From The Argives: “Anna Mendes, You’ve Got Mail”

“Please, pick up your mail Anna, you’re missing so many great events.” On Monday, our investigative report on the new WesBox squeeze (in short, a number of students are now sharing mailboxes but were never informed—oops) touched off a controversy in the comments. For some, it’s a basic privacy issue. “A lot of sensitive things […]

An Editorial: “Campus Editors for Need-Blind”

Last week, members of Wesleying and The Argus’s editorial staffs collaborated on a joint editorial regarding the whole need-blind thing. The piece appeared in Friday’s Argus, and while it’s not quite as poetic as Martin Benjamin ’57’s latest (which uses the phrase “fat-fannied corps of social engineers” and refers to President Roth as “Mike the […]

Venus Viewing @ Van Vleck = Vivacious Visual Vacation

If you’re on campus this dismal Tuesday afternoon and want to sight some Venus Transit Authority before it’s too late (according to EarthSky, the next transit of Venus won’t occur until 2117—that’s past even Martin Benjamin ’57’s lifespan), head over to VanWyngarden Vleck Observatory right now for some good old-fashioned staring into space. According to […]

Now Playing at the Tent Party Pregame: Adrien & William’s “Ain’t Tryna Say Good Night”

“POP MUUUUSIC!” – Henry Molofsky ’13 “Ain’t Tryna Say Good Night” is a weirdly appropriate title for a music video released this weekend, both personally, since yesterday/today I stayed up all night (to make friends for life!), and for the campus community at large–seniors whose Commencement into the world at large is just one last drug-addled […]

Welcome to R&C Weekend!

It’s Friday, and that means that Reunion & Commencement Weekend is finally underway. The full schedule of events can be found here, but the bulk of the readers of this blog are not reun-ing. Here are some of the highlights of that schedule for current students and soon-to-be graduates. 

Submit a Wespeak!

Abby Francis ’14 writes in, attaches highly questionable picture to sound out her message: Submit a WesSpeak! Got something to say? Say it in the Argus! FO’ FREE! Rants, letters, notices, and all kinds of messages are welcome. If you want to say it, why not ‘Speak it? P.S. $100 to the first student to […]

Last Chance to Submit Wespeaks

From A. R. Gus ’68: Are you there, Martin Benjamin? It’s me, Argus. Tomorrow is your last chance of the semester to submit Wespeaks! Air your grievances via the Argus website (there’s a link on the right side of the page) or just e-mail argus(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with “WESPEAK” in the subject line. In other exciting Argus-related […]

A Brief History of Wesnowpocalypses

Did I use enough awful pun clichés in the title? Are you sure? There’s been some disagreement lately, on the newly Frankless ACB and elsewhere, regarding last week’s snow day—specifically, whether it was a Very Big Deal, or just kind of a big deal. When did we last get this much snow? And when the […]

WesComplaints Roundup: Week One

WesComplaints—Wesleyan’s bitchiest student forum (excepting, perhaps, Martin Benjamin ’57 Wespeaks and anonymous Wesleying comments)—has officially been in business a week, ever since A-Batte dropped a link to Smithies’ Complaints and a fast-acting Wes tumblrer (is this a noun yet?) followed suit. Here are the Top Ten WesComplaints from its first week online. I expect tomorrow’s […]