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AASC Film Screening: Better Luck Tomorrow

From Lynna Zhong ’15:

A movie with a badass ALL Asian American cast?  A movie without Asian American stereotypes? An ACTION-packed Movie? Brew Bakers BRUNCH?

Asian American Student Collective presents a screening of Better Luck Tomorrow!

Directed by Justin Lin, a group of unlikely high school students take up crime as an extracurricular activity but they soon find themselves moving deeper into the criminal underworld than they ever anticipated, and things get ugly when they try to move on.


Date: Sunday, November 18th
Time: 1 pm
Place: PAC 002
Cost: Free

AASC Meet and Greet

Vicky Chu ’13 and Lynna Zhong ’15 have food n cultural discussion n shit, yo:

Come join the Asian American Student Collective for its first general


AASC strives to strengthen the voices of Asian Americans through
social awareness, progressive action, and political empowerment. We
provide an open forum in which issues of identity, race, gender and
sexuality can be explored and questioned; where stereotypes and
structures of oppression can be broken down and examined in relation
to Asian America, and where our diverse individual experiences can be
placed within a broader historical context.

When: Today, 7:15pm
41 Wyllys, Room 114



Oh snap this looks delicious.

Just like the title says–the Asian American Student Collective is hosting a delicious meat n’ greet barbecue (HA get it?) this Friday for Asian/Asian American-identified students, whether they be international, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, etc. So come, hang out, eat (free!) food, and relaxxx cause it ain’t like you got shit to do the day after. VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN FRIENDLY! (I’m vegetarian!)

  • Date: Friday, September 16th
  • Time: 7pm-9pm
  • Place: 21 Vine Street backyard (by Neon, right before the Vine parking lot)
  • Cost: Being awesome
  • Facebook: Facebook

AASC Presents: “Vincent Who?”

Michael Yu ’11 writes in to holla about this movie screening:

AASC Presents a screening of the 2009 documentary, “Vincent Who?”, which explores the Asian American movement since the Vincent Chin incident and how far we’ve come.

Date:   April 20
Time:   7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Place:  Shanklin 107

Who Killed Vincent Chin?

The Asian American Student Collective presents a film screening of this Academy-Awar-nominated 1987 documentary about Vincent Chin, an Asian-American whose story sparked the emergence of the Asian-American movement in the U.S.


Date: Today, Tuesday April 12th
Time: 7pm
Place: JUDD116
Cost: Free (+ snacks!)
Face: Book

weSLAM & AASC Present: Spring Slam Series, Round Two (+ Open Mic!)

“The Hegemonic Order” group piece @ SUNY New Paltz Regionals

Prayers have been answered!  The Wesleyan poetry slam is coming to Church tomorrow night!

From the Facebook event page:

The AASC (Asian American Student Collective) & weSLAM bring you round TWO of the Spring Slam Series. Join us WEDNESDAY at 200 CHURCH for a suggested donation of $1.

12 poets. 2 rounds.
Which 3 will advance to the SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWDOWN?
Only time (and poetry!) will tell.

Come spit. Come listen. Come feel things with us.

This is your 2nd of 3 chances to make it to the Championship Slam in April.

And no, “come spit” does not mean you are free to literally eject saliva from your mouth while in 200 Church, silly.


Surprise! You’re going about your average week at Wesleyan, when BAM, the Asian American Student Collective comes out of nowhere to sponsor four incredibly awesome events this upcoming week just for you.

WEDNESDAY: Open Mic & Spring Slam Series Round 2

The AASC & weSLAM bring you round TWO of the Spring Slam Series.12 poets. 2 rounds. Which 3 will advance to the SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWDOWN? Only time (and poetry!) will tell.

New shit. New poets. (Could that be you?) Old poets. Sexy people. (That could definitely be you). Loud cheering. Loud snapping. (No really, how do people snap so fucking loud?) Come spit. Come listen. Come feel things with us.

Date: Wednesday, February 23rd
Time: 8:30PM-11:30PM
Place: 200 Church
Face: Book

THURSDAY: Finding Common Ground Within an Asian American Identity

AASC invites you to an informal dialogue about what it means to identify yourself or your experience as Asian American. We hope to hear from you and others what it would mean for an Asian American community to exist on campus and how we can build an inclusive and nurturing environment. All are welcome!

Date: Thursday, February 24th
Time: 7:30PM-9:30PM
Place: Albritton Café (top floor)
Face: Book