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Study: The Mash Exactly Like Spring Fling, Except Not

No, we didn’t film President Roth’s dance moves, but this link is always good.

The Mash, a first-time-ever Music & Public Life initiative, totally happened, and it was totally like a cross between Fête de la Musique and Spring Fling, what with the whole people-chilling-on-the-hill-in-beautiful-weather thing going on. There were bands all over the freaking place—Mattabassett (more like Mattabadass, amiright?) String Collective jamming out with President Roth outside Usdan, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee at WestCo, Bones Complex and The Taste outside Olin, and a bunch more that I’m not bothering to name. For images of the Mattabassett/Roth collab, check out the University’s photo album. Here’s Roth, and here’s his fan club:

New Heems Track: “Killing Time”

Heems (Himanshu Suri ’07) is bored. Or so he mutters a bunch of times in his new track “Killing Time,” spinning rhymes about Bobby Brown, Bobby Jindal, and “my four years of college” (go Wes!) over a looped Echo & the Bunnymen sample. The track is set to appear on Heems’ upcoming mixtape Wild Water Kingdom, which apparently features fellow alum Le1f and closely follows January’s excellent Nehru Jackets. I have no idea how Heems finds time for it all, what with spreading awareness of political districting in Queens and attending his five-year Wesleyan reunion, but I’m not complaining.

Check out “Killing Time” after the jump.

BandCampWes: White Suns Make Comeback, Noise

The “gnarliest, ugliest crew from Death By Audio’s scum-sucking nu-pigfuck scenedrop second LP.

It’s been far too long since I’ve contracted chronic tinnitus on this benighted campus (guys: remember Insanity Weekend a year ago?), but here’s a gesture from the Great Alumni Beyond: White Suns, the punishingly dense noise rock project of Wes experimental/noise/whatever overlord Dana Matthiesen ’09 and friends, just dropped Sinews, its second LP, on Load Records. Olive Music describes the loosely apocalyptic record as “teeming with suffocating percussion, unnerving cries, and unidentifiable squall both surreal and brash,”  which I’d call fairly accurate: this is Real Good Shit, swamped in blistering pools of feedback and sludge. Fans of noise and hardcore, take note.

Matthiesen (whom you may also recognize from solo project Cancer Dance) is the only Wes alumnus involved, but White Suns has nonetheless performed on campus a handful of times in recent and not-so-recent memory—most notably for PUNK@DKE just last April. You can stream Sinews at Spin and East Village Radio—the former not only describes it as “a joyless churn painted in a dozen shades of grey,” but also manages to incorporate the phrases “Jesus-Lizard-on-rabies” and “hunger for ugly” (high-five for music criticism!). Almost but not quite as good as “scum-sucking nu-pigfuck scene.”

Scroll on for a YouTube embed and a brief email interview with Matthiesen.

Blue Belt Resurfaces With “YOYOYO” Video

Today on the Alumni Video Watch series, Wes-by-way-of-Brooklyn-based hip hop collective Blue Belt (feat. Rob Rusli ’10, Saeid Vahidi ’10) drops a really freaking weird video for “YOYOYO.” The bizarro rap group just released its debut full-length LP last summer. This particular track namedrops everything from Eeyore to Harold Camping, if that gives you some idea, and the video mostly involves some dude wrestling Bigfoot on the beach. Seriously, though, the track is excellent. Says Rusli: “This is what Asian-Americans do with a degree from Wesleyan, muthafukas.” Word, bro.

For more on Blue Belt, check their Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, MySpace, Twitter, OkCupid, Google Image, and Wikipedia. Also, we’ve reported on them before; their last video was called “E.Y.B.,” and it was totally saturated with  Wes-peeps. Dig it.

Go big, Blue Belt.

Edit: As one concerned citizen points out, “Saeid ’10 is no longer with Blue Belt, though he joins in on the occasional rap.” Apologies for the error.


Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, has just been sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. Das Racist will (still) never get to collaborate with the (real) late King of Pop. Conan O’Brien pronounces “Das Racist” funny.

Despite all this (or because of it), everyone’s favorite Bard Art College/”Students of Color for Social Justice”-based duo makes its television debut worth the wait, hustling a real live Jackson impersonator onstage to moonwalk to the tune of Relax‘s familiar single, “Michael Jackson.” Also, there’s a freakin’ podium, a cymbal ensemble, and Victor Vazquez ’08 slamming his head across his keyboard (2:42).  Skip to around 3:00 for the MJ showcase.

For more recent DR-related coverage, click here, there, or anywhere.

[via Pitchfork]

Sasquatch! Doesn’t Really Get Das Racist

This is a post about Das Racist’s Sasquatch! Festival blurb, which turns out to be just a minor variation on every DR press blurb, but is still amusing enough to post here. Also, our obligatory “Das Racist Is Being Das Racist Again” post of the week. Skip it if you prefer ACTUAL PRESSING NEWS.

For years Das Racist’s press packet and MySpace bio has described the duo as having met at “Bard Art College in Massachusetts,” which clearly does not exist, especially considering Victor Vazquez ’06 and Himanshu Suri ’07 (the third dude in that photo is “hype man and spiritual advisor” Dap) pretty much definitely met at “Wesleyan University in Connecticut.”

Okay, sure, this is Das Racist we’re talking about. I brought up the subject when I interviewed the two for the Argus last year, which invited them to fuck with me/readers/everyone even further: