MoCon: The Prequel

“A college should always be stable, but never standing still.” —James L. McConaughy, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. In the beginning, it wasn’t called MoCon. It wasn’t even called McConaughy Hall. No, when that giant spaceship-shaped monstrosity dining hall first opened its doors in September 1962, it was simply known as the “Freshman Dining Hall.” And […]

Andrew Breitbart Disses Wesleyan at Tea Party Convention

Did you hear the one about the angry conservative lashing out at Wesleyan with silly, decades-old caricatures? No, not Martin Benjamin—this time it’s commentator Andrew Breitbart, best known as editor of the Drudge Report and contributor to the Washington Times. In his keynote address to the First National Tea Party Convention this week, Breitbart unleashes […]

We just made another friend

Ed McKeon (Hartford radio-show dude– see previous post) has a few questions for Wesleyan Students. Mostly sarcastic, mostly not funny. They include: I’ve seen notices posted for establishing an SDS chapter on campus. Is there a big anti-war, anti-Bush movement on campus? Where do students listen to live music, or, do students listen to live […]

Healthcare for Adjuncts

It seems at Wesleyan the only time anyone really cares about a professor’s tenure status is during evaluations. “Does he have tenure?” “Yeah.” “Oh, then fuck this.” And the student crumples up the evaluation and leaves. Well, the problem is when professors aren’t even in the running for tenure. Visiting professors and adjuncts are not […]

The 48 Hour Magazine has arrived

As if to console us for the unseasonal snow falling from the sky like a diffuse, wet insult, things have converged such that today also marks the arrival on campus of the brand new MAPS-themed 48 Hour Magazine. You can pick up a free copy in Usdan, Exley, Olin, Pi, the COL Library, the Art […]

Alums Circulate Petition in Solidarity With Trans* Activists

In mere hours three students will go before the SJB in a highly controversial hearing on their alleged participation in a political campaign. Alums have sprung into action, drafting a letter in solidarity with the defendants and quickly securing an impressive range of signatories. At the time of this post, more than 211 alumnae from […]

Highlights from the WSA Write-Ins

First, a disclaimer. The results from this year’s WSA Winter At-Large Election are not nearly as exciting as those from last year, when, in addition to Giant Joint’s victory, Wesleying’s A-Batte unexpectedly won a spot on the Assembly as a write-in candidate (he took his seat and served honorably before resigning at the close of […]

Spring 2010 Write-In Roundup

Howdy there, readers. Though the winners of the WSA Spring 2010 elections have just been posted, I’m sure most of you know, as I do, that those “results” are totally a part of the SYSTEM, man. Instead of letting the CONFORMISTS herd us around like NOT-VERY-INDIE SHEEP, Wesleying once again gives you a roundup of the […]