Stouck ’15 Drops Brand Spanking New Album + Video

David Stouck ’15, otherwise known by his rap pseudonym Dae, has dropped a bilingual (English+Chinese) concept album based on the story of Jonah and the Whale. It’s called Inherited High and it’s available for download here.

While you are waiting for the album to download, check out this sweet video. And make sure to read more about the album below!!!

Stouck writes the following:

Inherited High is as much an auto-biography as it is a concept album. Based on the Story of Jonah and The Whale, the songs work together to expose the reality of my privileged experience attending private High School in Washington, D.C.

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Connecticut at Work Film Series presents “Since You Went Away”

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.26.43 PMFrom Emily Brown ’12:

On campus for the summer? Missing the Film Series? The Connecticut at Work Film Series will be screening this classic film about women on the homefront during World War II, starring Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, and a teenage Shirley Temple. The film will be introduced by Jeanine Basinger, chair of the Film Studies department and founder of the Wesleyan Cinema Archives. Come on out, escape the heat, and enjoy this beautiful 35mm print!

Date: Thursday, June 12
Time: 7-10 p.m.
Place: Center for Film Studies

More All-Gender Bathrooms to be in Effect by the Fall

2014-05-24 17.48.11

By the fall, Wesleyan will have a mix of new all-gender single-use and gendered multi-use bathrooms. After the trans* activism in the fall, when gendered bathroom signs were taken off most campus bathrooms, new all-gender bathroom signs popped up in many campus buildings (Exley, Usdan, North College, 41 Wyllys are the ones I noticed firsthand). By the end of this summer, “a new all-gender bathroom will be created on the ground floor of Olin, next to the existing men’s and women’s rooms,” according to University Librarian Pat Tully. “It is being created out of an existing custodial closet, which will be moved just down the hall.”

Physical Plant has gradually installed new bathroom signs across campus, and they committed to complete the installation before the end of the summer. Vice President for Student Affairs Dean Mike Whaley pledged to publish a list of the all-gender bathrooms online once the installations are done. According to him, “We actually have quite a lot of single-use all gender restrooms across campus, but awareness about where they are located needs to be better.”

On a related note, the fines paid by the trans* activists for taking down the original signs only represented a “tiny fraction of the total cost” of the new all-gender signs, according to Dean Whaley. And instead of paying fees, some of the activists worked to install the new signs. The gendered multi-use bathrooms will also have new signs that indicate where the location of the nearest all-gender bathroom is.

Below is the full memo by Dean Whaley and the WSA (originally drafted 11/20/13) outlining plans for de-gendering bathrooms and posting new all-gender signs. These plans should be completed by the end of the summer: 

Clinger Trailer


Film majors, take note! The summer after he graduated, Michael Steves ’13 brought a bunch of people down to Texas and shot his first-ever feature film. It’s an indie horror-comedy (starring Vincent Martella of Phineas & Ferb), and here is the trailer:

Wesleyan Commencement 2014 Liveblog


Welcome to the 2014 Commencement liveblog, in which Wesleying reports what is seen and heard during the graduation ceremony. Stay tuned for photos and live updates after the jump. You can view the live stream of the ceremony here, courtesy of IMS. Congrats Class of ’14! May you walk down Foss and up the podium in brazen, red glory to Korean drumming.  

Go for Perfect, Wes

Fare ye better. -- pyrotechnics

As I contemplate my impending graduation in a matter of hours, I find myself wondering what Wes will be in the next semester and beyond. What should Wes be?

Wesleyan is not a perfect place, and only our Admissions brochures pretend that that’s the case. We’ve got problems, big problems. We’ve got deep, meaty, institutional problems. We’ve got acrid, calcifying, traditional problems. We’ve got murky, messy, cultural problems. For the moment I’ll let you define precisely what those are–the point is, Wes is not a perfect place. We all spend days here unhappy, frustrated, hurt. And by and large, we try to change that.

That’s a long, lonely road, but a good one.

Wesleyan Creates New College of Integrative Sciences

On Wednesday, the Faculty voted overwhelmingly to approve a proposal for a new college, the College of Integrative Sciences (CIS), to join the College of Social Studies, College of Letters, College of the Environment, College of Film and the Moving Image, and the College of East Asian Studies. Students in CIS would have pursue a CIS Linked Major to complement an additional primary major in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM). According to the proposal, the new CIS aims to “offer Wesleyan students a curricular and research framework that enables new ways of thinking at the frontiers of science.” 

Good News! You Can Change Your Name, Starting Next Fall: An Interview with Dean Mike Whaley

Goober Cornelicious Perpindantia Obo Love III

Good news! Starting next Fall, students will be able to log a preferred name in their ePortfolios to appear on most University documents instead of the legal given name. I sat down with Dean Mike Whaley of Student Affairs some time ago to get the details:

pyrotechnics: If you could start off by describing what the project is?

Dean Mike Whaley: Yeah, so a number of years ago we had a student who, even prior to coming to Wesleyan, was very active on trans* issues, and when ze arrived on campus one of the requests was ‘can I change my name, so that not my legal name but rather my preferred name appears on class lists, email… everything but transcript and diploma.’ And at the time, we made that happen in an ad hoc way, but that got me and others thinking about… there are a number of students, trans* students, international students, even students from New Jersey who use their middle name instead of the first name, nicknames, [etc.]. So we’ve been thinking for quite a while now that it’d be really helpful to give people the option to record a preferred name, to store in the system a preferred name, and to have that name appear in most places. There are certain issues with diplomas and transcripts and having to have your legal name on those, but most of the business we conduct can make use of preferred names. At the time we talked to the Registrar’s Office about that; they had a very long list of things they were working on with ITS and so this was at the bottom, and last year… [laughs] I’ve kinda raised it every other year or so… and last year we got some traction on it. Folks said ‘yeah, we can accommodate this and make it happen.’ So that’s what we’re working on now. 

Where to Donate Your Stuff

WasteNot! Locations

If you’re moving out in the next few days and have a bunch of stuff you don’t need or want anymore, donate them to Waste Not! or to Goodwill so they’re not wasted. There’s a group of Waste Not! student volunteers sticking around this week just to collect your cool armchairs, lamps, printers, TVs, didgeridoo, etc.

The official Waste Not! collection will be on Monday, May 26 (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), but until then you can put your clothing and linens into Goodwill bins around campus. The locations of these bins are marked in green in the map above.

The locations of Monday’s Waste Not! sites are as follows (they’re different from what’s marked above), courtesy of Sustainability Intern Ari Lewenstein ’16 :