French Movie Night

MV5BMTYwNzU1NDgzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTc0NDc5._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_From Natacha Bielikoff, grad:

Come watch an awesome French movie, “La Nuit Américaine,” by François Truffaut. The movie will be in French but with English subtitles so everyone is welcome to join! Not a part of any French courses, just a French student trying to share her culture.

Date: Thursday, October 8
Time: 8 PM
Place: Fisk 414

Seasons to Your Health

weshealMaret Rossi ’18 writes:

Do you feel sad in the winter? Do you feel lively in the spring? Curious as to why you may be affected by the different seasons?

COME TO WesHEAL‘s very first workshop:

Seasons to Your Health: Traditional Chinese Medicine Outlook on How to Support Yourself in Each Season

Check it out on our Facebook page here.

Date: Friday, October 9
Time: 4:30-6:30PM
Place: WestCo Lounge

Hispanic Film Series – LA ISLA MINIMA (Marshlands)

Elijah Jimenez ’18 writes in:

The Spanish deep South, 1980. A series of brutal murders of adolescent
girls in a remote and forgotten town bring together two disparate
characters – both detectives in the homicide division – to investigate
the cases. With deep divisions in their ideology, detectives Juan and
Pedro must put aside their differences if they are to successfully
hunt down a killer who for years has terrorized a community in the
shadow of a general disregard for women rooted in a misogynistic
past. In Spanish with English subtitles.

La Isla Minima (Trailer)

Date: Thursday, October 8th
Time: 8:00 PM- 10:00 PM
Place: Goldsmith Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies

Music Department Colloquium: “Eroticism, Metaphor, and Music in South Indian Court Dance”

The CFA writes in about this part of the Navaratri Festival:

A talk and performance by Associate Professor of Dance Hari Krishnan and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music B. Balasubrahmaniyan as part of the 39th annual Navaratri Festival. The performance will be accompanied by Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music David Nelson on mridangam, and Fugan Dineen MA ’05, Ph.D.’15 on nattuvangam.

Date: Wednesday, October 7
Time: 4:15-5:45PM
Place: CFA Hall

Artful Lunch Series—Terttu Uibopuu

The CFA wants to have lunch with you:

One artwork, one speaker, fifteen minutes. Join the Friends of the Davison Art Center for presentations by Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Terttu Uibopuu about her favorite work in the Davison Art Center collection. Bring your bag lunch and enjoy coffee, homemade cookies, and conversation following the talk.

Date: Wednesday, October 7
Time: 12:10PM
Place: Davison Art Center, Alsop House Dining Room, 301 High Street, Middletown

More Speech, Please: Activism, Censorship, and Whose Voices Get Heard

photo by Jonas Powell '18

photo by Jonas Powell ’18

Every few months, it seems, another one of those articles surfaces about how political correctness or trigger warnings or “social justice” is ruining the country or the educational system or everything. Our own President Roth reminded us a few weeks ago that “there is no right not to be offended.” These arguments typically suggest that because a few of us are so fragile and oversensitive, everyone is losing: words are banned, jokes are less funny, debates about important issues are diluted or even curtailed.

While I’m really not concerned if racist jokes lose their appeal, I agree that we need more, not less, conversation. Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away, and indeed, often worsens them. If we can’t talk about the systems of oppression that plague our society–racism, heterosexism, misogyny, classism–we’re going to have a hard time dismantling them. Sometimes frustratingly, we have to be able to talk about these issues not only among our own identity and affinity groups, but with people whose ideas are vastly different from ours. So yes, I agree that trying to shut down conversations about sensitive topics is problematic. (Which is not the same, please note, as removing oneself from a conversation because of personal history or trauma.) More speech, please.

The thing is, though, the targets of these arguments–the oversensitive college student, the person who can’t take a joke, the “social justice warriors”–hardly ever seem to be asking for less speech. Perhaps there are exceptions, but I cannot think of a single anti-racist activist who wants people to stop talking about racism. When we ask that certain words not be used or that our histories be treated with understanding and respect, we are not questioning whether these conversations should happen, but how. To worry that such efforts are ruining free-spirited debate seems, to me, to be missing the point.

Audition for MEATHEAD

meatheadAmanda Li ’16 writes in:

COME AUDITION for MEATHEAD, a trippy/surreal thriller about a butcher without a conscience. We are looking to fill 4 speaking roles:

  • The Butcher: Any gender/18-50/lead. Ridden by debt and greed; will do anything for self-gain.
  • The Pawnbroker: Any gender/18-50. Enigmatic and unscrupulous; runs a business collecting questionable items of value.
  • The Female Loan Shark: Female/18-50. A debt collector involved with shadier criminal activities.
  • The Male Loan Shark: Male/18-30. Psychotically amused by violence.

Auditions will be held on Oct 7 & Oct 9 at 4:30pm-7:30pm in Usdan 136. No preparation necessary! Sides will be provided. Please contact Amanda (lli01[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) or Abbie (aneufeld[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) for any questions.

Date: Wednesday, October 7 AND Friday, October 9
Time: 4:30-7:30 PM
Place: Usdan 136
FB event