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Top Ten 2010: Wesleying’s Greatest Hits

A week past 2010, I find myself reflecting on the year in Wesleying—the highlights, the controversies, the comment explosions, and, especially, the moments that make this crazy blog more than just a bulletin board for your events. So, in the spirit of rampant year-end top ten list mania (and only slightly tardy—we’ve been, like, away and shit, you know), we’ve consulted as a staff to try and round-up some of our most excellent contributions to the college blogosphere in 2010. The list is by no means exhaustive (yes, I’ve purposefully glossed over some gratuitous bits of controversy; yes, I’ve probably forgotten something important enough for you to go all “Grrrr!” anonymous-style in the comments), but here’s a sorta chronological, 100% homegrown roundup of Wesleying highlights from the vault, 2010 edition. Enjoy, and thanks for the support. Without you, we’d get less 503 errors be nothing.