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Goodbye, 2013!

And so we bid adieu to 2013! What a year it was!

The Wesleyan YouTube channel finally stepped up its game, giving us great views of Wes at night and an inside look at the typical Wesleyan student.

We also learned how to do the Michael Roth and got dark words of wisdom from Joss Whedon

And if that wasn’t enough, you can waste your last remaining moments of 2013 watching some ‘year in review’ videos from around the Interwebs:

But wait. Let’s not put a diaper on Baby New Year just yet. Are we really celebrating the end of another year? It might just be me, but it seems like time is moving progressively faster and faster as I get older. So, like I always do, I’ve consulted the Almighty Google for answers.

2013: A Very Wesleying Year in Review


For those of you who Wesleying’d last year and saw our 2012 Year in Review post, brace yourselves: the 2013 Wesleying Year in Review is here. So, how does our Buzzfeed-esque list of all things Wesleyan work? In here, you’ll find the top ten biggest moments to hit campus during the 2013 year, along with a bunch of honorable mentions. For each point, we provide numerous links to Wesleying articles so you can become schooled if you missed anything during the year.

The big takeaway from this post is to remember that these issues are forever ongoing; just because something happened at the beginning of 2013 doesn’t make it any less important now that 2014 is upon us. We have a ton of bizarre, interesting, obnoxious, awesome, and freaky things happen on this campus, and it’s crucial to keep the institutional memory alive.

My usual disclaimer: Obviously, I didn’t get to everything. So instead of leaving us a snarky comment saying that we’re a bunch of  Internet-addicted hillbillies, feel free to leave your other big Wesleyan moments in the comments section.

In addition, these events are in no particular order of importance, severity, seriousness, or enormity. The order is seriously random.

Read after the jump to see what Wes events made the list!

Senior Events To Make Sober Comeback During Senior Week

After more than a month to reflect on February’s Senior Cocktails fallout, the Senior Class Officers have formally announced what some have already suspected: reports of the death of Senior Cocks have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the events planned for Senior Week—an Outing Day and a Semi-Formal—are still on. From my inbox:

After working with the administration over the past weeks, we are pleased to announce that the events originally scheduled for Senior Week—Outing Day and Semi-Formal—will continue to be held on Tuesday, May 21 and Thursday, May 23 respectively. We are excited that our class will still have these opportunities to bond as a whole in an off-campus setting, and we look forward to planning them so that they are successful and enjoyable for all.

But there’s a twist. Come on, you can figure it out: 

Apply to be the Senior Speaker

Not pictured: Joss Whedon '87, you

Not pictured: Joss Whedon ’87, you

Think your nuggets of wisdom are worthy of sharing the stage with Joss Whedon ’87? Seriously? Laura Yim ’13 challenges you to prove it:

Hey Seniors! What has your Wesleyan experience meant to you?

This is your LAST chance to submit a 200-250 essay to be the Senior Speaker! Your essay should serve as an abstract to to the speech you wish to deliver at graduation. Completed essays should be emailed to Dean Brown (lsbrown@wes) by TOMORROW at 11:59pm.

All essays will be reviewed anonymously by the Senior Commencement Speaker Committee. The committee will select several applicants from the essay submission pool as finalists for interviews, which will be conducted between Wednesday, February 27 through Friday, March 1. The speaker will be announced before spring break.

Contact: lsbrown@wes
Tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.

Note that the deadline is tomorrow, just before midnight. If my timing is correct, yes, that does mean you can drunkenly write the entire thing on your iPhone on the bus back from Senior Cocks. In fact, I strongly encourage it.

Photo Evidence: Bones Complex, Wes Cardinal @ Senior Barbecue

 No, we didn’t snag video proof of Dean Brown belting out “White Rabbit” and “Be My Baby” at Saturday’s Senior Barbecue, but here’s a pretty close estimation.

The Senior Barbecue ensued as planned in the Fountain/Pine backyards, with grilled chicken, smiles, and bright orange wristbands for all. Also, there was a raffle. Congratulations to whoever won that cool thing. Scroll on for photo coverage of a performance by Bones Complex (following closely on their performance at The Mash last week) and general shenanigans by Wes Cardinal ’13, who frolicked boisterously around the green and then got brutally attacked by “Big Willie Style” Feinstein ’13. Images by me and Goatmilk.

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WSA Presidential Debate

Come to the WSA Presidential Debate, Monday at 6:30PM on the first floor of Usdan.

Care about something, anything, related to student life at Wesleyan?  Whether it’s chalking, disability rights, dining, the pet policy, or the DVD racks in SciLi, the WSA President can likely play an influential role in getting things you want done.  Aren’t dedicated to a specific issue, but still live/work/study at Wesleyan?  Then this is probably important to you too.

Come check out WSA presidential candidates Arya Alizadeh ’13 and Zachary Malter ’13 to find out who’s got what you want.  The debate starts at 6:30PM and takes place on the first floor of Usdan.  Feel free to bring your dinner down, listen to the spiels, and ask some hard-hitting questions.

Questions about the debate can be directed to the Moderator, Syed Ali ’13 (me), by emailing sali[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.  More general elections questions can be directed to wsa[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.  

Date: Tomorrow, Monday, 23rd
Time: 6:30PM
Place: 1st floor, Usdan

2013 Cookies, Cocoa, and Coffee

This event submission, from an anonymous member of the 2013 Class Council, clearly states that there will be 2,013 cookies, cocoa, and coffee, but I am frankly unsure if there will be 2013 of each item, or simply 2013 in total between the three items, or simply 2013 cookies, which would be quite alright with me. Either way, it is a wealth of free food, and my how the holiday music relieves finals-related stress.

Need a study break?

FREE COOKIES, COCOA AND COFFEE! 2013ers, come to frost cookies, have a warm drink, and listen to holiday music. Come quick before cookies run out! Put on by the 2013 Class Council!

Date: Monday, December 12
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Place: Espwesso Albritton 311
Cost: $2,013 apiece free

Cookies & Coffee for Crammers: A 2013 Study Break

Tired of cramming for finals? Looking for some extra caffeine and sugar to get you through your late-night studying? Take a break from your studying and come join your fellow 2013 classmates for an evening of gingerbread cookie decorating and coffee. Stop by for a bit or stay the whole time!

  • Date: Monday, December 13
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Place: Allbritton 311 (The cafe on the top floor)
  • Cost: Free!

Sophomore Savvy: Gathering Information, Making Informed Choices

Laurel Dezieck ’11 invites the class of 2013 to do some thinking over dinner:

Thinking about going abroad? Declaring three majors? Wondering about life after Wes (already)? Come to Sophomore Savvy: Gathering Information, Making Informed Choices, a Q&A especially for second year students. Dean Louise Brown, Dean for the Sophomore Class, as well as representatives from the CRC, the SARN Peer Advisors, and OIS will be there to answer your questions about the next steps at Wesleyan and looking to the future. This a very informal time to come ask questions and learn a little bit more about what’s coming up. Come when you can, and leave when you need to. Bring your dinner, your questions, and your friends!

Date: TOMORROW, Nov. 11
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: FREE

The transfers are coming!

Class of 2013

According to the Office of Admissions site, Wesleyan admits about 60 transfer students each year.

On the Class of 2013 blog, Dean Brown has just announced that there are 46 transfer students joining the sophomore class alone.  She reports:

They are coming from countries as far away as India, China and Italy and from states as diverse as Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Wisconsin, Hawaii and Maine.  Transferring from schools such as Georgetown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Colgate, Tulane, Vanderbilt, UPenn and Bard

I’m not sure those states themselves are the most diverse, but they are a diverse assortment of states.  Also, some of these transfers seem like they came from decently reputable colleges so kudos to us – I’ll take that as a compliment.  It would be pretty interesting to compare that to a list of schools people transferred to away from Wes, but hopefully there’s not that many to mention in the first place (we do have a pretty decent retention rate*).  I don’t think we’ll ever get such a list from the administration anyway.

Hopefully the Class of 2012 sheds some light on its transfers too.

So, while the administration photoshops some headshots into the class picture above, let’s welcome some new members of the Wes community we can’t say “GTFO frosh” to.

*It’s 95% according to Wesleyan’s College Board College Search profile.