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Desperate Measures 24 Hour Show

Ariel Lesnick ’15 writes in:

Would you like to see something incredible? Me too! Come to the Desperate Measures 24 Hour Show!
Anything could happen. Except sleep. That won’t happen.
Featuring an hour with each of Wesleyan’s Comedy Troupes:
New Teen Force
Gag Reflex
and beats by Vonyx

Also featuring some of our favorite themed hours: First hour show, Last hour show, Musical hour, Vest hour, One hour scene, Hobo hour, Line game hour, Made up games hour, …and more!
Please bring us food!
There is a SPECIAL PRIZE for everyone who stays 18 hours or more.

Date: Friday, February 27th – Saturday February 28th
Time: 9:00pm (Friday) – 9:00pm (Saturday)
Place: WestCo Lounge

Desperate Measures 24 hour show promo

Mark Popinchalk ’13 and the rest of his fellow DM’ers have got your back, and they made a video to prove it: 

DM’s annual 24 hour long show is coming up. Friday at 9PM to Saturday at 9PM in The WestCo Lounge. Which hour will you be there for?

Date: Friday, March 1- Saturday, March 2
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: WestCo Lounge
Cost: nothing. well, caffeine if you want them to be funny in hour 23.

Improv For Insomniacs-Desperate Measure’s 24-Hour Show

When was the last time you did anything for 24 hours straight? Huh?
This weekend, Desperate Measures, the only short-form improv comedy group on campus, is putting on their annual 24 HOUR SHOW.
Starting promptly at 9 PM this Friday (4/22), and going right through to 9 PM Saturday (4/23), DM will be performing hours upon hours of stitch-inducing, gut-busting comedy in the Nic Lounge. Featuring guest appearances from other comedy groups on campus, including Lunch Box at Midnight on Friday, and New Teen Force at 1 AM on Saturday morning. It’s a perfect way to enjoy your Friday night!
Mark “Goochenstein” Popinchalk ’13 says “All levels of sobriety welcome, feel free to camp out in the lounge with us. Anyone who stays for longer than 18 hours (75% of the show) gets a top-secret, highly coveted prize!”
    Date: Fri., April 22nd- Sat., April 23rd
    Time: 9:00 PM, 4/22- 9:00 PM 4/23
    Place: Fucking Nics Lounge
    Cost: Innocence and a good night’s  sleep