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World AIDS Week 2009 events


Here are the events for World AIDS Week:

Tuesday, Dec. 1st:
– Meet outside Olin at 4:00 pm to walk down to Community Vigil on Main Street at 4:30 pm. Please wear red.

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd:
– Fundraising Bake/Candygram Sale During Lunch (Usdan) for The Middletown Oasis center and the Global Fund.
– Screening of “Philadelphia” in PAC002 at 8 pm.

Thursday, Dec. 3rd:
– A Capella Concert in Exley Lobby at 9 pm Featuring: Slavei and Onomatopoeia.

More info can be found at the facebook event

Wesleyan Spirits: Fall Jam

Devon Hopkins ’11 tells us about Wesleyan Spirits’ fall jam this coming Friday:

Singing. Songs. A cappella. Men. Wesleyan. Cloaks. Daggers. Horse Monsters. What else could you ask for on a Friday night? Come see the Wesleyan Spirits, Wesleyan’s oldest all-male a cappella group, sing songs of agony and ecstasy- songs from Wesleyan’s past, songs from the Ben Folds’ catalog, songs spiritual, songs of obscure origin, songs of the Republic of Georgia including from the hit native Georgian pop group “The Beetles,” songs for a new world, and a special surprise appearance…

When: Friday, December 12, 2008 at 9:00pm
Where: Memorial Chapel
How much: FREE

Slavei concert this Saturday

Ben Sachs-Hamilton ’09 sends in some info about an upcoming event from Slavei, Wesleyan’s Eastern European / Western Asian acapella group. Their repertoire and singers are half new – there are 7 new members, and 7 new songs!

What: Slavei acapella concert
When: Saturday, December 6 at 4 pm
Where: Nic Lounge