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Frosh Open House

PSA from the Shapiro Creative Writing Center:

Hey frosh, come learn more the Shapiro Center, Wesleyan’s creative
writing hub! Shapiro offers readings, masters classes with
professional writers, workshops with peers, and a place to hold your
writing-related events. It’s also a 24 hour study space with blissful
air conditioning and an endless supply of free coffee and animal

Join us for some snacks to check out the Center and get card access to
an amazing space on campus!

Date: Thursday, September 10th
Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center (167 High Street)

May Tipbox Roundup


Over time, our Tipbox fills up with lots of random website recommendations, music from alumni and other miscellaneous things that we can’t always get to right away. But we promise, we hear you. As pre-finals procrastination sets in (and in preparation for our biennial Procrastination Destination series), we put together a post of some recent Tipbox submissions for you to check out and add to your list of things you’re doing instead of studying.

If you have inside knowledge, consider submitting us some tips!

Before I Die Cube


From Laura McIntyre ’17:

BEFORE I DIE is a public art project that will be at Wes Monday, 4/20-Friday, 4/24.

It involves a vertical surface set up outside, some chalk, and whoever is willing to write their thoughts, fears and ambitions on the structure.

At WES, we’ll have a cube, set up outside Usdan. Come participate. Tell us what you want to do before you die. Engage with everyone on campus in a totally new way: in public space, in anonymity, in word.

Date: Monday 4/20 to Friday 4/24
Place: Outside Usdan

Alternative Comedy Night


From Lauren Langer ’16: 

Calling all comedians, non-comedians, and students! Alternative Comedy Night is looking for performers and audience members!

Don’t do comedy but want to try it out? Do comedy and want to try something totally different? We’re looking to feature as many different art mediums as we can! Anything goes! The stranger the better! We’re hoping for some ventriloquism, poetry, singing, dancing, clowning, burping, comics… anything that is nontraditional and can make the audience uncross their arms.

If you’re interested in performing, email Lnlanger(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or Dmaseda(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with a short description of your act!

Facebook event page

Date: Wednesday, April 15th
Time: 10:00PM
Place: 200 Church

Wes Students & Alums #TakeThePledge in Clickhole Video

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 5.08.42 PM

Have you seen the latest viral video that’s sweeping the world? It’s even better than that one of the girl who is afraid of pickles, and certainly does more good for humanity.

I’m talking about the latest Clickhole video, called “Take the Pledge”. And it just so happens to feature a bunch of Wesleyan students and alumni, including Neo Sora ’14 as a pledge-taker from Japan named Taku.

This strong Wes presence is thanks to Will Feinstein ’13 who works for Clickhole and reached out to friends from Wesleyan, like Eric Lopez ’15 to help put the video together. Try to spot all the Wes folks, starting about 1 minute in.

And of course, remember to #TakeThePledge.

Computer Tricks for a New Semester


I spend a lot of time on my computer. From reading for class, writing essays, sending 832,593,019 emails a day, reading (and writing for) Wesleying, and of course all the dumb internet shenanigans I get into, it really adds up.

As I enter my senior spring I thought I would share the many tips and tricks I have discovered over the years that keep me (semi) sane on a day to day basis. Listed in order of “saving me from throwing my computer out the widow” to “allowing me to sleep in peace”, read them all after the jump and then start using them! I assure you life will never be the same. Also feel free to add your favorite computer hacks/apps in the comments!

From the Argives: “The Tally”

1959: “Conn College Girls Get The Whistles; Holyoke, The Dates; But Wellesley Chicks Get The Men”

These days, it’s not uncommon to take surveys about things like our use of campus spaces, our views regarding fossil fuel divestment, the quality of our academic courses, and other exciting and important topics.

In 1959, The Wesleyan Argus gave some Wesleyan students a very different kind of survey.

On Friday, October 23rd, 1959, the Argus’ front page shared the results of a questionnaire asking Wesleyan students (“Wesmen”) to rank women from other New England colleges on the basis of their beauty, personality, intelligence, desirability for blind dates, and potential to be wives. In their article, the writers explained their bizarre experiment:

With its usual interest in the cause of public enlightenment, the Argus recently offered Wesmen the opportunity to pass judgment on girls from five of the major New England colleges. The young lovelies were assessed via questionnaires on their looks, personality, intelligence, and desirability by 200 coldly calculating Wesleyan students.

And so, these students filled out the survey, sharing their “cold, calculating” judgments of the women of Connecticut College, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Vassar, and Wellesley. The results became front-page Argus news.

More after the jump:

Hormones of Wesleyan Meets Humans of New York


“I realize now that my parents are just regular people with flaws, and my dad is not a villain. He’s just an asshole.”

When Rachel K. ‘17 walked into a crowded Times Square subway station on January 18th, she thought her trip would be the continuation of a decidedly average day. Instead, Rachel met Brandon Stanton, founder of the photoblog Humans of New York. Rachel was soon featured on the page, where her post received over 250,000 likes. Her newfound Facebook celebrity caused such a stir that she was forced to change her name because of all the online attention she was receiving.

Rachel, who is a prominent stand-up comedian on campus (she opened for Chris Gethard last semester) and a member of the sketch comedy group LunchBox, is the creator of a popular mock-HONY page appropriately titled “Hormones of Wesleyan.”

astag_rocky sat down with Rachel for her first official Wesleying interview. Her last name was abbreviated to protect her privacy. 

There’s a Blizzard Happening and We Don’t Know How to Deal


The first big snow of the school season happened on Saturday, and today we found out the snow thing is going to be a bigger deal than we thought. As we prepare for a “crippling and potentially historic” New England blizzard this week, students just kind of want to know 1) if classes are going to get cancelled and 2) if airwes can brave the storm. (Probably not/probably not?)