. Sadly, Amazon does not offer any deals on shipping if you use it, so Helix’s only real usefulness will be the convenience of not having to walk to Usdan to pick up a package and not having to wait in the sometimes excessively long line at WesStation.

Michaelroths of Wesleyan

Michael roths of Wesleyan began as a photo editing project. The goal was to photoshop Michael Roth ’78 into a thousand situations. Somewhere along the way, I began to add total shitpost captions alongside these photographs.

I have been blessed with a beautiful campus and a beautiful array of Michaelroths. There are so many stories to be told from these images, and I’lll tell them all god dammit. My hope is that these stories touch your life in the same way they have touched mine. I think these images can change the world.

In Depth: Unity

If you were at the activities fair last week, you probably noticed that Wesleyan has an overwhelming amount of clubs groups to join. Because you don’t have the time (or enough room in your inbox) to sign up for everything you saw, our In-Depth Series profiles some of those student groups who may have slipped through those cracks. In this installation, I sat down with Isaac Klimasmith ’20, the leader of Unity. Unity is a space for queer Christians to meet and talk about their faith. Enjoy! 

Guest Post: In Remembrance of Alex Hartley ’10

“She was a fierce and loving friend to me and many others. She didn’t take shit but knew how to be silly. We all miss her so much already.”

Last week, we received some sad news about the passing of Alex Hartley ’10. We’re publishing some words of remembrance from Lena Solow ’12, who was a close friend of Alex. There will be a formal gathering to remember Alex in Boston on Saturday, October 7th from 1:30-3:30PM at the The Humanist Hub.

From Lena:

Text Wes Back: An Interview with Cade Leebron ’14

Wesleyan solicits donations from alumni year-round to support the many fundraising campaigns that keep Wesleyan afloat (but somehow still not need-blind…). Over the summer, I spoke with Cade Leebron ’14 about her own campaign for alumni to speak up about the many issues that students and alumni alike see at the school. She began Text Wes Back to collect actual responses that she and other alumni sent back when Wesleyan texted them to donate money to the school.

Read below the jump for the full interview.

Content warning: This interview discusses sexual assault.

The Thesis Carrel Gods Have Delivered Their Mandate!

There might be a little more than 95 thesis carrels, and there’s bound to be even more theses, so maybe my image choice was inappropriate for this post. However, I know that many of my fellow ’18ers have yet to make the trek to Olin to realize their fate in the yearly reaping regarding thesis carrel assignments, which is why I’m posting pictures of the carrel assignments on this blog.

Honestly, fuck the rest of this intro. Here’s who got a carrel and who’s on the waitlist: