Submissions Policy

How to contact us
Send all tips/queries/communications to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org, with the subject of your email in the email subject header. This is the fastest and most efficient way to reach us.

Per order of management
We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length, language, and formatting.

No guarantee of posting
We try hard to post all relevant submissions, but due to a high submission volume, we can’t guarantee it. The earlier you send something, the more likely it is to be posted. Send us something the day before an event and it might not be posted. Send us several events two months in advance and we’ll probably just be irritated. Contrarily, if you send us something during an off period (i.e. summer), we might not see it as inboxes are not checked regularly. Sorry!

Send it and forget it
Send your submission once, and only once. Flooding our inbox does not make us more likely to post your announcement.

Keep it simple
Text or HTML is expected; no Word documents or PDFs, please. Helpful links and relevant images are encouraged.

Keep it concise
Please limit all submissions to 120 words.

One-time only
We do not post announcements or events more than once. If you send us your submission far ahead of time, please specify when you’d like us to publish it.

Events and auditions
Please use this form to submit events: Event Submission Form

Jobs and Internships
Only on-campus work opportunities will be posted on Wesleying. If you’d like to recruit Wesleyan students for off-campus jobs or internships, please email recruiting[at]wesleyan[dot]edu to have it posted on MyCC.

Identity politics
We usually credit the sender of a submission. If you’d prefer to remain nameless, please say so.