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#FinalsSzn induced Existentialism: A Discussion on Identity, Diversity, and Nationalism

We have entered––and are surviving––finals hell. While I am proud enough to say that I have not (!!) pulled any all-nighters to finish up assignments and study for exams, I am still spending lots of time on assignments over the last week.

Why you may ask?

I am studying abroad in Denmark this semester! My program DIS has a…slightly strange…calendar system in which #finalsszn starts after over a month of two weeks of classes, then a ~travel week~, then two weeks of classes, then a ~travel week~, then two weeks of classes, then ~Thanksgiving break~, then two weeks of classes, and off I come back to ‘Merica. Needless to say, I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, gathering my papers, group projects, and coffee to make it all happen.

A budgeting note: Cafe Paludan (the place with the books and the coffee) offers a large coffee for 10 DKK ($1.52) from 9:00-10:30 in the morning. I am currently here in a little nook I have claimed for myself (gotta be a colonist somehow) writing this blog post as I procrastinate my Danish essay. You can say I’m being productively unproductive.

I’ve been gathering my thoughts about a few things: DIS, Denmark, my physical body being abroad, my mind being abroad, homesickness, and existential crises re: identity. It’s been a truly exhausting few months, and although I was preparing myself for some of this busyness, I did not anticipate that I would have to carve out time on my commute to and from central Copenhagen to stare out the train window, Türk Sanat muzi?i blasting through my earphones, pondering my existence, train officer nudging me to check my train card.

The Fall 2014 Study Abrog Collection

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.07.59 PM

Around a week ago, I sent out an SOS for study abroad blogs (read: abrogs) from the hundreds of students hanging out overseas this semester. This week, there are five awesome submissions to distract you from studying for your midterms. Click at your own risk, because I can’t promise you’ll emerge from the abrog vortex any time soon. Also, if you’re a Wesleyan student overseas and you haven’t sent us your abrog yet, we still want it! Email us (staff[at]wesleying[dot]org) with the subject line “ABROAD BLOG”!

If You’re Studying Abroad This Fall, We Want Your Abrog


Hey you. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’re in a foreign land, immersing yourself in a new place and learning about super rad cultures legally buying alcohol as a twenty-year-old. And we want to know about it. Besides that, we just really miss you, and we know you miss bragging to us about how cool your life is. So basically–send us your study-abroad blogs abrogs right now. We’ll show you off and make sure the entire Wesleyan community jealous of you.

If you’re documenting your abroad experiences on a blog of any kind (i.e. WordPress, Blogspot, Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker, Instagram), we want to know about it. Fill our inbox (staff[at]wesleying[dot]org) with links to your blog and we’ll showcase you on Wesleying! Make sure the subject of your email is “ABROAD BLOG,” and don’t forget to write a bit about what you’re doing this fall. You rock!

Turkey: A Thanksgiving Abroad Blog Round-Up

This Thanksgiving, take some time out of your gluttony to remember the expatriates who can’t sit down to their tables stateside. To abroad students, today is a whirl of homesickness, isolation, and hunger pangs. So consider this post an expression of our gratitude to those who are living the American dream, from Delhi to Denmark. Thanks, folks, for responding to the call we put out earlier this semester; we hope to increase your readership one thousandfold.

Check out these fine Wesleyan abrogs below!

A Plea For Culture: Send Us Your Abrogs

“Then we all went to Granada and checked out this nightclub opened by this other guy they all knew. It was cool: They had pretty good paella there, but otherwise it was pretty much just like any bar back in Bloomington.”

There’s a changing-of-the-guards going on in Junior Village. As over 170 juniors return from abroad experiences all over the freakin’ globe, another 120 juniors (plus a handful of 2014-ers) embark this month on travels of their own. Some of you may even be reading this very blog post from your street cafe in Bodh Gaya or Buddhist temple in Paris! So it goes.

Last semester, Wesleying sent out a call and put the spotlight on some of these abroad blogs (read: abrogs), which mostly seemed base in France, France, France, Australia, and Pearl Street, respectively. Then came a second edition, which featured Blogspot- and WordPress-hosted forays into Bodh Gaya, Israel, and—my personal fave—one student’s epic quest to discover her namesake among elephants in Tanzania.

The point of all this? If you’re maintaining a blog/Flickr/Twitter/Friendster/Xanga/LiveJournal while abroad, it’s something to write home about. Send us the link and a bit about what you’re up to. Email staff<at>wesleying<dot>org, and put “ABROAD BLOG” in the subject line. Thanks!