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Skabridge Actually Happened!

And it was AWESOME! Aaron Burr and the Hamiltones, a band with a past of disrupting the peace, performed a high energy hour-long ska set on the WestCo sky bridge last night, and didn’t get shut down until their last song. The nipple-chilling cold (and really pretty starry night) lent itself to a great crowd antsy to listen to some ska, and the skybridge was packed. The band performed ska versions of “Since U Been Gone” and “Viva la Vida,” along with some original jams. There was lots of high-altitude moshing and authentic ska dancing, making this show one of the liveliest of the year. SKAPICS:

Aaron Burr and the Hamiltones present: SKABRIDGE

Nate Repasz ’14 wants to warm you up. COME TO VERY IMPROMPTU SHOW with some Aaron Burr and the Hamiltones bros on the **Skybridge**:

With two CRUNK-AS-SHIT guerrilla ska shows in the Butterfield Colleges under their belts, ABATH has decided to break the Butts mold (eww) and bring the FIESTO TO WESTCO. What better place than the skybridge?  This show will be quick, dirty and, riotous. Don’t let the cold turn you away. There will be legions of sweaty, skanking rageaholics to keep you warm! This show also marks the LAST TIME vocalist Rob Roth (Raw Broth) will be FLEXING THE GOLDEN PIPES for his darling group. So get shway city, come to the ‘Co (on time, lest ye miss it!) and see him off in style! ABATH shows are ALWAYS too hot, so it’ll be nice and balmy up there if you’re ready to rock.

Date: Friday, Dec. 2
Time: Get there at 11ish!
Place: Skybridge between WestCo Two and Three, but here is a map: