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2015: A Very Wesleying Year In Review


Hello, campus. Wesleying is NOT BuzzFeed, just to let you know. But we do like to do a wrap-up of the calendar year because (1) institutional memory is shit at colleges, (2) synergy, and (3) lists are cool. Btw this post was compiled with the help of the legendary hermes, who is very 2015 and very Internet. Ty.

In this catalog of sorts, we have compiled a summary of the top [arbitrary number] major happenings on this small campus in central Connecticut during the past calendar year. Oh and read these past Years In Review because HISTORY: 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Now a disclaimer: These issues are not ranked with any criteria in mind, they are simply numbered for the sake of numbering. Also, we know that there are many things that occurred on this campus that we may not have gotten to, but we are all of limited perspective and limited time, so if you feel as though we missed something, please leave a comment so that we’re all as informed as possible. Many of these happenings and issues develop through time and are certainly not over because they were listed in a year-in-review post on some random ass website (lol self-deprecation!!). So, if there are any recent developments in anything we did include, leave a comment or email us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. I don’t have any more adieus. 

Wesleyan University Commencement 2015 [Liveblog]


Rather than halfheartedly trying to quote lyrics from “In the Heights” or some other thing written by this year’s commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, we’ll just skip ahead to: “Hey y’all, good morning!” It’s the 183rd Commencement at Wesleyan University, and we’re outdoors at Denison Terrace/Andrus Field/Foss Hill live-blogging all the speeches, processions, and every single name read (okay, none of the names) at today’s graduation ceremony.

Along with Miranda, Spellman College president Beverly Daniel Tatum ’75 and Goodspeed Musicals executive director Michael P. Price are receiving honorary degrees. Things should be getting started around 11 a.m.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015, and even more congratulations to all the many Wesleying editors and contributors who are graduating as well! You can watch a livestream of the ceremony here

Update: You read all the speeches and watch Miranda’s address below. And here’s the official Wesleyan newsletter article on the event.

WesBooks That Will Never Be Written


Happy Thanksgiving, readers! A gift from us (and some of you!):

A year or something ago, I stumbled upon a thread on a certain will-not-be-named-Wesleyan-alum-created-website-that-I-refuse-to-endorse. But FUCK THE ACB or not, the results were something special. Here are the examples that started it all:

Posture is Everything: Maintaining a Healthy Gait by Michael Roth
Repressing Overzealous Political Correctness by a Sociology major

Avoiding a Midlife Crisis for Dummies by Scott Backer

A certain class year very clearly won this one, folks. Read on for the results. I highlighted some of my favorites but by all means screw what I think! Oh, and sorry (maybe) for the incongruent Thanksgiving ecards. I may or may not have started drinking at noon. Enough of me, let’s get to it after the jump.



Or should I say blurb?  Yesterday we asked for candidates who want to submit materials to Wesleying to submit by tonight, and twenty-four hours later we have only one.  If you want your material on here too, email your materials within the next twenty-four and we might feel nice enough to update the post.  The following WSA Elections are currently open:

  • 2013/2014/2015 Class Representative
  • Approval of Constitutional Changes
  • Spring 2012 Survey

Go to the WSA voting site to vote before the end of the week. If you don’t vote, don’t complain later. Keep reading to see the blurbs that were submitted to Wesleying before the deadline we mentioned earlier.

They’re Heeeeeeere.

The Start of Something Special: “I mean . . . so far, so good”

Eight hundred and eleven. That’s how many newly minted freshmen descended on campus today, lugging boxes and duffels and ukuleles and fog machines (just kidding) from Westco to Eastco to Foss and beyond. It happens every yearmass chaos, familial sentimentality, and eighteen years’ worth of material accumulation swallowed up in some spirit of greetings and beginningbut somehow still feels like a miracle, like childbirth or getting slimed[813 is also roughly how many miles of driving lie between Brooklyn and Chicago, as depicted in that one TMBG song, but never mind that now. The Wesleyan Connection now reports that 811, not 813, freshmen have arrived. Wesleying staff have not in fact counted freshmen.]

Add to this the 87 international students already chillin’ at the Cardinal Inn, and you have the largest incoming class in the history of this fine institutionsafely on campus despite the hurricane, earthquake, and whatever other Acts of God may have blocked its arrival. Bienvenue, frosh!