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Unofficial Orientation Series 2018: Middletown Outings

This is an update of wilk‘s update of his previous post!



Toto, we’re not in Bushwick anymore. You’ve now left the comfort of deep Brooklyn, as they call it, for the not-so-dissimilar milieu of Wesleyan. Just kidding, a vast majority of Weskids are from not-Brooklyn, not-LA, and not-Bay-Area, although it might seem otherwise.

For all of you from those (wonderful) places, and all of you from other places, Middletown is different than those places (shocking!). It was once the largest city in Connecticut, circa pre-war-of-1812. Can your hometown claim that title? Nah. Unless you’re from Middletown, in which case you are probably way more qualified than me to write this post.

While Wesleyan is fine and there is usually never a shortage of things to do on campus, Middletown and the surrounding area truly have some wonderful gems that are worth knowing about as you settle in and look for things to do other than vape on Foss.

And if you’re really bold and somehow have an abundance of time before finals arrive, there’s some cool shit beyond the local area too.  Here’s the 2018 Outing guide, advice from a Connecticut local.

Outhouse Presents: What to Pack for Your Backpacking Trip


We may have received our ten billionth parking ban and snow advisory warning, but it will (probably) get warm soon and you might want to go backpacking. Maybe you even want to backpack in the snow. If so, Mike Baratz ’15 wants you to get your snowy self over to Outhouse tonight to learn how to backpack-pack.

Ehrhard Konnerding and Brian Glenn, two very experienced hikers and Wes faculty will give a lighthearted presentation, at 8:30 PM in Outhouse, focused on what to pack for your backpacking trip, and how to do it.

LAST MINUTE: Princeton in Asia Recruiting Session at NOON

Yikes! Sorry folks, nearly dropped the ball on this one.

Old-school homie Ari Wolfe ’03 sends in this, along with a punny picture:

Princeton in Asia Recruiting Session

Calling all seniors! What are YOU doing next year? Come out to the Princeton in Asia info session to learn about the possibilities of having an adventure in one of 18 countries around Asia. NO previous language experience necessary to apply! Bring your questions and your sense of adventure.

Date:   Oct. 7
Time:   Noon – 1:00 PM
Place:  Allbritton 311

(Hurr hurr, if Ari was a football player, Ari would be a pun-ter. Hurr hurr. Or maybe you could ship off to Ja-pun… that doesn’t really work.)