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ThesisCrazy Part 6: 261 Pine Street Edition!!

The residents of 261 Pine lookin’ cute

After a short hiatus due to being crazy busy, we’re back with the final ThesisCrazy installment, and it’s a special one too!! This article features three of the residents of 261 Pine Street; we have Phie Jacobs ’22 sharing their ~pertinent~ novella on a fictional disease pandemic, Kevin Le ’22 reveals the mind of a poet, and our very own head editor maury, Margaret Fitch ’22 talks about hybridizing the personal and the academic in her thesis about music performance anxiety! Read on after the cut!

Interviews by soap and maury

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 5: Generally Bug Averse Cultures

Tashfia’s amazing healthcare pamphlet for the Bangladeshi community in NYC

Back again! Today we have Megan Levan ’22 talking about BUGS, and Tashfia Jilu ’22 calling attention to the need for better language interpretation in our health care system. Read on below!

P.S. Megan’s interview was done prior to the thesis deadline, and Tashfia’s was done after it

Interviews by saph and maury

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 4: Durham CT Is Closer Than You Think

The internet tells me that this building may be haunted

Hello hello! After a short break we’re back with more ThesisCrazy goodness! Today we have Ann Zhang ’22 discussing Shanghai’s Flatiron building, and Hannah Gearan ’22 sharing her process of making a documentary close to home. Also P.S. these interviews were done before the thesis deadline, so keep that in mind while reading. Keep going under the cut!!

Interviews by zoomy and saph.

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 3: Fuck Olin (The Guy, not the Library)

I don’t know if Bernays actually said this, but either way it’s a pretty baller quote

Today is the day!!!! Our long collective thesis journey is finally over. Fear not, we’ll have more ThesisCrazy interviews for you after the champagne flows, but today we have Anna Nguyen ‘22 writing a thesis inspired by the WSA and Irene Westfall ’22 discussing the attention-whore who invented PR. Read on after the cut, and I’ll see you on the Olin steps at 4:00!

Interviews by missweazy and Soap

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 2: Lesbian Communes

Thesis brought to you by Wii music

We’re back! Today we have Jules White ’22 talking about why weird novels are weird, Avi Friederich ‘22 reconnecting with his German heritage through the 12th Century Holy Roman Empire, and Maren Beriss ‘22 exploring queer utopias. Go on a journey with them under the cut!!

Interviews by zoomy, missweazy, and Soap

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 1: Fish Volcanos!??!

Loving the bottle of Listerine in Christina Lu ’22’s carrel

And so it begins! Welcome to the first installment of ThesisCrazy 2022! We’ve got a wonderful variety of thesis writers for you today: we have Ben Filio ’22 talking about his work with zebra finches and stretching data to its fullest, Emma Smith ’22 writing about representations of Latin American jungles and colonialist *hot takes,* and Christina Lu ’22 challenging the Chinese government’s idea of feminism. Read on under the cut!!

Interviews by missweazymaury, and zoomy

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: ThesisCrazy Time!

Hopefully this isn’t you right now 

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting longer, the weather is (sort of) getting warmer, and theses are almost due. In our annual Wesleying tradition, we want to hear about them! Seniors, come claim you 5 minutes of fame (in the form of a 10-15 minute interview) and tell us about your topic, your process, and the trials and tribulations that led to this point. And definitely tell us about your definitely-not-drunken plans for April 14th!

Fill out this form and a writer will reach out to you to set up an interview! And if you want a great way to procrastinate, look through the ThesisCrazy archives here, and see each year’s worth of interviews below: