Procrastination Destination: Bad HTML Websites

My frosh year I was an overachiever and wrote two Procrastination Destination posts. According to the intro blurb of the first, I was, apparently, stressed about a government paper, which I just dug out of my files and turns out to have been about measured optimism re: a peaceful world. Now I am a jaded […]

Procrastination Destination: My Letter to Queen Elizabeth II

Hello, sweet student. Are you here to find some motivating blog post to make sure you’re studying for finals? Too bad, looks like you’re getting sucked into *~Procrastination Destination*~. We’re here for you while you don’t study for your exams, because we’re not studying for them either. Sit back, relax, and watch your GPA plummet as you spend your […]

Procrastination Destination: Tall, Dark, and Scary (But Mostly Tall)

I am hyped up, off-campus, riding on the coattails of Friday the 13th… yet, somehow, I find myself typing on Wesleying just to guide you in procrastinating both finals and packing to gtfo campus. To help you in your quest for distraction, I leave you with the following top three most popular Alternate Reality Youtube Series following one […]

Procrastination Destination: Bar Mitzvah Throwback Tunes

I know this is a pretty big claim but throwback Bar Mitzvah-esque tunes might just be my favorite thing in all of cyberspace. For all of you who didn’t have the experience that is a Jewish coming of age ceremony, simply imagine a crowd of pre-pubescent tweens, shitfaced middle aged Jewish professionals, and your grandparents […]

Procrastination Destination: Marble Sports

Finals have begun, you don’t know how much caffeine you’ve had but you’re permanently vaguely nauseous, all your wescam correspondence is happening between 2 and 5AM, and–for some reason–panic hasn’t set in yet. What better time, then, to watch videos of inanimate objects participating in “sport”? I somehow know the Kentucky Derby happened this weekend, […]

Procrastination Destination: Punk Animal Comics

It’s the last day of reading week (“week”) and you’re probably screwed. If you’ve been day drinking, messing around, and generally making terrible choices, AND you want to see your life paralleled by a bunch of small foul-mouthed mammals, check out Lauren Monger’s Clementine Comix, now featured in a VICE column. Read on for some […]

Procrastination Destination: Kikaida

I write this from my desk, eating the 1.3-pound bag of candy I bought from Weshop yesterday, wishing it were easier to be a real person. But let me tell you about this fucking television show. If I had to explain it in one sentence, Kikaida is about an android who was built to fight […]