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And You Don’t Stop!


Check out And You Don’t Stop! for music/art/general mayhem this Saturday, Feb 13th at WestCo Cafe!


Sankofa (Luke Turner-Owens) on the turntables

Fusion dance troupe

Poets from Writer’s Bloc: Writer’s Bloc line-up includes Josh Smith, Randyl Wilkerson, Zach Goldberg and more!

Funk/hip-hop group MetroSonics (led by Wes Alum Paul Josephs) Check out MetroSonics website for more info: www.MetroSonicsMusic.com

Plus, live painting from ESC !

Time: 9:45PM
Date: Saturday, February 13th
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: FREE


So, it turns out that ALUMS CAN ACTUALLY PRODUCE A Cool Truck.GOOD MUSIC. SURPRISE SURPRISE. TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. Ex-members of Joe Jones, Jon Earle, Andrew Carr and Mike Zimmerman (All ’08), and Ben Seretan ’10 have put out a record as Cool Trucks, which is called Cool Trucks. It is really sweet, and you should definitely give it a listen. It sounds kind of like Clinton-era indie rock.

The link: cooltrucks.bandcamp.com.

More info: http://mutewith.blogspot.com/2010/01/free-music-cool-trucks.html

(via auralwes and my housemate)

Red Wire Black Wire Releases Debut Album


Doug Walters ’08 writes in about his band Red Wire Black Wire’s new record:

This is Doug Walters from the band Red Wire Black Wire. We graduated in 2008, and just this month our brand new debut full-length, Robots & Roses, was released through Tough Customer Records. We’re on tour now in support.

We’d love it if you guys would give a shout to the Wes community that our record just came out. We worked like hell over the past year, and we’d love to spread the final product with our beloved Wes brethren and sistren. Below is a link to stream the new single. The record is available on iTunes digitally and through mail from our website.

Thanks so much. We really appreciate the support.

You can stream the new single here, find the band’s website here, MySpace page here, and a recent show review here.