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WesDems suggest voting Dem in CT

Wesleyan University Democrats has asked that we post the following election-related message:

The Wesleyan Democrats suggest you vote Democrat on Tuesday. The Democratic candidates and issues on the local ballot will be:

Candidate for Congressional Representative ROSA DELAURO is a member of the House of Representatives since 1991, endorses Universal Healthcare, and is a member of the Labor-Health, Human Services-Education as well as chair of the Agriculture subcommittee.

Candidate for State Senator, PAUL DOYLE has represented Middletown in the State Senate since 2006, has introduced legislation that is pro-environment and is tough against hate crimes. He is also the Chair of the Aging Committee, and the Assistant Majority Whip.

Candidate for State Representative, JOSEPH SERRA has been Middletown’s State Representative since 1992, has a strong voting record for gun control and pro-environmental issues, is Chair of the Select Committee on Aging and serves on the Legislature’s Judiciary and Transportation Committees.

Candidate for Registrar of Voters, SANDRA FARACI is the incumbent registrar.

Should there be a Constitutional Convention to amend Connecticut’s Constitution? NO because right-wing lobbyists will use the convention to ban gay marriage, outlaw abortion, and weaken environmental regulations and workers’ rights.

Should the State Constitution be amended to allow 18 year olds to vote in primaries?
YES because young people’s voices deserve to be heard.

Have fun tomorrow, guys. This should be an interesting day.

Who needs an election when you have football?

I’m sure at least some people here–and hopefully more than the three or so who know the significance of “Iverson for Billups“–are aware of the “Redskins Rule.” That is, every year since 1936, the Washington Redskins’ final home game before a presidential election has predicted the outcome of the race, with the exception of 2004. If the Redskins win, the incumbent party wins the election; if they lose, the opposing party wins.

So what’s the story this year? The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the ‘Skins 23-6 Monday night to remain one game ahead of the (clearly superior) Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North. Washington was simply dominated, and one can only hope the same will happen to the master of straight talk tonight. Notably, the Redskins’ last home game on the eve of an election came in 1984–and we all know what happened that year.

Top Election News Sites


I’m having anxiety about The Election. Tomorrow’s the day, and I’m refreshing a slew of political blogs and quick news sites constantly. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sources and sites with y’all too.

  1. FiveThirtyEight. This site is my all time favorite for election statistics. It’s run by a couple of smart statisticians and they know their stuff. They interpret all the polling data and give odds for an Obama victory, which is currently 98.1 percent.
  2. Realclearpolitics. This is great for news article compilations, but their projection math isn’t as accurate as fivethirtyeight.
  3. Pollster. Another good projection website. Popularly cited by CNN and Fox.
  4. After these three, I either go to Politico or I head over to the more conventional news sources, like NYTimes, or AP news (via Google news).
  5. Spend 10 minutes doing real work, think about Nov 4, and go back to #1.

So there you have it. Find out about things before your friends. CNN and NBC should have up to date news feeds on their sites too.

Poll closing times

Curious as to when the polls close in the battlegrounds? Wonder no more. Presenting Wesleying’s handy-dandy poll closing time map:

I realize some of the lighter colors on the west coast may be difficult to read, so I labeled those states individually with their closing times. Still, this should help.

[EDIT: I didn’t think to mention this earlier, but yes, all times listed are EST. Sorry if that caused any confusion. -Ben, 8:43]

Roth in HuffPost: Roth Praises Wesleyan Students’ Activism

Michael Roth wrote his third column for the Huffington Post this past Friday. In the blog, Roth praises Wes students’ activism this election season.

In these last days before the election, many thousands of college students across the country are heading off-campus to work for candidates who they think will make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their fellow-citizens. […]

Barack Obama has generated enormous excitement among young people across the country. As adolescent cynicism has given way to a deep hope for change, students are expressing their faith in the electoral system in the old fashioned way: they are participating in it. On my own campus, Wesleyan University, this engagement in electoral politics has energized student and faculty life in powerful ways. Wesleyan has long been known as a progressive school in which students often express strong views about the importance of social justice. When Senator Obama gave the Commencement Address in the spring, he lit up the campus with his energy and gravitas, with his commitment to public service and with his call to students to take responsibility for the public sphere. […]

At Wesleyan I often say that education isn’t about watching other people do the research, it’s about doing that work oneself. This election cycle is a key part of our students’ political education because they aren’t spectators. They are taking responsibility for the work of politics themselves. This is good for their education – and for our future.

Wesleyan currently boasts 13 pages of hits on the site, while Amherst only has 9. Go Wes!

Huffington Post: Participation as Education

Election Night Extravaganza at Usdan

The creatively-named Election Night Extravaganza, hosted by the administrators of Usdan, the WSA, UCAB, and Bon Appétit, will be happening tomorrow night.

Swing by Usdan starting at 7:00 PM and you’ll find three “giant-screen” TVs, along with several less-than-giant-screen TVs, tuned to the various news networks. Watch the votes (for Obama, for McCain) roll in and indulge in free food, hot chocolate, and hot cider. Bon Appétit will also present a special Late Night menu for the event.

Asst. Professor of Government and blogger Elvin Lim will also be giving a talk about the election, at Usdan, at around 10:00 PM.

You Can Vote If You’re Still Not Registered

By now, I hope all of you who can vote are already registered, but on the off chance that you’ve somehow neglected to:
If you are not yet registered to vote in Connecticut and you are not voting absentee, you can still vote for president in person at the Town Clerk’s office!

If you are already registered to vote in Connecticut, you must vote at the Senior Center on William St, just past Broad Street Books.

You may not participate in Connecticut same-day registration if you have already mailed an absentee ballot to another state.

By listing Wesleyan as their address, Wesleyan students can vote for president in Middletown even if they are not yet registered to vote in the state.

Although Connecticut’s official voter registration deadline expired last Tuesday, the state allows same-day registration during presidential races. By choosing to participate, you will be allowed to vote in the presidential race, although you will not be permitted to vote in the down-ticket elections (Congress, State Senate, State House, etc).

To participate in same-day registration, DO NOT GO TO THE POLLING PLACE ON WILLIAM ST. Instead, you will vote at the TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE, 6am-8pm. This does not apply if you are already registered to vote in Connecticut or if you are voting absentee in another state.

The Town Clerk’s Office is located on the 1st Floor of the Municipal Building at 245 deKoven Drive. The building looks like a school and is located on the other side of Main Street, across from the courthouse on Court Street.

Please contact the Middletown Registrar of Voters at (860) 344-3485, -3518, -3486, or -3517 if you have any questions.

[Edit by Mad, 11/4 8:18 am]
Owen Bennion ’09 sends in the following important additional note:

Please make note that Wesleyan students must provide some sort of proof of a physical Middletown address (phone bill, utility bill, magazine, etc.) in order to vote as a Middletown resident. Wesleyan PO boxes do not count! Since most students only receive mail at their PO box, four years ago the admissions office was willing to provide letters of address confirmation. This seems to be the best option, especially for students living in dorms.

The most important endorsements of all

Sure, much has been made of Barack Obama’s impressive list of major newspaper endorsements, including the Anchorage Daily News, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, and Providence Journal, all of which endorsed George Bush back in ’04. But the Big O also leads McCain 63-1 in an even more important category: college newspaper endorsements.

In addition to a sweep of the five NESCAC papers that have endorsed a candidate–Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Tufts–and the obvious ones such as U. of Illinois and Penn, Obama has racked up endorsements from some unlikely sources, including Davidson, Duke, Northwestern, Indiana U., West Virginia U., and the Universities of Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and even Arizona. Ole Miss’s (U. of Mississippi) Daily Mississippian is the lone holdout in the wave.

Forget about being up just one point in your own home state. Failing to win the endorsement of its flagship university is truly a crusher. Maybe instead of blabbering about how no one will delay the World Series when he’s president, Johnny Mac should’ve promised voters no one would screw over ‘Cats basketball if he’s in charge.

Editor & Publisher: BMOC: College Papers Back Obama, 63 to 1