Tell the Trustees All the Things You Care About

Most of this is recycled from my old post Guess who came to the good-ol’ M-Town right before Spring break? If you guessed your hallmate’s mom (because like, let’s be real, your hallmate needs an intervention), then you are very close. This weekend,  a rather eclectic (lol) bunch of folks arrived on campus via sky […]

The Trustees Are Coming!!!

Guess who’s coming to the good-ol’ M-Town right before Thanksgiving break? If you guessed your hallmate’s mom (because like, let’s be real, your hallmate needs an intervention), then you are very close. This weekend, there is a rather eclectic (lol) bunch of folks arriving to campus via sky dive (I wish). The Board of Trustees is […]

Wesleyingiversary: pyrotechnics talks Post-Wesleying

“It’s a project I very much want to get back to, and I keep committing to doing so and then life happens at me again. I’m really hoping that I’ll have time to get it off the ground by the end of the year.” Content warning: This article discusses issues of sexual assault. Community and official support resources […]

Wesleyingiversary: On the Third Year, Our Dear Leader Returns

“I’m a…professional…media…person…asshole. I don’t know.” This is part of our series of Wesleyingiversary interviews. You can find the rest here. A core element of any Wesleying lore is talk of Our Former Dear Leader Zach. It has been three years since he last graced our presence. And now he rises from retirement to do this […]

Why Hasn’t Wesleyan Rescinded Bill Cosby’s 1987 Honorary Doctorate?

Content warning: This article discusses allegations of sexual assault. Community and official support resources can be accessed here, here, and here. Conversations and actions regarding sexual assault at Wesleyan are nothing new. Hookup culture at this University has extensively been written about on Wesleying and elsewhere. Wesleyan was featured in Kirby Dick’s The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary about […]

Endowment 101 and Continuing the Conversation on Divestment

So what is the deal with our endowment? Here’s some basics. As of June, our endowment rests at around $840 million. See this most recent endowment report. University endowments are accumulations of various assets that work to serve as “perpetual capital.” The yearly returns on these assets and investments, ideally, would cover all operating costs for […]

DKE Sues University over Gender Discrimination

This afternoon, the Argus broke the story that the Wesleyan chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon is planning to sue the university for discrimination and deceptive practices. The suit, brought by DKE in collaboration with their alumni chapter, the Kent Literary Club, and two Wes sophomores, details DKE’s interactions with the university since the co-education decision of […]

2014: A Very Wesleying Year In Review

Guys, here’s the deal. We’re all feeling really old again because 2014 is over now, and that’s what happens each time you celebrate another year having come and gone. But before we can settle into 2015, which a previous year tried to warn us about (????), it’s time for your annual Wesleying Year in Review. […]

So Apparently Wesleyan is “Economically Diverse”

Please put your iPhone back in your Patagonia sweatshirt pocket for a second. Apparently it’s time to rethink the idea that the Wesleyan student body is entirely made up of students from upper-class families, at least according to new data from the New York Times. In conjunction with an article on colleges recruiting from an […]

Unofficial Orientation Series ’14: Rage Update

(Image: Catherine Avalone, The Middletown Press) You’ve now arrived on campus, and we hope that you find your time here enriching and transformative. In that hope, we feel that it would be ill-advised to allow you to not have at least a foundational understanding of the things that have forced us as a community into dialogue, […]