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The 48 Hour Magazine Project Has Begun

Amy Mattox ’17 sends this message through the digital airwaves:

The theme of this year’s 48 hour magazine is FORTUNE. We’re thinking blind luck, superstition, the stock market, gambling, risks, classism, fortune cookies, horoscopes, chris brown, chance, O Fortuna, tarot, the oracle at delphi, lucky charms, coincidence, misfortune, etc.
From now until MIDNIGHT, please send any responses to FORTUNE to 48hourmag@gmail.com with your full name and class year.
We want to see your .poems, drawings, paintings, collages, personal essays, photo essays, found object, wild assemblages, deconstructive critiques, sculptures, science experiments, fiction, album reviews, comix, knock knock jokes, haiku, soundbites, genre-defiant mud, exposé reporting, video art, interviews, animation, songs, podcast materials, etc – make it fast, make it quick, make it in 12 hours or four minutes.
We’ll be tabling in Usdan from noon till 8, asking the serious and incisive questions about FORTUNE you’ve all been waiting for.
Some final words of wisdom:
Fortune is a horse with four white feet
& more importantly:: The cleanly are comfortable, the dirty are lucky.
god speed + good luck

48 Hour Magazine Project Interest Meeting – AT 6 PM TODAY!

Poster 10.15

Every few semesters, a group of students gathers to test the controversial theory that the best way to make a great magazine is lightning-speed, in a frenzied, weekend-long test of physical and mental stamina. So far we’ve never been wrong.

Interested in helping with Volume III? We are looking for editors, writers, photographers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and anyone else who wants to be part of this colossal experiment in time limits and adrenaline.

Intrigued? Join Ford Fellow Piers Gelly ’13 in the Downey Lounge at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, October 16 for a planning meeting. The first people to arrive will receive copies of the magazine’s extremely rare back issues, which went like hotcakes when they were available. For more info, see Volume IIVolume I, and the Facebook event page.

Date: TODAY, Wednesday, October 16
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Downey House Lounge

48 Hour Magazine Project Begins NOW

You can stop holding your breath. The moment has arrived. The 48 Hour Magazine Project has commenced.


Submit any content in the spirit of this theme. We’d love to have something you’ve made already, but we’re most excited about having you create something right now. Art, photography, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film — anything goes. Email your submissions to 48hourmag [at] gmail [dot] com(For visual art & photography submissions, please include a title and brief description of your work). Submissions are due at midnight!

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve included a number of prompts below to help get you thinking along the right lines. Some are fairly simple and others are more involved. We encourage you to take risks: Go out and talk to people. These prompts are just jumping-off points. Deviate from them as you please.

Informational Meeting: 48 Hour Magazine Project

If you are intrigued by the prospect of helping to write, edit, design, and publish a magazine and a multimedia website over the course of 48 hours this coming weekend (November 11 – November 13), then come to our informational meeting tomorrow at 1:00 PM.

Read our earlier post about the project. Follow the event on facebook. If you can’t make the meeting—or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns—contact us via facebook or at 48hourmag at gmail dot com.

We’re seeking writers, photographers, artists, filmmakers, designers (both print and web), copy editors, and anyone else who thinks this is even remotely a good idea. Your efforts will define this project because we can only make it happen with a great team of contributors. You can spend anywhere from one to forty-eight hours with us, assisting with any or every step of the process. Experience is not necessary.
  • Date: November 6
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Location: Shapiro Creative Writing Center (Lounge), Allbritton, 3rd floor