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Reflections on the Recent Hospitalizations, Arrests and Wesleyan

This post is the first in a small series of reflections on the recent events on campus, to be published over the next few days. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, please feel free to reach out to us.

I am writing this in response to the traumatic and overwhelming events that have happened over the past few days – the hospitalization of a dozen students and the arrest of four others, as well as the media and institutional reactions. I hope that this can be a space of positive dialogue and solidarity, where we share our thoughts and reflections with compassion and humanity. I hope to counter the intense and destructive negativity and inappropriateness of some of the language being used to address these events in our own community, in person and online, in the media portrayals and in the administration’s emails. These events remind of us of the importance of fostering a supportive community, one that we must build on our own, as the student body.  These thoughts hope to help support that process of reconciliation, healing, and empowerment.

Interview: Peter Frank ’12, Former Owner of CollegeACB, Launches New Textbook Venture

“If a campus as tight-knit and progressive as Wesleyan can’t come together to defeat yesterday’s monopolist and incumbent powers, then maybe it just can’t be done.”

Peter Frank ’12, the famed Internet entrepreneur who ran the CollegeACB empire from his Fauver dorm room and made his way into the pages of TIME Magazine before selling the site in 2011 for an undisclosed six-figure sum, is back in the game with a new start-up. Not quite as juicy as the ACB (but probably far more useful), Frank’s latest venture is Texts.com, a “lean, green, student-first platform” for students to buy and sell textbooks to and from each other online. The start-up made its Wesleyan debut on Foss Hill around 4:20 p.m. yesterday; you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s a service that provides free pizza to stoned Wesleyan students at all hours of the day (that’s my new start-up idea, don’t tell anyone):

With help from Lisa Sy ’13 and Benjamin Halpern (a student at Mount Allison University in Canada), Frank aims to build a “commission-free, zero-fee, student-to-student textbook exchange” that eliminates the middleman.

The ACB is a Cesspool

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 10.43.40 PM
In case you didn’t have time to peruse the ACB yesterday, I’ll sum it up for you.

M4M: horny n lonely 2nite

which class is easier? dance or art? looking 4 the least amount of work possible

i saw you walk into usdan today. you are so beautiful omg pls talk to me pls

why wont u text me anymore i hate u

M4F: looking 4 a hot girl to just “hang out” maybe more idk

our relationship was bullshit im glad we broke up dick

sluts: everywhere omg no one likes you if you have small tits so stop being sluts

lost my iphone at psi u it is white and bedazzled with rhinestones and says rho ep on it

M4M: only elite gays pls

thank god psafe isn’t including race in the reports anymore!!! justice has been served!!!!!

My only hope is that one day the ACB will be full of the enlightened minds on campus rather than the sordid thoughts they produce.

“Diversity University:” In Theory and In Practice

From the super awesome Izzy Rode ’14:

Join us for a community forum about the racial climate on campus in the wake of offensive ACB posts, the recent Public Safety alerts, and incidents of racial profiling and brutality.

The forum will feature a panel of speakers:
President Michael Roth
Public Safety Director David Meyer
Chantaneice Kitt ’13
Dorisol Inoa ’13
Evan Okun ’13
Jalen Alexander ’14
Professor Liza McAlister
Professor Alex Dupuy

This event will be moderated by Wesleyan’s Chief Diversity Officer. Sonia Manjon. If you have any questions for the panel, please submit them here. The moderator will pose questions and concerns submitted anonymously, and field questions and concerns directly from the audience.


Date: Monday, November 12
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Zero

Homecoming Weekend: A Time for Violence

“Given the size of our campus and our openness to visitors, each of us must make a personal commitment to promote safety and security for ourselves and others.”

Good thing your usually paranoid WesParents were kept busy this weekend. Otherwise they might have heard through the grapevine about the inordinate number of P-Safe reports students received. Ranging from the awkward to the truly menacing, each report detailed an account of students approached at night by men, and all of them ended in shouting or physical confrontations. The first one, from Friday night (or Saturday morning, depending on how you operate), seems merely socially awkward:

Public Safety would like to inform the community that on Saturday 10/20/12 at 2:44am a female was walking on Church St and was approached by a male subject who put his arm around her and asked her to walk with him. The male removed his arm and tried to start a conversation with the student. Several other students walked by and the female walked away from the male and into the Exley Science Center. The male shouted out to her but did not follow her. The male then left the area and the student later notified Public Safety of the incident. The student was not injured and declined to speak with Middletown Police.

The student described  the suspect as an African-American male, 5″ 6″ tall, medium build in, his late 20’s or early 30’s, short hair, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and carrying a backpack.

Sit Tight, ACB: The New WesPoints

The ACB is all worked up about the lack of WesPoints this semester. “How will I ever figure out how many points I can spend in a day now?” ” Im guessing the person who maintained it let the domain expire. Maybe they graduated.”

Rest easy. Thanks to Anonymous ’13 and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, WesPoints is back and updated for the new semester, promising “a way for Wesleyan students to calculate their points/meals spent at Wesleyan University.” Here’s the tip we received:

Anonymous ’13 wants to inform the campus that the WesPoint app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is updated for the Fall 2012 semester! Link is here. Or in iTunes store. Search “wespoint”

Here’s the link. It’s free, and it totally “changes the way we calculate points, again.” (Not really.) There aren’t any reviews in iTunes yet, so add your own.

Viral Vid: “How To Dress at Wesleyan”

No, not a promo for the upcoming How To Dress Well show.

Speaking of aspiring Wesleyan viral classics, here’s the latest and greatest via the ACB, “How To Dress at Wesleyan.” No, it’s not an infomercial for the upcoming performance by indie R&B maestro How To Dress Well. The video is simply “just a quick guide to looking the part on the Wesleyan campus,” made by Jimmy O’Keeffe ’15 and filmed in what appears to be a WestCo Hewitt 8 hallway. It’s not quite critically acclaimed on the ACB, but what else is new?

For (much) older Wes fashion spotlights, check out Well Dressed Wes (no, this hasn’t been updated since 2007), the similarly named Well, You’re Dressed, Wes (nor has this), or Huffington Post.

Wesleyan Cardinal Needs More Memes

“Living the American Dream… ironically.”

Wesleyan lives on the internet—unofficially, at least—in all sorts of sordid places. There is Urban Dictionary, where we are known for our “women with mustaches” and “sunshine bathed, rainbow draped, ‘hurt me not my tree’ philosophy.” There is The Onion, where we are celebrated for our lavish dinner parties and anti-straw activism. There is CollegeConfidential, where “johnwesley” rules the land and prefrosh wonder if the girls shave. There is Wesleyan’s Subreddit, where Lord Michael S. Roth VIII, Esq. M.D. P.h.D., W.E.S., offers the occasional AMA. (Sample quote: “The dark ages was probably one of the most boring periods in my great existence.”)

Then there is the Wesleyan Cardinal Meme Generation, created last semester by an anonymous ACB user. There are eight pages of memes, all drawing on the same iconic Cardinal smile, dating back to January. They involve classes, Eclectic, Das Racist, streaking, Weshop, Foss, and Hammie the Hamster—everything that is anything at this prestigious institution of learning. But according to its creator, the stock is running low. I never thought I’d use the phrase “needs more memes” on the Internet, but there it is. Thankfully, Meme Generator is open to submissions.

Anonymous Cinema Bit on the Anonymous Confession Board

To those of y’all who’ve been around Wesleyan since at least last spring: I know what you guys have been, you know, doing for fun these days, ever since things changed. Waiting for your name to show up on LikeALittle? Are you getting your homework done (Weak.)? Hanging out on Blipdar? Wait, what do you mean Blipdar’s “gone now“?! What the hell am I supposed to do now, Anonymuse ’14? Watch this video?

Dear Wesleying,

I anonymously confess that I miss the ACB. I miss it more than I miss the Douglas Cannon. I miss it more than I miss having access to Fauver. Yes, I miss it more than I miss sneaking into Usdan. ‘Twas a simpler time. How else am I supposed to confess to sleeping with my roomy’s boyf? (Glad I got that off my chest.)

In any event, I anonymously confess to making this video.

Forever trolling in the deep,

Oh, nostalgia. At least the ACB lives on in one form or another, with opportunities for insightful commentary and community service still somewhat abundant.

Also, Wesleying is officially taking bets on whether “Glad I got that off my chest” is a double entendre or not. Post your life savings in the comments.

Olin: “High Ceilings, Low Feelings”

Spotted: the Olin ACB, a largely unexplained blackboard with post-it replies affixed in generous number.  Trolls and anonymous do-gooders alike, in equal measure, respond: What does the library mean to you?

  • Where a piece of shit can be something more.
  • High ceilings low feelings
  • Olin is home.
  • The library is where I go when I need to get work done. If there is a better place on campus to sit down and read for hours on end, I haven’t found it. Also, I’ve only managed it a few times, but checking out a textbook you’ll need instead of buying it is a wonderful feeling.
  • Adderall fairy.
  • EVERYTHING. We’re basically dating. I spend more time here than at my house. We have a fairly serious relationship. I ? OLIN.
  • The place where I bang Stephen Hawking and The Rock.
  • Drool on desk.
  • Sexy time wawaweeewa.

Err, keep them coming?