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Latin American Studies Open House

From Chloe Rinehart ‘14:

Interested in Latin America? Interested in choosing an interdisciplinary major? Come to hear about the Latin American Studies major at our Open House! Iguanas Ranas Taco Bar will be served! En serio.

Date: Thursday, October 24
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Place: Center for the Americas, 255 High Street

Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i: A Panel Event

From Professor J. Kehaulani Kauanui:

The American Studies Department at Wesleyan University presents

Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i: A Panel Event

Introduction and moderation by J. Kehaulani Kauanui


“Staking Claim: Race and Indigeneity in Hawai’i,”Judy Rohrer

“Why Asian Settler Colonialism Matters: Thoughts on Critiques and
Debates,” Dean Itsuji Saranillio

Complete Video: Panel on Guns and Gun Violence

Back in February, just before winter storm Nemo crippled most of campus, the CFA Hall hosted “Guns and Gun Violence: Crisis, Policy and Politics,” a panel discussion featuring various visiting scholars. Chaired by Wesleyan’s own Professor of History and African-American Studies Leah Wright, the discussion involved professors Saul Cornell, Kristin A. Goss, and Matthew Miller from Fordham, Duke, and Harvard, respectively—a rather stacked lineup of experts. The room was packed, but in his reflection on the discussion that ensued, Wesleying’s justice described it as an echo chamber of predominantly left-leaning views:

While I will happily advocate for the liberal solution for many issues (with appropriate data as backup), I would also like to hear what people with “non-traditionally-Wesleyan” opinions have to say, especially with an issue as explosive as gun control. And this event would have been a perfect opportunity to bring in a panelist with a non-liberal perspective. But we didn’t. And we can tell ourselves all we want that this was because the “other side” simply isn’t correct, but in the end, that’s the real problem—we’re just talking to ourselves.

If you missed the event but remain interested, the Allbritton Center for Building Names That Sound Like Robots has only recently managed to post the entire thing on YouTube. Judge for yourself—watch it below, or at this link.

Take the Pledge to be Sustainable over Winter Break

Take the pledge to be sustainable over Winter Break!From ENVS/GOVT/EAST 291: Environmental Advocacy Strategies That Work:

Like the planet? Take some quick and easy steps this Winter Break to ensure that you have a sustainable experience. This event doesn’t have a limited physical location–participate from wherever you are through conscious decision-making.

1. Take shorter showers.
2. Unplug appliances and power strips when not in use.
3. Use public transportation when possible.
4. Don’t buy bottled water.
5. Bring a mug when buying coffee.
6. Bring bags while doing holiday shopping

Sign on by pressing Join here, and invite everyone you know.

Affordability of Higher Education with Professor Skillman

From Amy Davis ’13:

Concerned about need-blind? Student debt? Want to know what you’re really getting out of your education? Or just want to address the NYT article on need-blind admissions? Join the Roosevelt Institute on Wednesday at 7pm in Usdan 110 for an informal discussion on the future of affordable higher education and the true costs and benefits of getting a degree.

Date: Tomorrow, December 5
Time: 7pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: Freesiezzz

THESISCRAZY: Voyage to the Deathly Carrels

“I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m clawing towards it.”

There’s a silent army in Olin. You don’t see them, but they’re there—camped in carrels, from 9 AM to 2:00 AM, caffeinated and crazed, wolfing down microwavable Weshop dinners as they type away their undergraduate careers. And you thought you were stressed?

They are senior thesis writers, a cagey, fervent crew of unkempt, malnourished, sleep-deprived nutjobs, zealously trying to beat the clock. While you sleep, they write. While you eat, they write. While you read this post and then get wasted and wake up in your own vomit, they write. Theses are due April 12 (40s on da steps, yo), so it’s crunch time up in Carrel City. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

In accordance with a Wesleying tradition, for the third consecutive year, we sent a brave crew of post-millennial muckrakers (read: BZOD and myself) deep into the bowels of Olin’s thesis carrels to document these last two weeks of madness. What we found wasn’t always pretty: chronic sleeplessness, dangerous caffeine dependency, bitter self-loathing, foul-smelling carrels. April 12 can’t come soon enough—as one especially crazed writer offered, “It will be like walking out of an exploding building.” Scroll on for the individual profiles, and contact us at staff_at_wesleying_dot_org if you’re writing a thesis and want to be profiled in the next installment. Let us know where your carrel’s at and when we can come find you there.

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C.O.L. Wants Y.O.U: An “Open House”

Samantha Januszeski ’13 writes in with one of the better event posters I have seen since I scrolled endlessly through Brendan O’Connell ’08‘s Wesleyan Poster Archive. (Frosh: this is one of only a few majors you need to apply to this year. Apps are due on March 26, but if you get in, you can always reconsider.) Take note that the College of Letters library is now in 41 Wyllys, not Butt C—alas, that faulty has had enough asbestos for one tenured lifetime:

Need help with Drop/Add? Contact the Peer Advisors!

Struggling to figure out how Drop/Add works? Need advice on what major(s) to choose? Want to talk with someone who’s “been there, done that” way more recently than your academic advisor or teachers?

Then contact one of the Peer Advisors! They are here to help you with your academic trials and tribulations and guide you in whatever direction you need.

You can meet with any of them during their Drop/Add office hours, or shoot them an email at peeradvisors_at_wes. Also, check out their blog.

As they say, “successful students ask for help!” (Seriously though.)

Medieval Studies Open House Lunch

The Middle Ages as they were . . . Saints and Sinners, Ladies and Knights, the Holy and the Bizarre, the Serious and the Fun, and yes, sexy, too! Come and learn more at the Medieval Studies Open House!  FREE LUNCH!

Date: Thursday, October 27
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Place: Downey House Lounge (Room 200)