Need-Blind Forum with President Roth [Liveblog]

Postscript: Thank you for coming to Wesleying’s first ever forum! The turnout was so big it spilled into the hallway. Click past the jump for photo and liveblog coverage, and stay tuned for full video footage. Wesleying’s need-blind forum with President Roth is happening. This will be live-streamed and live-blogged. WATCH THE LIVE STREAM HERE. […]

Need-Blind Action @ Board of Trustees Meeting Tomorrow

From the activist folks you love/hate/ignore (or love to hate, hate to ignore, and ignore to love?): The Board of Trustees is on campus this weekend, and their Executive Session is tomorrow (Sunday). Following an open community meeting this evening, we have decided to gather outside Usdan tomorrow at 12:00 PM to communicate to the Board that Need-Blind […]

Tonight: “Urgent, All-Hands on Deck” Meeting for Need-Blind

Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees is on campus this weekend for the first time since May, when they first voted to scale back need-blind. Wesleying has received word of an urgent organization meeting happening in Usdan tonight—not to be confused with our upcoming forum with President Roth, which is set for Monday: Dear friends, The Board […]

Wesleying To Host Need-Blind Forum with President Roth

Can’t make the forum? Email us your questions for Roth: staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. If the Wesleying coverage, Argus editorials, WSA moves, and general campus discourse come to anything, it’s this: the debate surrounding Wesleyan’s decision to scale back need-blind is among the fiercest in recent memory. Wesward, the online organizational hub, has even compiled a page of […]

Support Need-Blind On Your Way To Pi

A message from Need-Blind Dumbledore’s Army Direct Action : Are you looking for a quick and easy way to contribute to the Need-Blind campaign? Do you have hands? Then come to the Exley lobby Friday at 2:30pm to help turn 12 yards of felt into 2,800 red squares raising awareness about Need-Blind! You can stay […]

“Who Would Be Here”: Need-Blind Gets a Video

YouTube clip inspired by 2011 “I Have Sex” video, filmed for a SOC assignment.  Because it’s 2012, and the ongoing string of editorials and banner drops isn’t enough, the movement to preserve need-blind now has an aspiring viral video spot: “Who Would Be Here.” Filmed by Samantha Maldonado ’13 and Katya Botwinick ’13 as a […]

An Editorial: “Campus Editors for Need-Blind”

Last week, members of Wesleying and The Argus’s editorial staffs collaborated on a joint editorial regarding the whole need-blind thing. The piece appeared in Friday’s Argus, and while it’s not quite as poetic as Martin Benjamin ’57’s latest (which uses the phrase “fat-fannied corps of social engineers” and refers to President Roth as “Mike the […]