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Victoria’s Secret pretends we don’t exist

We own Hollywood, we increasingly rule the airwaves, and Barack Obama spoke at our commencement. Apparently, this cultural power doesn’t translate into real-world recognition—at least, not for Victoria’s Secret, which has left our beloved university out of its promotional website for its Pink Collegiate Collection line of apparel.

Search for “Wesleyan University” and you can find pretty much every pseudo-Wesleyan in the country: Illinois Wesleyan, Indiana Wesleyan, Ohio Wesleyan, Nebraska Wesleyan, Texas Wesleyan, Kansas Wesleyan… but no Wesleyan!

A particularly perceptive reader writes:

Basically, Victoria’s Secret has a Collegiate Collection featuring college-branded gear. You can nominate the next school to be added to the collection.

My Middlebury coworker and I just spent a good ten minutes looking up a lot of other small liberal arts colleges. Amherst? Yup. Williams? Yup. Colgate? Colby? Haverford? Conn. College? REED?! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Fuck you, Victoria’s Secret.

Shall we burn some bras to protest this injustice?