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Captain Mittens To The Rescue—WTF?

“Sometimes I’m mildly culturally insensitive.”

For those who don’t check the ACB since the apocalypse: Wesleying has received word that the ACB (the new post-blipdar student-run venture, mind you) (not that I actually read it with any regularity or anything) has received its own savior and “guardian angel” in the form of Captain Mittens, a semi-anonymous, fuzzy-hatted, eccentric stranger who disperses advice-column wisdom from the warmth of his Butts WestCo(?) dorm room and a trademark YouTube channel. The captain hirself writes: “I come to you from the interwebs as a savior, a guardian angel, and a member of your sexually ambiguous community in order to answer all your questions.”

A disclaimer: I’m as confused as you are. I don’t know who Captain Mittens is, what hir deal is, or just generally what’s going on. Still, ze has asked us to pass along the word, and I can’t deny being mildly intrigued: it’s like a whole new Wesleyan Web Series, except exclusively featuring an easily excitable underclassman in a goofy hat answering seemingly self-posed love queries about unibrow fetishes from the ACB.

Introducing WesACB… .NET

By now, if you’re a truly dedicated ACB devotee, you’ve probably discovered the new WesACB.  To recap: Peter Frank sold CollegeACB.com to people who eventually turned it into Blipdar.  To say the least, Blipdar fell below Wesleyan students’ standards.

Now, an anonymous hero(ine) has crafted a solution.  Hosted at WesACB.net, this reincarnation of the ACB emulates the aesthetics and functions of our recently beloved version.  If you take a look at some recent threads, it seems to be getting along pretty well by ACB standards:

To be fair, there are also the more intellectual and useful posts people actually admit to reading, like the summer’s must read books.  (Now that you’ve clicked on these links, judged everyone involved, and then posted yourself) we at Wesleying have gotten hold of the administrator of the new ACB.  While we’re a blog and serious journalism sounds scary (I’m no Wilkinson), we know there’s nothing Wesleyan students take more seriously than the ACB.  Every new owner brings with hir interesting views and policies, so I suggest you click to read more.


Yesterday, the new owners of CollegeACB finally launched the “improved” version that had been promised/threatened since Peter Frank ’12 sold the site in January.  The new site, titled blipdar, has many of the functions of the old ACB (including a search feature). On the other hand, the layout and design is…uh, just check it out for yourself.

Posts now have “power bars.” These bars allow people to rate posts or possibly flag them for removal; it isn’t clear which.

Blipdar has an FAQ, but instead of answering any specific questions about the site, it mainly talks about the writer’s preoccupation with hot cousins:

Anonymity allows people to be honest. For example, people really like talking about having the hots for their cousins. That’s not something you would say out loud. You can imagine if you do have the hots for your cousin, you might want to discuss it without your name being attached…We respect your right to be offensive, but we would rather you discuss offensive ideas (like being attracted to your cousin) than attack other people…Yes. We consider having the hots for your cousin a serious issue and we would like to provide a safe space to discuss this issue.

So far, reaction to blipdar has been mainly negative:

I miss Peter Frank Bring back ACB!

this fucking sucks somebody fix this shit now!

i wonder what blipdar stands for?

The people running this fucking site are motherfucking buffoons. Read the FAQ. Worst blathering bullshit I’ve read in some time.

At least we can search again Look on the bright side.

The worst part is, I can no longer view this site while taking a crap because my phone doesn’t view it well.

What next? Back to the Livejournal ACB or on to a new site? Wesleying ACB, anybody?

Adam Gopnik on the Internet and Us

Picture Courtesy of 'Information is Beautiful.' Click on to head over to the website.

There’s this really interesting New Yorker piece that I really wanted to share with all you Wes-folks, but Wesleying posting conventions stipulate that posts have to have to some connection or relevance to Wesleyan or campus life in general in order for it to be considered appreciable by our target demographic. So I dug around, and here’s the only connection I can come up with:

Adam Gopnik is the author of Paris to the Moon, which is one of the expository books used in Professor Nathanael Greene‘s class, “France Since 1870.” (It is also a book that changed my life.) So there.

Anyway, in the piece Gopnik ruminates on the social effects of technology, and while he doesn’t actually bring anything new to the table, he explores the subject in a wonderfully poetic fashion that rephrases the issue in somewhat novel terms. There’s a specific line in there that I think speaks interestingly to the ACB generation:

What we live in is not the age of the extended mind but the age of the inverted self. The things that have usually lived in the darker recesses or mad corners of our mind—sexual obsessions and conspiracy theories, paranoid fixations and fetishes—are now out there: you click once and you can read about the Kennedy autopsy or the Nazi salute or hog-tied Swedish flight attendants.

Fun stuff. Check the article out here.

Oh Snap: Mapping the Student Response to Beta-Gate

Since crash last reported on the whole Beta-gate situation, there’s been a whole lot of chatter ‘round these here cyber-space parts. The comments section on that post was completely balls out with emotion (as well as sarcasm), and the ACB’s been in a flurry with opinions being volleyed from left and right. Chatter has even spilled over to the pages of the Argus, where the editorial as well as my esteemed colleague lesanjuan spoke out against the issue. Of course, it’s problematic to hold up these specific sources and take them to be representative of the student body’s general discourse – what with the ACB being the seedy Chlamydia-filled internet back-alley it is and the total amount of written responses being miniscule in number compared to the actual number of Wesleyan students.

But it cannot be denied that the voices making themselves heard do raise some rather pressing issues that have concerned us before and should concern us now. Whether those voices fairly represent the views of the entire student body or not, these are issues that affect all of us both in terms of our conduct and in terms of the ideals we’re apparently supposed to hold, if not now then eventually.

Read on?

Peter Frank Has Sold The ACB

“Untouchable”? Maybe. Unbuyable? Ermm . . .

Peter Frank ’12—the Wesleyan English major who casually purchased college gossip site “Juicy Campus” for five figures his freshman year and redirected its traffic to CollegeACB.com, which he subsequently expanded to over 500 schools (and 20 million monthly page views)—has officially sold the ACB, according to a “Message from Peter Frank” on the “official blog for CollegeACB.com.” The transition is immediate—new managers will be taking over “in the next day or so.” More from Frank’s post:

I want to alert you that I’m selling my stake in CollegeACB, and that new managers will take over control of the site in the next day or so.

I’m proud of the growth of the site under my watch – from use at only a few schools, to the largest college anonymous confession board in the world, with over 20 million monthly pageviews from over 400,000 unique visitors. Mostly, though, I’m proud of the occasions when the site has helped people share feelings and discuss sensitive topics in a sincere fashion that might not otherwise have been possible.

We’ve certainly had our share of controversy, but we’ve responded to users and have deleted over 30,000 posts, while preserving the site’s essential identity as an open anonymous forum.

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: WesTech

If you’re an entering freshman, being familiar with technology and internet is important, especially in this day and age.  The internet is your gateway to the world even when you’re within the Wesleyan bubble, but it can have both it’s limitations and it’s advantages.  It can only help to learn these as quickly as possible.

The first thing you should know: WesTech.  It refers to “staff members work in partnership with students, faculty and academic and administrative staff to incorporate the latest and most efficient technology into teaching and learning,” you might think.  No, that’s ITS and how they describe themselves.  Here’s what our Wes Lingo post says about WesTech:

WesTech is a word that will pop up every once in a while (via the ACB): “WesTech refers to everyone not DKE/Beta or mostly the ‘very Wesleyan’ population. It comes from the idea that Wesleyan has unattractive girls and bad sports and thus might as well be a technical school: WesTech.” Apparently, however, this is a term used mainly by other schools to make fun of Wesleyan, and has been appropriated by the sports teams as a label of pride (sports teams doing the ironic appropriation? Only at Wesleyan). A Techie was a term generally used by athletes to describe a “typical” Wesleyan student (artsy), or a “Techie.”

Now that you know what it means, this is required viewing: WesTech State of Mind.

[UPDATE: Library section added.]

Mytheos to Wes: “You Been Trolled, Bitches”

The title of this post is the headline of an entirely satirical Ampersand piece I wrote a few weeks ago, wherein Mytheos Holt ’10 declares himself “the ultimate troll”  and reveals his entire conservative persona to be “a sick four-year-long joke”:

“You been trolled, bitches!” announced the History and Government double major in a final Mytheology column, entitled Wesleyan Viewed From The LOLZ. “The school is my ACB, and my reCAPTCHA is ‘gullible as fuck.’ What now!”

Minor semantics adjustment aside, it’s also the title of Holt’s final Mytheology column—you know, the real one, in the Argus—and if you’ll permit me one fantasy, I’d like to imagine Holt faithfully included my “bitches” postscript before some squeamish section editor put hir foot down.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when satire and reality intertwine. Like when my daily Onion calendar bears startling parallels to my actual daily life. Or when I satirically label as satire what is revealed, in some twisted, convoluted way, to be nothing more than satire. Past on Film students will recognize Žižek‘s notion of double-deception: “only man can deceive by feigning to deceive.” But only the Ampersand can do it by accident.