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Update: 200 Church Evacuated

For anyone who hasn’t heard, 200 Church has been evacuated and the building is currently locked. Rumor has it that the building has gotten somewhat chilly. Rumor also has it that the building may stay chilly for several more days. According to ResLife, all residents were notified in person; however, other sources indicate that some residents were notified by word-of-mouth, or not at all. Residents, call PSafe (860 685 2345) with any questions.

Rumor also indicates that there is now a waiting list for dorm lounges for coldpersons to sleep in, but ResLife has assured me that this is quite false. Call ResLife by 11pm tonight to have them place you in a lounge. The normal ResLife number appears to be out of commission; call PSafe and ask them to transfer you to ResLife.

Stay warm everybody, and good luck tomorrow. May the Force be with you.