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all-caps LADD drops Full Length LP “Voice Memos”


From the collective themselves:

Hi all! After four years and many band names, we’re finally releasing our debut full-length LP, titled Voice Memos. It was engineered and tracked by the peerless Rob Don ’15; mixed by both Rob Don and the nonpareil Ryan Gardner ’15; and mastered by Mr. Don and the unsurpassed and unsurpassable Jack Lewis ’15. The unrivaled Hailey Sowden ’15 created these cool cover graphics and our drummer Piers Gelly ’13 designed the cover.

You can catch a look at the action at the all-caps LADD Bandcamp.

Cymbals Eat Guitars // all-caps LADD // Schwab at Eclectic 2/20

From Bennett Gelly ’15:

Cymbals Eat Guitars is an indie rock band from Staten Island, New York. The band recently released their third album LOSE. “The LP is inspired by the death of a guy who was friends with the band, but the LP doesn’t sound depressive or numbed. Instead, it’s huge and alive and bursting with melody and spirit.” -Stereogum

All-caps LADD is a group of amateur magicians turned musicians living, laughing, loving, and most of all learning in middlesex county. It’s a journey.

Schwab is a three-piece outfit, the pants in the band are worn by Anna Schwab. They are and always have been Tim Allen’s favorite dad rock band.

Date: Fri, February 20
Time: 10 PM
Place: Eclectic
FB Event.