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Senator Chris Murphy Visits Wesleyan for Town Hall on Environmental Policy

“At the end of each week, ask yourself: ‘Have I done this much this week as I did during the week of January 20th?'” – Chris Murphy


Last Thursday, February 2, at midnight, I got an email saying that U.S. Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy was coming to hold a meeting on environmental policy on the morning of Saturday, February 4 and that there weren’t that many seats left at this late stage. The town hall was sponsored by the College of the Environment and the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life. The senator, notable for his Twitter takedowns of Donald Trump, took many questions on everything from general political engagement in these fiery times, to specific measures on the preservation of federal lands, and the precarious nature of environmental data in the Trump administration. He also answered a question on whether he would be considering a Presidential bid for 2020. Read past the jump for more on the town hall:

Data, Computing and Journalism

An invitation to an exciting presentation, courtesy of Joli Holmes ’17:

Increasingly, journalists are turning to tools that were once solely the domain of data analysts and computer scientists to create compelling visualizations and enhance their storytelling. Newsrooms are using accessible technology to process big and open data to assist in investigations, keep citizens informed, and help make institutions accountable— and they’re often following the tenets of data science, like making their work transparent and reproducible. It’s important, now more than ever, that data not be hidden by government agencies from the public so that it instead might be used to illuminate the truth.

Andrew, currently a Koeppel Journalism Fellow at the Center for the Study of Public Life (co-teaching QAC 250) is the senior data editor of Trend CT (http://trendct.org/about/ a CT Mirror affiliate). He was a founding producer of The Boston Globe’s Data Desk where he used a variety of methods to visualize or tell stories with data. He also was an online producer at The Virginian-Pilot and a staff writer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He’s a Metpro Fellow, a Chips Quinn Scholar, and a graduate of the University of Texas.

Date: Monday, February 13th
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Place: Allbritton 103

The Allbritton Center Made a Huge Calendar of Post-Election Events


Some great folks over at the Allbritton Center have compiled a calendar of post-election events both at Wes and in the greater Hartford-New Haven area. We’ve cross-posted the calendar here, but definitely keep checking the calendar on the ENGAGE blog, because they’re likely to more frequently update the calendar.

If you know of any events that are not on this calendar and you want them to be, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the event info, mention Wesleying on Twitter or Facebook, or message Wesleying on Facebook. Here is the calendar:

Second Stage Presents: SHE KILLS MONSTERS


Mio Magee ’18 writes in:

What lay in the world beyond was greater than anything she had ever

Second Stage presents SHE KILLS MONSTERS, a dramatic comedy about a
considerably average woman who finds herself in a Dungeons and Dragons
world. She plays a game module that her deceased younger sister has
left behind, fighting deadly monsters alongside her sister’s character.

There are no tickets for this event; come early to ensure a seat!
We have very limited seating space.

Date: Thursday, April 2nd- Saturday, April 4th
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 311

Symposium: Archaeology and Politics

From Ali Rosenberg ’15:

Come to the Archaeology and Politics Symposium featuring:

  • Epistemology and Ethics of an Activist Science at the African Burial Ground (Michael Blakey, College of William and Mary)
  • The Role of Archaeology and Community: The Shared Past of Israelis and Palestinians in the Present (Ann E. Killebrew, Pennsylvania State University)
  • The Politics of Naming and Knowing: Repatriation and Indigenous Identity (Dorothy Lippert, Smithsonian Museum)
  • The Politics of Protection (and Destruction) of Archaeological Sites in Contemporary India (Carla M. Sinopoli, University of Michigan)

Sponsored by the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, the Archaeology Program, the Government Department, and Jewish and Israel Studies.

Date: Friday, November 8
Time: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Allbritton, Room 311

Russia’s Queer/ Queer Russia


From Marjorie Hunt ’15 and Ben Romero ’16:

Join Professor Peter Rutland, Professor Margot Weiss, Open House, and Russian House for a discussion of Queer issues in Russia.

There will be lots of food and lots of Queers; don’t miss it!

Date: Wednesday, October 9
Time: 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Place: Albritton 004

WesCFPA Information Session!

From Miranda Linsky ’14:

If you signed up at the Community Engagement Fair or the Student
Activities Fair last week, or you have been stalking updates and
photos from our Facebook page, or you have always wondered what CFPA stands for, please come to our first group meeting of the year!

Once per semester we will bring all our members and participants
together outside of the work we do on the trails (or rather,
inside?). At our first meeting, we will introduce the CFPA and our mission, as well as discuss membership, types of events, etc.

As a thank you in advance to all you wonderful volunteers, enjoy free lunch from Typhoon!

Join WesCFPA on OrgSync!
Like WesCFPA on Facebook!

Date: Thursday, September 26th
Time: Noon – 1:00PM
Place: Office of Community Service, Allbritton 3rd floor
Cost: FREE

Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship Open House


From PCSE Director Makaela Kingsley:

Wesleyan’s Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship supports students and alumni who want to create or sustain businesses and organizations that advance the public good. We offer workshops and trainings, three types of grants, and extensive advising and networking services. Join us for this open house to learn more, see the PCSE resources, and meet the PCSE staff, Peer Advisors, and members of the Wesleyan Entrepreneurship Society (WES2).

Date: Tomorrow, September 13th
Time: 12-2pm
Place: Allbritton 021 and 022

Espwesso Opens Tonight – 9 PM to 1 AM!


The esteemed coffee artist/guru Sam Sikder ’14 has some pretty exciting news for all you folks who are planning to spend all day outside and all night doing work:

HAVE NO FEAR. Espwesso will be open beginning next week on Sunday, Sept. 8th.

Espwesso is Wesleyan’s student-run late night cafe, serving FREE locally roasted drip coffee if you bring your OWN mug/cup/drinking bowl. Espresso drinks and tea are available for not nearly as much as Pi! Find us in the basement of Allbritton from Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM.

Come for the coffee, stay for the cozy.

Date: Sunday, September 8
Time: 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Place: Espwesso – Basement of Allbritton

Espwesso Open Sunday thru Tuesday


Hannah Cressy ’13 sez Espwesso will only be open Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week instead of the usual Sunday to Thursday bit. As a reminder, Espwesso is located in the basement of Allbritton and is open from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and is now serving coffee from Pawtucket’s own New Harvest Coffee Roasters. Go Paw Sox!