VIDEO: MRoth Appears On Fox News To Talk Sanctuary Campuses


I sometimes really wished I watched cable news. You know, among a life of reading, work, class, essays, and more at a Liberal University™, I feel like I somehow miss out on the rather illuminating shows on channels like Fox News. For anyone who might not know, Fox News is that one cable news channel that employs an anchor that declares that, you know, poverty isn’t all that bad because poor people have fridges. It is also the cable news channel that was founded and run by a sexual predator for 20 years. I am so checked out from the channel that I don’t notice when Evil Presidents of Liberal Universities™ are featured as guests (fodder for conservative viewers sitting on their couch in South Carolina eating spaghetti-o’s?).

Kai Labs: a for-credit class for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs!

kailabsMika Reyes ’17 writes in:

Kai Labs is a full-credit student forum for Spring 2017 open to all years of all backgrounds that focuses on the whole creation process of a tech product from start to finish for real clients, mimicking situations in the real world. The forum will result in a project that students can add to their professional portfolio in addition to getting references from the department or organization whose lives will be made easier by the product.

The forum will also bring in industry leaders from the technology world, both alumni and non-alumni, to share their expertise to the forum participants. The work in the Kai Labs student forum will require teamwork and collaboration among students, clients, and the course instructors. After this class, students should have a good feel for what it takes to work in the professional product development world.

Apply to the forum today! Applications due Wednesday, 11/23, 11:59PM

Deadline: TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 23 at 11:59PM

What’s Next: A Discussion About Student Activism


Monday night, students gathered in the DFC to attend What’s next: an open town hall about campus organizing, a discussion dedicated to discussing campus organizing and community action. The open town hall was organized by Jordan White ’19 and Kazumi Fish ’19. In the Facebook event description, the organizers said that the event was an intentional space for people new to campus organizing and others who have been involved in campus activism for longer to come together and learn from one another. Part of the description read:

Drawing on the impact of last month’s WhoRunsWes community meeting, we want to hold a similar space for people to vent and share their ideas about campus organizing and community action. We want to bring together those who have always done this work with those who wish to begin.

The description also listed clear goals of what the town hall hoped to accomplish:

Thanksgiving Break Dining Hours


HOLY SHIT break is here. I know Thanksgiving Break is a mixed bag for a variety of reasons. We all have different affinities and anxieties about our home-away-from-Wes, whatever and whoever constitutes that home.

But break is here after all. I think many of us can agree that we never thought this break would come. With endless campus turmoil and the living nightmare that is our president-elect and all of the fuckery that surrounds him, I really really just couldn’t wait to have 3 days off from class. For those of you staying on campus, endure the food shortage in the best way possible (GO TO WESHOP BEFORE TOMORROW AT 4), and maybe check out this Thankful Dinner that’s being hosted at Recess House on Thursday. If you’re vegan, please try cooking a Tofucken and let me know how it goes. Anyway, on to what you came here for:

President Roth Declares Wesleyan A Sanctuary Campus

“Through our alumni networks, we are also putting together legal resources for members of the Wesleyan community with questions concerning their immigration status.”


Last week, in solidarity with walk-outs around the country to demand college campuses declare themselves sanctuary campuses, over a hundred students walked out of class and gathered in Usdan to read a petition demanding that Wesleyan become a sanctuary campus. The petition garnered over 1300 signatures within just a few days. You can read more about what a sanctuary campus is and the recent efforts at Wesleyan here.

Several students who organized around the petition met with the Board of Trustees and President Roth this weekend to discuss the possibility of Wesleyan becoming a sanctuary campus. On Wednesday, President Roth said in a blog post (that was cited by CNN and Quartz) that he would be discussing the petition with the Trustees this weekend. Tonight, in another blog post entitled “Wesleyan University a Sanctuary Campus,” President Roth said that Wesleyan will be dedicating resources to provide legal support to undocumented students, and declaring that Wesleyan will not voluntarily assist federal officials in deportations.

ANGELS IN AMERICA: a reading, a benefit, a healing space

tumblr_static_angels-in-america-angels-in-america-2197644-1024-768May Treuhaft-Ali ’17 writes in:

In light of last week’s election, I am wondering how we find angels in the midst of corruption, fear, and greed. In the next four years and beyond, how can we use art to serve and empower people who might feel invisible and at risk in America?

Join the Wesleyan Refugee Project and me for an informal reading of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. All proceeds will go to Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, an organization that supports refugees in Connecticut. Suggested donation: $5, but give what you can. Come heal and celebrate love with us.

“The Great Work Begins.”

Date: Monday, November 21
Time: 8PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

Yoga and Meditation Workshop

turkey-260x300Sonia Max ’17 writes in about a FREE yoga workshop:

In the spirit of thanksgiving, let’s come together for an hour of free yoga, meditation and a bit of journaling.

We’d love to end with tea and cookies. Please bring a mug if you can! IF YOU HAVE A MAT, PLEASE BRING IT :) but we will also have some!

Date: Sunday, November 20
Time: 3:45-5PM
Place: “the lovely Allbritton 311”


Register for Winter Session!


Don’t miss this deadline:

Winter Session registration is open, and several classes are nearing capacity – so don’t wait to register. Courses are posted online here. The registration form is in the Winter Session bucket in portfolio. Requests for January housing and dining are in there too; deadline to register for housing and dining is noon on December 6.

Questions? Email winter[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or call 860-685-2005.

Deadline: Noon on Tuesday, December 6

Common Moment for an Uncommon Time

commonProfessor Katja Kolcio writes in:

Connecting body, spirit and well being.

DAC COURTYARD in the CFA, 4-4:30PM today, Friday, November 18.

As our diverse campus community in a multitude of ways processes the election results, we wanted to offer students, faculty and staff an opportunity to come together for contemplation and healing. We intend to share embodied and mindful practices from the worlds of movement, dance and music. All are welcome.

A communal gathering to help heal the earth, the country, ourselves, and to reaffirm our commitment to care for one another and to care for our community. Simple movement and music will be shared by Rabbi David Teva, and Greg Besek from the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and Katja Kolcio, Dance.

We’ve issued invitations to the entire community of students, faculty, and staff. We urge as many people or our campus community as possible to come and to be together. Please share this invitation with friends.

Time: 4-4:30 (IN 45 MINUTES)
Place: Davison Art Center Courtyard