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Wes Reference Dropped in 30 Rock Finale, James Marsden Remains Physically Attractive

Liz Lemon is still tryna hate on the Tech. This isn’t the first time the writer/compulsive overeater/occasional exotic dancer has unleashed her vitriol on Old Wesleyan. Fortunately, we here at the “Tufts of central Connecticut” have adopted what you might call a “my haters are my motivators” attitude and thus consider all press to be good press.

Said reference is made in regard to Lemon’s incredibly charming and really really really ridiculously good-looking new husband Criss, whose degree in ethnomusicology has landed him a job as a dental office receptionist. I, for one, respect Lemon’s main squeeze for recognizing the value of a liberal arts education, and for just generally being fine as hell.

Budding ethnomusicologists and/or dental receptionists can watch the episode here and are welcome to join me at a screening later this evening as an alternative to that sports battle everyone is so up in arms about. Night cheese will be provided. Watch the clip after the jump, and check out previous 30 Rock shout-outs here and here.

30 Rock Still <3s Wesleyan

As usual, prime time TV can’t get enough of Wes. According to an anonymous tip, last night’s 30 Rock gave a particularly memorable shout-out:

Liz’s new hot-dog-truck-owning boyfriend went to Wesleyan. Anyone know why NBC likes us so much?

The dialogue in question, from a bit of internet sleuthing, seems to be:

  • I didn’t want him to make fun of you because you went to Wesleyan.
  • Wesleyan is the Harvard of central Connecticut.
  • No, Yale is the Harvard of central Connecticut.

Back in 2009, the show revealed that Dot Com is a Wesleyan alumnus—and honed his acting skills on “Wesleyan Arts Base Main Stage,” whatever that is. Anyone have a video clip of yesterday’s shout-out? [HERE’S THE LINK, SEE 1:50.]

[In other random Wes-media news, Bill Belichick totally notices your Wesleyan sweatshirt, and he likes it. Go Patriots Wes.]

Editorial addition [11.13 AM]:

Good god, Lemon!

– frostedmoose

30 Rock <3's Wesleyan

30 Rock just gave me another reason to love it even more. Dot Com ‘??, one half of Tracy’s two-person entourage, spent his college years at Wes polishing his acting skills:


Dot Com: Anything can happen in the audition process.
Tracy: Oh yeah, I forgot, Dot Com. You know everything about acting because you played a bird in some stupid school play. Ha!
Dot Com: Yes, Tracy, I was Trigorin in The Seagull on the Wesleyan Arts Base Main Stage.

Not sure we have an Arts Base Main Stage, but that’s cool. Come to Homecoming, Dot Com!