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Petition: Reading Period is in Jeopardy

Petition here. It has acquired over 250 signatures as of this writing, less than an hour after its release. [Update 5:27PM: well over 500 signatures.]

Every five years, Wesleyan creates a new five-year calendar for the next cycle. This year is one of those years. Wesleyan is in the process of creating a new calendar that will be in effect for the 2014-2015 academic year. Unfortunately… some things might be changing. Like Spring Fling. And Reading Week. Which could now be mashed together by rapidly moving forces. WSA President Zach Malter ’13 explains in greater detail:

Dear Students,

At the upcoming faculty meeting, on this coming Tuesday, December 4th, the faculty are scheduled to vote on a 5-year academic calendar that would eliminate a day for spring flingschedule spring fling during reading period, and effectively reduce the number of days in reading period. These changes would go into effect either next year or in the near future and would stay in place for the subsequent five years.

The WSA unanimously passed a resolution against effectively shortening reading week, one of the few resolutions in recent memory to receive such broad support. We are deeply concerned that effectively shortening reading period will compromise students’ ability to study and learn, undermining the academic experience especially for students who choose to be most studious during this time. This change would also increase student stress levels and stress-induced negative behaviors, jeopardize student mental health, and exacerbate moving out difficulties in particular for international students and for students without cars. Nevertheless, the Educational Policy Committee (EPC), composed mostly of faculty, has elected to bring this change forward to a vote on Tuesday. This decision was the only calendar-related decision that the EPC did not survey the community on. At the very least, there needs to be more discussion before the decision is finalized, before reading period is effectively shortened for the next five years.

 The WSA Executive Committee has created THIS PETITION to protest the effective shortening of reading week and to ask the faculty to delay its vote on this section of the calendar.