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Second Stage Presents: A Weekend of Workshops!


Maya Herbsman ’17 writes in:

Ever wanted to learn more about ANY ASPECT OF THEATER? Want to meet some fun theater people? Want to find out how to get involved in student theater at Wes? COME CHECK OUT SECOND STAGE’S WEEKEND OF WORKSHOPS!

Here is the schedule:

2PM – ANYSTAGE INTEREST MEETING: Interested in student written work? Are you a playwright or a director looking for a project or just curious about what AnyStage is? Come learn with Maya Herbsman, May Treuhaft-Ali ’17, and Danielle Lobo ’19.
4PM – AUDIO WORKSHOP: Come learn the basics of audio with Anthony Sertel Dean ’17!

2PM – LIGHTING/ELECTRICS WORKSHOP: Maia Golden ’17 and Phillip Heilbron ’18 will be teaching the building blocks of electrics and lighting on campus. If you want to get involved with lighting on campus, definitely plan to come to this!
3PM – GENIE TRAINING: Also important for lighting!! You get to go in the air it’s exciting
4PM – SHOP TRAINING: Interested in carpentry/set making/building? Come get trained on how to use power tools and other fun things by Nola Werlinich ’17. (*Closed toed shoes required for this workshop.*)

A NOTE: Being a carpenter and/or electrician are excellent ways to get involved in theater, so come check us out!

More workshops to come in a few weeks, if there’s something you’d like to learn that isn’t listed here, or if you have any questions, feel free to email Maya Herbsman at mherbsman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18
Time: Please see the above description
Location: The ’92 Theater

Facebook event here

Yawn a More Roman Way

Tulsa Slut

From “the nicest guy you know,” Coz Deicke ’15:

Tulsa Night Life: Filth, Gin, a Slut

Welcome to the world of Yawn a More Roman Way where the dialogue is palindromes, the characters are bizarre, and the realm is absurd.

An Original Palindromic Play Written and Directed by Coz Deicke

This show is sponsored by Second Stage and the tickets are free! Get them at the Box Office on the day of the performance!


Amanda Hayley Sonnenschein ’14
Maddy Oswald ’14
Christian Schneider ’14
Matthew Krakaur ’14

Sal Hepatica this Weekend at the ’92

From my girl Bennett Kirschner ’13:

Friends! Lovers! Acquaintances! Unknowns! Sal Hepatica goes up this weekend, at 7 and 9PM on Friday and 7PM on Saturday. Together, we will enjoy magical renditions of tiny animals, travel to far-away places, dance to be-bop jazz, and grapple with the paralyzing force of meticulous cleanliness. The show is three tiny shows bundled up into one delightful hour — seats are very limited, so we recommend you come whenever you can.

Friday, February 8th
Saturday, February 9th

7:00 PM and 9:00 PM (Friday)
7:00 PM (Saturday)

’92 Theater

The Mystery of Irma Vep

Yelena Sayko ’10 writes:

The Wesleyan Theater Department presents The Mystery of Irma Vep, directed by Associate Professor of Theater Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento. On a stormy night at Mandacrest estate, Lord Edgar Hillcrest and his new bride Lady Enid are haunted by the memory of the Manor’s first mistress—Irma Vep. In Charles Ludlam’s camp parody of classic Hollywood film and Victorian supernatural literature, two male actors play the British couple, bizarre servants Jane Twisden and Nicodemus Underwood, a werewolf, a mummy, a vampire, and more. With lightning-quick costume changes and razor-sharp comic timing, this wicked spoof is sure to be a howlingly funny night of theatre.

Date:   April 8
Time:   8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place:  ’92 Theater
Cost:   $4

Subsequent performance dates:

-Friday, April 9 @ 8pm
-Saturday, April 10 @ 7pm
-Saturday, April 10 @ 10pm

Soundboard Operator Needed!

The Yalta Conference is still looking for someone to run the sound board! You could be that person!

Basically, it’s a show about the greatest political conference of the 20th century…fraught with lies, deception, sex, and comedy.

The Yalta Conference goes up in the ’92 theater on
Thursday 12/10 @ 8pm
Friday 12/11 @ 8pm
Saturday 12/12 @ 1pm and 8pm.

Contact Abaye Steinmetz-Silber at asteinmetzsi(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for more info!

My Kingdom For a Whore This Weekend

My Kingdom for a Whore at the ’92 Theater this weekend, starting tonight at 8:

Come see My Kingdom for a Whore this weekend in the ’92!

A Second Stage Production

Written by Rob Boyd ’08, directed by Rob Boyd ’08 Lizzy Susca ’09

Once upon a time, a young unassuming lad accidentally became the king of a small European nation. It isn’t long before he finds himself lost in a sea of booze, strippers, kitten-punching homicidal assistants, and plenty of plain ol’ sex. Can he lose his virginity? Will he ever finally swim with dolphins? What would his mother think?

Show times:
Thursday @ 8pm
Friday @ 9pm
Saturday @ 4pm and 8pm (Note: the video says 2 pm; it’s wrong)

Stage Management Forum

Tori Amoscato ’08 and Annie Paladino ’09 write in to tell us that they’ll be hosting a not-for-credit forum on stage management this semester:

Interested in learning about Stage Management?

Stage Managing a show this semester and want to have a group of people to bounce ideas off of?
Come be a part of a not-for-credit, discussion-based student forum on Stage Management.
Shows are always in need of competent Stage Managers, and this is a great way to get involved in theater at Wesleyan or just see how this process works!

Our first meeting will be this Tuesday, January 29th from 12-1 in the ’92 Green Room. (Go to the ’92, go backstage and downstairs, it’s the second room on the left). We will be handing out syllabi and course materials at this meeting. Classes will meet every other week at the same time, and we will be holding office hours on the off weeks. Spaces are limited, and we will be determining the class list at this first meeting, so please arrive on time. If you are interested and can’t make it, email one of us (email addresses are below).
Questions? Contact Tori Amoscato ’08 (tamoscato@gmail.com) or Annie Paladino ’09 (anniepaladino@gmail.com).

Miss[(ed) it]

Sometimes people say fabulously witty things, coining insightful new aphorisms at the drop of a hat that will go down in the annals of lexicography as the words that forever changed the course of modern intellectual thought. Sometimes people just say really weird stuff at Usdan. Come to Miss[(ed) It] and see some of Wesleyan’s most shining examples of the latter, savagely decontexualized and lovingly reanimated into a Frankenstein’s monster of theatrical exploration that WON’T be tragically misunderstood and chased out of town by a vicious mob. At least, we’re hoping it won’t.

Dates: Thursday, September 27th, and Friday, September 28th
Time: 8pm and 9:30pm
Venue: ’92 Theater



Sex, drugs, and creative writing: For David, Chris, and Elizabeth, these are the things that really light their fire as they charge through their freshman year of college. They’ll have plenty of each when they reunite, during Winter break from their respective Universities (Yale and Harvard), in David’s Brooklyn Brownstone. Gauntlets are thrown and obscure cultural references are hurled as secrets stir and motives manifest. Three students put their stake in love, lust, and literature, as they try to distinguish fact from fiction in the poetry of two wild nights.

A play by Paul Grellong
Directed by Margaux Weisman ’09
Starring Chris Correa ’10, Ben Smolen ’10, and Caitlin Winiarski ’10

Thursday Oct 5, 8pm
Friday Oct 6, 8pm
Saturday Oct 7, 2pm & 8pm

Venue: ’92 Theatre

There will be an open dress rehearsal Wednesday night at 8. Contact mweisman(at)wesleyan.edu or hfreece(at)wesleyan.edu if you are interested in attending.

Life and Death in the Charity Ward

A theatrical adaptation of Bukowski’s short story about an alcohol-induced stomach ulcer will be performed this weekend at Wes.

Name: Charles Bukowski’s “Life and Death in the Charity Ward”

  • Thursday 9/28: 8pm
  • Friday 9/29: 8pm and 12am
  • Saturday 9/30: 10pm

Venue: ’92 Theater

Tickets are free in the box office the day of the show.