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The 48 Hour Magazine Project Has Begun

Amy Mattox ’17 sends this message through the digital airwaves:

The theme of this year’s 48 hour magazine is FORTUNE. We’re thinking blind luck, superstition, the stock market, gambling, risks, classism, fortune cookies, horoscopes, chris brown, chance, O Fortuna, tarot, the oracle at delphi, lucky charms, coincidence, misfortune, etc.
From now until MIDNIGHT, please send any responses to FORTUNE to 48hourmag@gmail.com with your full name and class year.
We want to see your .poems, drawings, paintings, collages, personal essays, photo essays, found object, wild assemblages, deconstructive critiques, sculptures, science experiments, fiction, album reviews, comix, knock knock jokes, haiku, soundbites, genre-defiant mud, exposé reporting, video art, interviews, animation, songs, podcast materials, etc – make it fast, make it quick, make it in 12 hours or four minutes.
We’ll be tabling in Usdan from noon till 8, asking the serious and incisive questions about FORTUNE you’ve all been waiting for.
Some final words of wisdom:
Fortune is a horse with four white feet
& more importantly:: The cleanly are comfortable, the dirty are lucky.
god speed + good luck

It’s Up: The 48 Hour Magazine


It’s up. At noon today, after precisely 48 hours of frenzied writing, organizing, editing, copy-editing, layout sleeping, and God knows what else, the second annual 48 hour magazine project drew to a close. The magazine’s writing, artwork, video, and design (both online and in print) was entirely produced by a team of Wesleyan students. The theme is Inside Out, and the magazine is available online now (check it here) and in print around campus in the near future.

Here’s a note from the editors:

John Henry died with a hammer in his hand fighting machines. We used them to make a magazine that peers into the unseen spaces of the world around us: dreams, pubes, municipal charities, buildings, entrails, and the human heart. We spewed our innards, like the belchings of Vesuvius, for you to look upon.

The best thing about making a magazine speedily is that it turns out extra good. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we did! Volunteers, some who had no previous experience, came together to create this project over the course of two days. The idea was to use the severe time constraint to induce creative frenzy. This publication is the result.