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Eclectic Approved for Program Housing

After a year of being on probation for failing the URLC housing assessment and then publishing a troubling application, Eclectic Society will be returning to 200 High Street for the 2018-2019 year. Just after we all returned after being away for winter break, Fran Koerting sent an email notifying us that the Residential Life Committee decided that Eclectic will be regaining its program house status:

LIVEBLOG: Eclectic Community Forum

We’re liveblogging tonight’s Eclectic Community Forum so that those who can’t attend know what’s being discussed in the meeting. Eclectic is reapplying for program housing status on Campus. Tonight’s forum will be co-hosted by the Undergraduate Residential Live Committee (URLC) and Eclectic members. Eclectic members will give a presentation and then the forum will be opened to the greater Wesleyan community.