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AEPi and Rho Ep present: PAINT

The most unambiguous party night of the semester approaches— if there’s ever a night to drop pretense and roar, balls to the wall, covered in paint as knees buckle from bass lost in violet hot pink pounding thick and heavy on a dance floor of color-smeared carnage, free to exist alone and intimate with yourself and everybody, absent and present, mindless and not—

From the Facebook Page:

Come out this Halloweekend and get your glow on with the brothers of AEPi and the sisters of Rho Epsilon Pi as we rage with the ghouls and goblins of Wes. And yes, you heard correct, there will be UV PAINT in abundance, and blacklights everywhere. Our DJs will bring out your inner party monster, PAINT will be spilled, and the bass will be bumping!

We know that no one really wants to get paint on a nice costume, but have no fear! We’re selling shirts at Usdan all week during meal hours, and at the door! $5 gets you a hand-stenciled UV shirt and all proceeds go towards Sharsheret. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month after all! Come rage, get painted, and dance until you drop!

Missing Equipment from AEPi Rave or Die

I meant to post this earlier, but I forgot to. My bad. It’s from AEPi and it’s URGENT:

Special thanks to everyone who braved the thick of the Snowpocalypse to come out to 200 Church for Rave or Die. The party was a huge success despite being cut short by the blackout. Unfortunately, someone has taken all of AEPi’s lights: two lasers, a multicolored party light, and a strobe. Those lights are too expensive for us to replace.

If you have any of our lighting equipment, or know where it is being kept, please contact ssontag(at)wesleyan(dot)edu  or 510 917 1329. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble; we just want our stuff back. If we are going to keep throwing free raves for campus, we need the lights back. 

Much love and many thanks,

The Brothers of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.

AEPi: Rave or Die

From The Brothers of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity:

AEPi is throwing its annual halloween rave. Dress up and prepare to dance your hearts out.

Bring your WesCards.

FREE glowsticks for the first 300 people.

DJ Dubbstep ’14 will be playing some Doombahton (Doomsday Moombahton), and DJ Nephesh ’14 will be playing some face-melting Electro. Peter Cramer ’14 will simultaneously run a live light show–complete with blacklight, lasers, strobes, and more of that tasty shit.

And everybody should donate $3 to Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO).

  • DATE: Tomorrow (Saturday, October 29th)
  • TIME: 10pm-2am
  • PLACE: 200 Church

DISCLAIMER: Upon being extensively questioned on the subject of the Rave’s Title, the Brothers would like to announce to the public at large that attendance at this rave is not necessarily guaranteed to save you from death. The Brothers have determined that there is, in fact, more than a 99% chance that you will die at some point throughout your life, regardless of whether or not you attend. But you should attend. Because you’re alive now. And you should celebrate that fact by dancing your ass off at what will be The Hella-Mad-Awesomest RaveFest You Ever Attended.